Dream Interpretations

Could a quick nap last forever?

I have had sleep apnea for 18 years and use a CPAP machine but I still don’t get enough oxygen, consequently, I’m tired most of the day, being tired I doze off sitting in my recliner or sitting here at the computer.

When I go to sleep sitting in the chair like this my head tilts forward and this cuts off the oxygen to my brain which lowers blood oxygen even more. I’m not sure how this works but I have all kinds of dreams while I’m having these naps. I seem to go into REM sleep within minutes causing all kinds of short nightmares and dreams. Lately, I tend to have the same reoccurring dream. I have a destination that I’m always having trouble getting to, people are causing me to have travel problems. I always end up stranded somewhere wondering why I can’t reach my destination. This makes me get very angry at those in my dreams that are creating these roadblocks for me. Lately, I have wondered if my dream destination is death? Are these some type of angels causing me not to get where I want to go?

Today was a very cloudy rainy day, on days like that is when I always do my best sleeping. I was sitting here at my computer having many short dreams, all trying to get somewhere. I would wake up, type a little, then nod off again. I was having absolutely no results. I was mad at first but then I just kept on sleeping usually these events cause me to get mad enough where I wake up. Today I did not wake up I was lost in my REM Dreamland at the computer. The ringing of the telephone woke me up. I could not move my hands or arms so I could not answer the phone right away. It kept on ringing but I could not move my arms to push the answer button, I kept trying to wiggle my arms and hands until I reached the phone. It was our youngest daughter calling. I told her “I was sure glad she called!”

I would like to hear an answer from someone who interprets dreams.


4 thoughts on “Dream Interpretations

  1. It could also be you struggling to get a good breath of air. My dr. gave me a good hint that I had never tried before. Have you every tried squirting saline solution up your nose and letting in run into the other nostril and drip out, then repeating in the other nostril. When I have trouble breathing, this helps considerably. Sounds simple and it is but it helps a lot. Just tricky to figure out how to make it run the course.


  2. What you’re describing sounds a lot like sleep paralysis. Have you heard about it? I’m so sorry you struggle with sleep apnea, that’s horrendous. Do you sleep with an oxygen mask? It may help you get a better nights sleep.


    • Thank you Laura for visiting my blog. I have used a CPAP since the year 2000 but I always seem to wake up tired. The problem lies in the paralysis of my diaphragm. I just have to convince the doctor of that. I had my back broke at age 23 so I’ve seen quite a few ups and downs. Life is great, I try to make the most of every new day.


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