Read For Health

Read For Health

Dear Arlyce,

Thank you for sending me Tom Osen’s book, “Hang A White Dish Towel in the Window Tonight”.

My physical condition seems to be deteriorating at a more rapid pace. It seems to keep sliding faster down that slippery slope, lubricated excessively, back in my youth. In the past weeks, it colors my mental pictures badly.

I have been trying to find relief on large portions of “Chicken Soup for the Soul”. It seems to work wonders. I still have a problem when some thoughts try to creep in. I can’t seem to consume enough soup. I have even considered using a large soup ladle to take in its healing nourishment.

Tom Osen’s book has worked wonders for me. I may reread it but will send it back to you. It would be best if you kept that book in your collection.

The Lord indeed works in mysterious ways. You sent that book to me while I was in one of the worst lows I have encountered.

Thank you, and God bless you and your family.

Sincerely, Leland

God Does Bless.
October 31, 2015, / Leland Olson Hoel

Yes, I do believe God grants blessings. We must understand that some get given, and some might not be a blessing. An unanswered prayer might even be a real blessing. When you see the little old lady at your forty-year class reunion, you remember asking God to help set you up with her. You sure are glad He overlooked that one. God always knows what is in our best interest when he receives our prayers. He probably checks out how humble our worldly attitude is as he makes his final decision.

Do you answer the standard greeting, how are you? “I am blessed.” If you do, you’re probably aware of God’s blessings in your life. We spend much of our time trying to sort out what benefits are and if they are from God. Many of the things that happen to us daily seem like blessings, because they make us feel good. We might take for granted our real benefits coming from God.

God is in the business of granting blessings. We have to trust Him with how we receive them. Satan also allows things to happen. He would have us think that some of those things that make us so happy are from God. Winning the lottery might seem like a great blessing. If it ruins your life after a binge of selfish, extravagant living, it surely is not a blessing from God.

It is God’s wish that people trust him with their daily lives. He has a life plan for each one of us. God gives us the freedom to choose how our life walk gets carried out. He is not a dictator who demands specific actions from us. It is his wish that we live lives according to his commandments. Living that life is an impossible task; our human nature usually finds us following the easy road.

When we trust God with our daily lives, he will bless us by showing us the way and giving us the strength we need. Our wants and our needs are always in conflict. Our desires usually cause us to go the wrong way. Our needs can become adjustable. When we finally trust that God will supply all of our needs, we are home free. We then start to recognize that the blessings we receive are from God, and we can be happy in all circumstances.

We live in a sinful world were traps and snares can easily catch us and lead us in the wrong direction. Problems of modern-day living can keep us from even thinking that there are such things as blessings. Each new day will have troubles of its own, only through trust in God’s help can those troubles be overcome.
As long as we are in this world, we will continue to wonder about blessings. Being able to get out of bed to greet a new day can be a blessing. Good health is a genuine blessing. Be thankful for all your blessings every day, not just on turkey day.

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