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United States Air Force in Thailand

My old squadron, the 45th. Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron got sent from Misawa AB Japan to Bangkok Thailand on a secret mission in November of 1961. We spent two noisy months at the Don Muang International Airport flying recon missions over South East Asia. The writers of Air Force history left us out when it came to benefits because we did not go into Vietnam.

Squadrons known to have been deployed to Udorn were the 45th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, based at Naha AB, Okinawa with the 39th Air Division(1 November 1965 – 15 August 1966), equipped with RF-101 Voodoos and the 555th Tactical Fighter Squadron, also based at Naha AB (25 February 1966 – 25 July 1966), equipped with the F-4C Phantom II.[3][4]