Life’s Check Out Lanes

Life on this earth could be compared to a Super Center, or Big Box Store. There is something for everyone, but not all good things. Wants are always in conflict with needs. The stores, like life, gives us a choice on everything. What we choose can have good or bad effects on our lives, especially how long we live on this planet earth. It is best to remain vigilant every day about the choices we make. We may not want to but must admit those daily decisions can affect our lives until we leave this life.

Human nature makes it easy not to dwell on life after death. If we spend eternity in some other place, so be it. It is easier to have a human, Ho hum, attitude about it, instead of making a final choice, now, today or even soon. If you believe in reincarnation, you have the option of considering what you might come back as. I sometimes feel my mother in law came back as our house cat. She was determined to keep an eye on me, and how I took care of her baby girl.

My eternity choice has seemed easy. A fiery furnace or Heaven with streets of gold, love, and Angels singing and praising God. Visiting family members who had gone on before. That is an inviting picture for eternity. I know that would be my choice, instead of hauling heavy buckets of boiling grease. to lubricate the hubs of hell, near a roaring fiery furnace, for an eternity yet!

Life on this earth, is limited, it does not go on willy-nilly forever. We can have some choice in determining how long that life will last though. We should also take the time to consider where would we like to spend eternity. It is well known there are many stories about the fires of hell that make it a place not to spend eternity. I believe there are other things in hell to aggravate and torment the soul of those who are unfortunate enough to go there.

On a much brighter note, most of us are taught about spending eternity with a loving God who forgives our many weaknesses and trespasses, as he knows we are mere human beings, we cannot help ourselves on our own, we need him to give us little nudges and reminders from time to time. Be prudent and safe, invite him into your heart and have him travel with you on life’s path. If God is riding shotgun for you, by your side all the time, He will surely watch out for your every step, so you avoid the traps and snares that the devil sets up throughout this world of sin.

The point I’m trying to make is, in Life’s big box store, take care which checkout lane you choose, if you’re in a hurry with your life and taking a lot of chances you might take the express lane, consider the consequences. Life in the express Lane could be dangerous indeed, you may be called away from this world at a young age.

If you feel truly independent, you may opt to use the self-checkout Lane. That is, if you have everything thought through in your own mind, your satisfied with what you have, you don’t have any questions in the back of your mind about eternity. The self-checkout Lane could be very practical and useful for decades.

Most of the other checkout lanes always have seemingly endless, long lines, of agitated people. The majority have decided to leave it all up to the cashier.  Life is far too busy for them thinking about the here and now, they have no time to worry about eternity.

My body is worn out, completely exhausted, kaput! It keeps telling the spirit, “FOR CRYING OUT LOUD,” go to the checkout Lane! I have concluded, we don’t go to the checkout lane until the creator decides the time.  Does He have me waiting around for a Blue Light Special or what?  

When I get to Heaven, to the Spirit World, one of the first things I want to do is make a trip to Norway.  I believe it must be a lot like Heaven anyhow. I want to make the trip with my dad, my grandfather, and my great grandfather and have them show me all the places they traveled to in their youth.

I pray my father will be in heaven to make the trip with us. He swore up and down that he did not believe in heaven or hell. He swore all the time, even in front of a faithful preacher who would go out to visit him at his farm. I believe Dad used more foul language in front of the preacher, mostly to antagonize him. The preacher even asked him, “please don’t use that language in front of me.” that didn’t bother Dad or slow him down!  I often thought afterwards, that preacher never got a chance to do missionary work with the jungle tribes deep in New Guinea. He chose a mission field nearly as wild, my father’s farm. I do believe Dad will be making the trip to Norway with us. Even with the loud vulgar noise he made, with extremely, colorful expletives the end of his messages usually showed he had faith in a higher power.

Heaven promises us a new body, that is one thing I would welcome very much. I sure hope there is a golf course, because with a new body I will play golf with my two brothers Corky and Harlan and my brother in law David. That will be golf at its best. If playing golf in the spirit world really works out to the best of my imagination, we will come back and play at the Augusta National Golf course in Georgia, while the azaleas and Dogwood are all blooming.

There is another trip I would like to take near the Arctic Circle with my grandmother. We will visit her family as they herd reindeer in frozen, far northern Finland. She was proud to be one of the Sami People.

I have a feeling traveling in the spirit world is going to be great and limitless, travel without boundaries and fears, at the speed of light will be overwhelmingly.

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