Election 2020 (Part 2)

Election of 2020
(Part 2)

  1. The Republican Party-backed a pathological liar as our president for four years. Their goal for over forty years has been complete control of government, all opposition was considered to be the enemy.

2. All news on our FREE PRESS that President Trump did not like got considered fake news. After four years and election lies, most people in this country have no idea what the truth is. Trump tactics turn every lie around and make honest people look guilty. They have brainwashed the USA!

How The Right Co-Opted 'Fake News'

Trump lawyers got turned loose to create lawsuits and create more confusion. The Republican Party feels they own the Supreme Court, so they now seek a ruling allowing Republican lawmakers to use the Electoral votes to give the election to Trump, even though he lost by a landslide.

3. This plan is totally against our electoral process and is a blatant disregard for our freedom. It should be considered an act of TREASON!

If his Republican Comrades fail to give him four more years. Trump always has more plans and more lawyers. What if He is not allowed to provide himself with a pardon to avoid further prosecution? The Russian state media says he can seek political asylum in Russia. Of course, he would have to move all of his billions of dollars worth of wealth to Russia.

Russian state media are calling for Trump – or ‘Trumpusha’ – to get asylum in their country when he leaves the White House so he can save himself from prosecution (msn.com)

Earth People

Pale Blue Dot – You Are Here (Carl Sagan) – Bing video

God created this Earth in all of its beauty and all the people and everything in it. He did all of this with love. It must make him sad to witness what is happening. To see how people have interacted with each other through the ages must shock him.

God may have done this experiment before. More dots with no life are floating around in the universe. We can always pretend or think maybe we did okay at the end.

We began as cave dwellers living a primitive lifestyle, and We have come a long way. Technology and the human imagination has created things thought impossible, hard even to comprehend.

One thing that hasn’t changed is human greed. The one who wields the most significant club or has the most power will be in control. We have evolved to a point where another Dot will be floating around eternally in space with no life on it. People resent others or don’t care about their neighbors. Greedy people want more wealth and power, even if it means destroying the very Earth that sustains them.

50 Photos of Our Crazy Beautiful Planet to Help You Celebrate Earth Day – 500px