Washington Government


The candidate promised to repeal Obamacare, the nation got Helter-Skelter, as the alternative.

The candidate promised to build a wall on the United States southern border, and Mexico will pay for it, voters got Helter-Skelter.

The candidate promised to suspend immigration from terror-prone places, more Helter-Skelter.

The candidate promised to lower taxes for everyone. It sounds like a shell game to fuel more long term Helter-Skelter.

The candidate promised to fix old worn and dangerous National infrastructure, that too got lost in this new Helter-Skelter madness. Politicians now call it government.

The candidate has accumulated an unprecedented list of liars who were fired or quit in the past two years.


Senate Style Sausage




Sausage making has been going on for centuries. Parts of an animal that is not very appealing, fat and scraps from processing that animal are all ground together and seasoned to create a sausage product. Our highly honorable legislature in Washington, D.C. has been compared to sausage making throughout the years.

I have been watching some legislative action on C-Span which made me think of the correlation between that and sausage making.

The lawmakers from each party try to expound on their parties righteousness and the finer points on why they consider a legislative bill should be passed or not passed. Each one flavors his speech with different degrees of expertise, and or BS, knowledge, and assorted hyperbole. The goal is to expound on every reason to vote in favor are not in favor of their Bill. They keep up this self-righteous charade until it is finely ground and over seasoned, sometimes HOT. There is little consequence if it should pass, the other branch is ready to kill anything the crosses their threshold.

The new legislative process is so divided there is nothing they can get done, neither side will give, they both practice ‘it’s my way or the highway.’ They have set a record of getting nothing done to help move the country forward in this ever-shrinking world.

I am seriously thinking about becoming an Independent Vegan.