Memorial Day

My great-grandfather Ole Olson-Hoel left his family in the Dakota Territory with his brother Simon near Lake Poinsett in 1906. He went with his brother Eston and his family and were joined by a few other families. The Wagon Train grew as they headed for North Dakota.

They tried farming in the Rice Lake area near Rider North Dakota where many died from Scarlet Fever. A cemetery got located on a small hill north east of Rice Lake. Drought conditions and hunger forced them to continue North into Canada. The only land left to Homestead was in Alberta.

Pioneer Cemetery in North Dakota.

The Antillans were Eston’s wife’s parents.

The family settled in a wilderness area north of what became Rocky Mountain House Alberta. Esten Olson died in 1911 and a cemetery got started on John Olson’s land.

Ole’s funeral in 1925.
There were no roads yet, travel was not easy. There was no church building, people met to worship in homes. It appears a picnic was enjoyed at the cemetery.
The Green Valley cemetery got vandalized in the wilderness. The graves remain there

but a monument was later placed in town.

Old Apostolic Cemetery near Lake Norden SD.

Uncle Simon, he was a lay preacher.
Uncle Gideon and Sophie Olson

Andrew and Gideon’s sister Etta; Mt Hope Watertown S D
Cousin Torsten Estonsen, he was a preacher on horseback, baptized several hundred babies.

Lake Poinsett Cemetery

Entrance to the Lake Poinsett Cemetery.
Grandpa and Grandma Olson

My father.
My mother.
My brother. Mt Hope Cemetery Watertown, S D
Lynn Wayrynen’s wife.

Trinity Lutheran Cemetery
Grandpa and Grandma Wayrynen
The uncle and aunt who took care of me.

Edwin and Alice’s children.
Leonard Wayrynen.
Baby Wayrynen

Olivet Cemetery Lake Norden S D

Rose Marie’s father.
Rose’s mother.
Wixom Michigan.
Dell’s father.
Rose and Leland in Canada 1980.
Cousin Angie and Jack Edgerton, Rocky Mountain House Alberta Canada. They lived to be 103 and 101 years young.
The Edgerton’s even square danced at the opening of the Calgary Olympic Games.

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