Fate or Leading

Here it is another Saturday, I didn’t expect any visitors this morning since we are still under orders to stay home. I still got up early even though I didn’t have any nurses coming to visit. After finishing my bathroom duties with personal plumbing that no longer passes inspection, I decided to sit in my recliner and change my brief, since I was not expecting anyone to be coming to the door. I was in the process of changing briefs and decided to put in my hearing aids so I could hear the television set.

I got the left one in finally, which is always a struggle, since my arms barely go up that high anymore. Of course, the battery was dead, so I pulled it back out and started changing the battery. I dropped it which I usually do, numerous times, on a very regular basis. I started to cuss as always, then thought about Rose, She, has been gone for a year now on April 5th. When I would drop a hearing aid battery and then start cussing, she would have a conniption fit, get really upset about it. It has been a hard habit to try breaking, but now I think about her when I do cuss.

This morning as I reached down to pick the battery off the floor, which makes my eyes bulge out when the stomach gets compressed. There sat the miserable tiny battery, like it was smiling at me from the bottom of my brief that was still around me knees. It was in plain view and easy reach, all I had to do was reach down and pick it up. As I started to put it back in the hearing device, naturally it dropped again from my numb fingers. Thinking this is weird, I picked it up with little effort and started putting it back in.

My thought were looking for clarity of the situation. A meek, quiet voice suggested, “She asked the Lord to do this.” “I bet Rose asked him to intervene for my sake.” it is hard to know when something is just fate or the Lord’s leading. I said, “Thank you Lord’ while putting the hearing aid back in. I hope you all enjoy this song by the Hoppers. God’s peace, Leland


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