Trip of a Lifetime

Rose Marie’s Brother David Bowers took us on a trip to Hawaii in 1980. We stayed out at Makaha in a two bedroom condo for two weeks, rented a car and saw everything there was to see on the main island. It was a super fantabulous trip for sure. David’s wife Renee, their daughter Renee Junior and David’s father met us when we got off the plane at Honolulu. There was a swimming pool right outside of our bedroom window. We took in the usual Luau, ate on the Oceana, went on a disco Cruise, visited Brigham Young University, pineapple and Sugar plantations, Sea World the zoo, Wiamea Falls. The huge waves on the North Shore, the Pearl Harbor Memorial, the whole ball of Wax.

Map from Honolulu, Hawaii to Mākaha, Hawaii 96792
North Shore
West end of Hawaii
Waimia Falls

Real Music

I have known this country music legend since we were teenagers and caddies at the Watertown Country Club, near Watertown South Dakota. Sherwin devoted his entire life to entertaining people with real music, Country Music. Listen and enjoy or visit him at one of the places on his schedule

To Don and Kay.

Speed Talkers

The world is going to hell in a hand basket! Speed talking should not get my hackles up, make me want to throw something at the TV set. Listening to talk on a soap opera you can understand, every word of it. That is because they are expounding on the sound of each word, so you hear and see their great acting ability. The love scene language may not be all understandable, as the scene reaches a crescendo with drums, heavy breathing, and music.

If you watch the news or hear a commercial. The speech is so rapid you are lucky to understand every tenth word. It resembles automatic weapons fire. You have no idea what the supersonic motor mouths are talking about, as they fill your brain with verbal bullets. They make an auctioneer sound like a slow talker with a lisp. The networks evidently pay by the word or it cost megabucks per second to use that precious airtime. The speed talkers want to get their money’s worth, that is more than evident.

A faithful deserving public should get together and boycott all the networks using speed talkers.