Brainwashed by Social Media

The United States military leaders got told by the politicians in 1959, about the Domino theory, all the countries in Southeast Asia will fall to communism like domino’s if we don’t stop them in Vietnam. We are trading partners with all of them today. President Trump met with North Korea’s Communist leader at Hanoi, “a real slap in the face to all POW’s.”

Communism hasn’t spread very far unless that’s what is happening today by undermining our political processes and causing a bitter division of the people, through corrupt elections. We won’t remain free for many more years when the country is divided by hate groups. We have remained a free Democracy by working together regardless of differences of opinion. The good and survival of all in the “United States must be the goal.”

It now appears as if those days are coming to an end, right, wrong, law and order have little meaning. It may not have been communist conspired but the voters have been brainwashed by propaganda that has flooded all of todays Social Media platforms. The Republican Party destroyed Hilary Clinton’s reputation with lies and robbed her of being president of the United States. Their plan is to now steal the 2020 election the same way. Their goal is to divide and control voters, all for power and profit. God help America.

Cyber Crap

There is an old saying a picture is worth a thousand words.

I will use some of each to try to make my point as I unload my heavily burdened, troubled mind.

Our country was founded on and most people my age were taught conservative principles, you saved for a rainy day, you purchased only things you needed. There was nothing wrong with looking at wish books, or catalogs and not buying anything. We have evolved to a point where everything seen, we feel must own. This didn’t happen overnight, or by strictly our own actions, we were programed for it by the powers that control the nation’s economy. Profits must have been moving too slow for them in the 1960s and 70s so they devised credit cards. To start out they were used mainly to purchase more expensive items on time. As the years have passed and computer technology gotten better, advertising, robot calls, subliminal messages, etc. and through a constant media barrage, we are made to believe we must purchase everything we see.

Now people even use credit cards at the fast food drive-up windows and pay high interest on the hamburger they eat, if their debit card spending runs over that might be a very expensive hamburger. I get indigestion thinking about that one.  

This no worry, tomorrow will never come, just make the minimum payment, don’t think about interest building up, has created credit card debt that is alarming. When added to the national debt sooner or later the collapse of the nation is inevitable. The working person has become a slave to the economic system and controllers of the wealth. Factories closed here to import items from overseas because they could be made with cheap labor. The American worker produced a quality item when he was allowed to work but management thought he wanted too much pay, so jobs were moved overseas.

Almost everything you buy today is worthless but still costs a lot, most imported items are junk. That was all done in the name of the bottom line, or profits, so now we have a society without jobs but lots of credit cards.

At the rate the computer industry is progressing in this world it’s not going to be very long before it sucks the heart and the lifeblood out of many nations. There was a time in the United States of America when people were told “pull yourselves up by your own bootstraps” you are responsible for yourself, don’t expect handouts. Now the leaders of the powers that be tell people we would rather have you barefoot and in slavery. We’re going to give you all the credit cards you want, when you start slowing down on your spending, we will give you free interest for a few years. You will be groomed and ready for the new virtual world wide monetary system, ready for the new robotic work force that resembles human forms.

The computer makers wisely built enough difficulty into their hardware and applications so most people cannot run them anymore. That created a need for help sites, or technical support. The corporations again used low cost overseas help for this Technical Support. The person needing help can’t understand what these foreigners are saying but that seems to make no difference. The corporations created their own monster. The low paid foreign tech support gang turned around and started their own moneymaking schemes by scamming people while still pretending to be part of the Corporation. Todays you don’t know if you’re being scammed or getting tech help from the Corporation. That is now reaching the point of impossibility. The companies turn around and blame it on passwords that are nearly impossible to reset. If you are old fashioned and don’t do text messaging, you cannot communicate with their computers to change your password. They can send you an audio code but by the time you answer your phone all you hear is “goodbye” They cannot seem to tell their computer to pause and wait for you to answer before giving the code slower. It’s impossible to reset a password by having the code sent to you verbally, you would do better pushing a log chain. At the rate the electronic giants are going they’re creating many more monsters every day. Computer games are about the only thing that will be left for people to use. Everyone can soon just strap on a virtual reality headset, pretend to be a robot and completely close out all human virtues.

Every city, village, town, hamlet and wide spot along the highway is full of storage units, that prompted one entrepreneur to build portable units that he would deliver to your house. If you’re living in a $250,000.00 home, it’s rather ugly to have a storage unit sitting out by your driveway.

If everybody does, they will get used to it in time. That big storage box must be taken somewhere probably haul it out to the desert area of the country. That would cost you extra shipping, an alternative might be just to purchase your items and have them delivered to your storage shed in the desert. You won’t be able to touch them or look at them, but they will still be yours and that seems to be the goal. A need to acquire as many things as possible while we are still alive.

The most destructive thing the computer brought us was social networking. It is a great thing to keep track of a cousin in California or aunt in Poughkeepsie. The problem is everything that is put on the social networks gets received as the gospel truth. That was like a huge green light to politicians. It had to get used for political gain. Social Networking became the most divisive thing so far to destroy our democracy. People use it to destroy others with lies. This unconscionable deed appears to be splitting the nation right down the middle.

Every place you go today people have an ear Bud in one ear with sound blasting into their brain, and a cell Phone jammed up against the other ear. There must be a lot of very important telephone calls to be made today. One thing is certain, with all this loud sound blasting into people’s ears the next generation is going to need some powerful hearing aids to make up for the loss of hearing.

The Internet could be a great thing for spreading Democracy in this hurting, wanting, hungry world. What this world needs most of all is kindness, I have no idea where they are going to get something as rare as that. How the cyber world is used will be the deciding factor. If it is allowed to be operated by hoodlum politicians, pornography purveyor’s  or the newest thing coming out of a cyber cloud the gambling interests.

 I recall a saying “you are what you eat.” My thought is, “you are what you think, do, and say.”  

This Alice in Wonderland Cyber World we’re living in is all trying to be brought down by enemy nations. The countries with the power are all working to find ways to sabotage the other’s cyber space. Without harming their own. The one to develop, that capability could be the new world power. The chances are a cyber war would be almost as devastating as a nuclear war, without fallout. It would leave the enemy helpless but in a way that might be a blessing, if we all had to go back 100 years and live as our pioneer forefathers did when they first came, they didn’t even have electricity. People would have to help each other again as they have always done through the centuries. The creator of this Universe has the power to create a solar storm that could wipe out the cyber activity of all nations. In the 1870s a solar storm was strong enough, so Telegraph operators felt the voltage come through their Telegraph lines. A storm of that magnitude today could damage a lot of computer systems. We think we have the answers to everything. We are just here visiting.

Misawa Air Base Japan 45th Tac Rec Squadron
Misawa Main Gate

Misawa Air Base Japan was my home from October of 1960 to August of 1962. I was assigned to the 45th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, “Polka Dots” and became the Crew Chief on RF-101C (56-080). Someone from our photo lab took this picture of me shortly after arriving at the base in 1960.

My Aircraft RF-101C 56-080
A/2c Leland Olson

Misawa City
Memory Lane

This picture taken from the window of a Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation. Taking off from Travis Air Force Base California in August 1960, it took 24 hours flying time to reach Tachikawa AB Japan. With stops in Hawaii and Midway Island
Mechanic’s Patch

RF 101c 56-066

This was a 60-day temporary duty assignment to Thailand named the ‘Able Mable Project’. I was in that first group.

The first 45th pilots to fly the Able Mable Missions out of Don Muang Royal Thai Airport.

The 45th. after 1000 Sorties

Open House at Misawa

If I had reenlisted and stayed, I might have learned the language a lot better by now. There are many fond memories of Misawa, the base and the town. Nickle beer and footlong hamburger night at the Airmen’s Club. The entrepreneurs of AP Alley. There was a Great golf course too, I won a trophy in the Commanders Cup Tournament in 1961. Shortly before departing Japan we made a once in a lifetime trip up to Lake Towada, a truly memorable experience, part of me will always remain there and at Misawa.

It was like leaving home when orders came to ship out. I would love to come and visit everyone but that is now impossible so I will let this blog post do the visit for me. I hope someone enjoys reading it.

Best Wishes,

Leland Olson