Our Heritage


I have been blessed with a long life. A jack-of-all-trades and master of some. From tinker to truck driver, life is the best on-the-job training program ever devised. Life presents a new learning experience with each sunrise. We must make the most of each one. As you near the end of life’s road being tired, worn out, and weary, you still try to find purpose. You look for any light at the end of the tunnel; not seeing one, you still move on. Human nature pulls, pushes, and prods us forward…


Hello Blogging World,

I am writing this post to all my blogging friends throughout the world. My Mixed BLOG will soon be five years old. I wrote a book about my ancestors who came from Finland and Norway to America in the 1800’s. It is my hope we will always remember and honor them. The sacrifice, suffering and love for their fellow man prepared an easier path for us to follow. This land was made better for all of us to live in today, It makes no difference what country you call home. People from all countries should respect and remember those who came before them. We all still share their genes and continue to draw strength from those people. We all share this shrinking world, we may still see a world of brotherly love fostered by the computer age.

In our Modern Age we must even have churches that are air conditioned with cushioned seats. We might spend an hour there each week. I must look back at my paternal grand mother’s early church services. She came from Finnish Lapland her people were reindeer herders. I am attaching a picture of early church services being held in Lapland. It is said, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” We have no idea how lucky we are to live in this new age. It was built through the suffering and sacrifices of our ancestors.

Church in Lapland

Best wishes,

Gods Peace


Thank you friends.


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