The Whys and Wherefores of This World

God has a plan for each of us? He remains at the controls if we trust him to lead us. He leaves us wondering what the plan is, but that does not mean he’s going to let us know what it is. It all depends on faith and trust. What am I here for has been on my mind for many years.

I got my spine fractured 56 years ago along with the usual nerve damage that affects different parts of my body. I was 23 at the time, my first thoughts were, the easiest thing to do would be just to give up, don’t fight to live, the battle will not be worth fighting? 56 years have passed and I know now the battle was worth fighting for. Life can be hard to understand, there is no perfect life in this world.

I felt a need to share my life experience with the rest of this world so I wrote the book How I Lived 55 Plus Years With a Spine Injury. That book tells about my life after the accident to the present time.

After all these years I have come to the conclusion I never could have made it without the grit and fortitude in my genes. The Finnish people call it Sisu. There’s no real definition for Sisu but it is a strength or power that people have.

If you combine sisu with having faith in God anything is possible. I firmly believe I received that strength to go forward, to press on from my ancestors. They we’re Finnish and Norwegian. I’ve always respected and been in awe at the suffering, sacrifice and hard work that tested and tempered their faith. It took courage to leave their homelands but they wanted to build a country where people would have the power. They would create a government of laws where all are treated equal and call it a Democracy.

I recently decided to honor my ancestors with a book I have written titled Plights and Perils of Persevering Pioneers. It tells the story of some of my family’s lives on the ship and after they arrived in America. They all lived in Michigan for a short time working in the copper mines. They saved money and a few came directly to Dakota Territory seeking farmland while others worked in Northern Minnesota at the iron mines. They later came West to the Dakotas.

Those ancestors would be shocked to see what has happened to this land since the days they settled it. They built it strong with hard work faith and brotherly love.
The United States is divided today by people who are filled with hate for their brothers and sisters. They want things done their way and refuse to cooperate with anyone having different religious or political ideas. The goals of many are driven by greed, accumulate wealth and power, even while using religion as a tool. People want their own little kingdoms. Love Thy Neighbor has been forgotten by many.

It is a selfish thought but that might be why the Lord kept me here, to write this book. This country was built on faith and laws, all are created equal.

The election is rapidly approaching, all voters please use your right to vote, and keep this country free from hate and intolerance.

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