Misawa Air Base Japan 45th Tac Rec Squadron

Misawa Main Gate

Misawa Air Base Japan was my home from October of 1960 to August of 1962. I was assigned to the 45th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, “Polka Dots” and became the Crew Chief on RF-101C (56-080). Someone from our photo lab took this picture of me shortly after arriving at the base in 1960.

My Aircraft RF-101C 56-080
A/2c Leland Olson

Misawa City
Memory Lane


This picture taken from the window of a Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation. Taking off from Travis Air Force Base California in August 1960, it took 24 hours flying time to reach Tachikawa AB Japan. With stops in Hawaii and Midway Island
Mechanic’s Patch

RF 101c 56-066

This was a 60-day temporary duty assignment to Thailand named the ‘Able Mable Project’. I was in that first group.

The first 45th pilots to fly the Able Mable Missions out of Don Muang Royal Thai Airport.

The 45th. after 1000 Sorties


Open House at Misawa

If I had reenlisted and stayed, I might have learned the language a lot better by now. There are many fond memories of Misawa, the base and the town. Nickle beer and footlong hamburger night at the Airmen’s Club. The entrepreneurs of AP Alley. There was a Great golf course too, I won a trophy in the Commanders Cup Tournament in 1961. Shortly before departing Japan we made a once in a lifetime trip up to Lake Towada, a truly memorable experience, part of me will always remain there and at Misawa.

It was like leaving home when orders came to ship out. I would love to come and visit everyone but that is now impossible so I will let this blog post do the visit for me. I hope someone enjoys reading it.

Best Wishes,

Leland Olson


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