We should all give praise and thanks to the Lord. These pandemics do not come around very often. A Terrible price will be paid by many as they give their lives fighting the virus. As we go through life, our immune systems become rundown. Too much antibiotic use and also from some additives that get put our food products. I believe it is always best to look for the bright side of everything. If there is a positive side to this Corona pandemic, it might be that some of us we’ll have our immune systems strengthened.
I watched an old preacher last Sunday who is 96 years old and still preaches his sermon every Sunday on a worldwide broadcast. I visited my wife’s cousin on the phone; she is 96 years old also. She and her husband would be walking at Walmart for exercise if not confined to home. Those people were children during the outbreak of Spanish influenza almost 100 years ago. There is a possibility their immune systems got made more robust because they lived through that Spanish influenza pandemic.

I have a picture to share with all of you of a very rare bird, you don’t see one of these very often. Now that being confined to our homes is the law there will be more of them no doubt. 

You see, an actual, rare picture of a Lonesome Finlander perched on his roost by the computer.



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