Corona Virus

The majority of us citizens in the United States are under orders to stay home, do not spread the virus. Many people do not listen to those orders and they’re out and about possibly spreading the virus. I appeal to them, ‘STAY HOME’ It is the least we can do as a citizen just stay home and don’t expose anyone else, or your family. Be thankful if you have a home that is free of the virus. To those of us that are staying at home the days get long and we look for things to complain about. We have all that time to spend in prayer for this country and especially for the health care workers who are on the frontline in this war against coronavirus. There are front lines in every village, town and city. It was just announced on the news. A plan is in the works to ask all medical schools to hurry up with graduation ceremonies. This year students will quickly be assigned to jobs throughout the country. Every city is appealing for retired workers to come back into the dangerous medical work force. The least we can do at home is spend many hours a day praying for medical workers.

I thank you. God Bless our country and medical workers.

May someone soon find a cure to kill this virus.

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