Cyber Reality

The Cyber World was great during infancy. It grew to create mass methods of communication. The technology seemed a blessing from the skies but was the Devil in disguise. It became an utter surprise, the divider of people and nations. Social Networks controlled communications with dirt and deception. All the wealth in the world is controlled through cyber business, yet if you need assistance or troubleshooting help, you do not find a person, just computers that can’t reason. It has truly become absurd an abysmal; frightful, disgraceful, beast devouring human minds.

Self Made Dictator

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The News is Out

Our free society has been shown how you can become a Dictator without doing an armed take over. You simply tell the population all the news is fake or false. You keep telling them that over and over and over again, similar to communist brainwashing, within a few years you can lie to them about anything and they think it’s true, then fire all government workers who disagree with you.