Nursing Home Care

I want to thank everyone for their prayers and concerns over the past couple of weeks. I fell and broke a bunch of ribs on my left side and spent 10 days in the hospital at Brookings. They found me a place to stay here at the Hendricks Minnesota Nursing center. This is a genuinely wonderful place in a Norwegian community, they took in a wayward Finlander. This might be where the last chapter of my life will be written. I wanted to get a note out to let everyone know that things are going well. I will hopefully get on the Internet on occasion. I’m sorry for not calling people with my cell phone, that cell phone and I have some type of problem having a good relationship with each other.  

Thank you all again, best wishes  



Sitting outside of the nursing home. By the big little red wagon. on a warm day.…/report…/a78143-1

This is a damn disgrace more Rich gangsters fleecing the poor people. Law enforcement can’t do much if there are no state and federal laws to protect nursing home residents and workers. I know a nurse in Arlington who worked there for 18 years. Her insurance did not get paid. her husband got sick, now they have several hundred thousand in medical bills. These crooks will lawyer up and never go to jail.

Former South Dakota nursing home owner facing … –

Syringomyelia + Sisu

Syringomyelia is not supposed to be a genetic disorder according to many experts. A picture of my great grandfather’s hands makes me question whether that’s a fact. 

His right hand was bandaged here.

My hands today, are curling shut from spinal cord damage in my neck.

I had a spinal fracture in April of 1964. My spine was fused with bone taken from my hip in October of 1964. Syringomyelia started in my spinal cord around 1970 but was not discovered until 1985. It continued to progress until my whole left side, from my waistline to the top of my head became numb. 

Syringomyelia – Wikipedia A drain shunt was put into my spinal cord to drain off pressure in 1985. That helped stop some of the neurological damage. In November of 1985, my left shoulder became a Charcot joint.


The joint is gone, dissolved in one month.

Neuropathic Arthropathy of the Shoulder (Charcot Shoulder) ( 

In 2000, I had surgery on my cervical spine for stenosis, a plate with six screws was put on the front of my neck at that time. In 2018 another shunt was put in at T-4 to drain fluid from my cervical spine area. 

I hope my hands never get like this.

The total length of my spinal cord is now hollowed out with a large cavity, thankfully the pressure is not high.



Sisu is a Finnish concept described as stoic determination, tenacity of purpose, grit, bravery, resilience, and hardiness and is held by Finns themselves to express their national character. It is generally considered not to have a literal equivalent in English.

I contacted this organization NORD in 1985 when it was considered a rare disorder. Barbara White and her husband started a support group in Texas a year later.