Modern Day Television

DirecTV has now lost CBS, which leaves them with very little for viewers to watch. I was channel surfing tonight and went through 2 or 3 hundred channels selling junk. I ended up watching Perry Mason. After watching it for awhile I realized TV has made a lot of changes since Perry Mason was on prime time television.

In the episode I was watching Perry Mason was looking in a suspects car. The suspect walked up and asked Perry Mason, “what in the devil are you doing?” I got to thinking 20 years later the fellow would have walked up and said, “what in the hell are you looking for?” After another 20 years, the suspect would have said,” what in the F are you doing in my car?” Today, the suspect would have shouted “YOU M/F er,  what are you doing looking in my G/D car?

I believe TV has taken a few turns down the wrong road.

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