Dream Interpretations

Could a quick nap last forever?

I have had sleep apnea for 18 years and use a CPAP machine but I still don’t get enough oxygen, consequently, I’m tired most of the day, being tired I doze off sitting in my recliner or sitting here at the computer.

When I go to sleep sitting in the chair like this my head tilts forward and this cuts off the oxygen to my brain which lowers blood oxygen even more. I’m not sure how this works but I have all kinds of dreams while I’m having these naps. I seem to go into REM sleep within minutes causing all kinds of short nightmares and dreams. Lately, I tend to have the same reoccurring dream. I have a destination that I’m always having trouble getting to, people are causing me to have travel problems. I always end up stranded somewhere wondering why I can’t reach my destination. This makes me get very angry at those in my dreams that are creating these roadblocks for me. Lately, I have wondered if my dream destination is death? Are these some type of angels causing me not to get where I want to go?

Today was a very cloudy rainy day, on days like that is when I always do my best sleeping. I was sitting here at my computer having many short dreams, all trying to get somewhere. I would wake up, type a little, then nod off again. I was having absolutely no results. I was mad at first but then I just kept on sleeping usually these events cause me to get mad enough where I wake up. Today I did not wake up I was lost in my REM Dreamland at the computer. The ringing of the telephone woke me up. I could not move my hands or arms so I could not answer the phone right away. It kept on ringing but I could not move my arms to push the answer button, I kept trying to wiggle my arms and hands until I reached the phone. It was our youngest daughter calling. I told her “I was sure glad she called!”

I would like to hear an answer from someone who interprets dreams.


Excerpts From The Bay Area Bad Guys



“Evil Personified”


Leland Olson


“Richard Savage was an only child born into a loving family; his mother was a school teacher, so he had a home tutor around the clock”
“Dick was the valedictorian of his class. He entered college with the nickname “Boy Genius.”
“He was always a smiling happy go lucky young man until he started to question if he might be gay”’Dick had a great job waiting for him in San Francisco at a famous brokerage house. They would be starting him out with an excellent salary and benefit package. His friend Bobbie was going to ride with him, she had a job waiting at a major airline company with a good chance of becoming a stewardess.”

“Son, “let us go up to the lake this weekend and do some fishing, ‘just the two of us’ “Dad, ” I planned to study. How long have you know I’m Gay? “I have suspected it for a long time, ever since you were in junior high. My feelings got confirmed when you came home for Christmas break last year all black and blue.”“Dick says, “so you decided to take me up to the lake and drown me?” ‘You should have done it when I was a baby; it would have been a lot easier then.’ “What?” ‘Are you nuts?’ “Nobody is going to get drowned, do you think you’re a comedian or what?” You and I need to have a serious talk about your life and your future.” Well here we are at the lake already, doesn’t seem like it took very long for us to get up here. We only got a couple of hours to fish before dark so lets hurry and get the boat in.”
“ They barely had their lines in the water, and they each had a fish on at the same time. That was a big surprise they had a couple of three-pound walleyes landed and in the Live Well.” “After they finished eating, ‘Son you fried those fish just like your mother would have done.”


“An hour later the lights are all turned off. “Dad, are you okay?” ‘I don’t hear you snoring out there. ”I am fine: I just cannot seem to get to sleep.”
“Last year at school, you met that pretty young thing, your mother was ecstatic, she thought for sure you had found the right person finally. She was humming and singing all over the place. Dick, ‘we are just friends’.

“Dick, “what I said to you about your mother thinking you and Bobbie have something going, or might have, let’s just leave her in the closet on that one.” Dad, ‘that is a terrible thing to say.’ Good grief, ‘what I mean is, what she doesn’t know, she doesn’t have to know, and it won’t hurt her;’ Dad, ‘that all sounds devious to me.’ Son, ‘let us just leave everything as it is, what she thinks about you and Bobbie right now, let us just let it alone. I must have a good relationship with her; do you realize that? I still have to live under the same roof with her; she might get a little bit ornery without some hopes for you, I think you can understand that.’ Okay, ‘Dad, whatever you say.”


Bobbie says,”Isn’t this a great sendoff?” “My dad didn’t even bother to come home from his card game at the pool hall; mom got out of bed just long enough to pee, puke and get another bottle of wine, then crawled back in that filthy bed again.” ‘She will die there, probably sooner than later and I’m the one who feels guilty, for not staying home and helping them.’”
“Richard and Bobbie arrived at the Savage residence in time for a planned brunch. Dick’s mother had everything ready when they arrived”
When they started outside toward the vehicle, the conversation grew to more crying than talking.


Dick and Bobbie finally got on the road headed for their new lives in California. They talked about plans, Bobbie would doze off, Dick would wake her up and say it was her job to keep him awake. Dick said “I didn’t think my mother was going to ever quit hugging you when we left, I’m sure she has some ulterior motives, she loves you dearly. Bobbie, I have been driving for almost 18 hours. We left home just before noon yesterday, and I been behind this steering wheel all afternoon and night, I am going to stay at the first decent looking place along the highway. How about right here in Evanston Wyoming?
I got us a room with two beds. No need to unpack much, toothbrush and a change of clothes for tonight. If you do not mind -”I am exhausted and need a shower now. Bobbie was the not so typical young, beautiful, Auburn haired, Irish lass. She possessed a wee bit of mischief. While quickly shedding her clothes says, “Dick, just leave the water running.” as she quietly and quickly entered the steamy shower and caught him all lathered up, as planned”
“Bobbie proceeded to do a sexually seductive, slow-motion dance in front of his sudsy body. “In a not so surprised, staged, Hollywood voice she says, ‘Oh my,’ Richard, what have you got there?” “Their hot, steamy shower encounter lasted a long time after that.” ‘Richard and Bobbie got to San Francisco safe. He took her to Rhonda’s fancy place where he got to meet her for the first time. Dick just wanted to get to his apartment and see it.”
“They had been in the Bay Area for close to two years but stayed connected. They had what they called ‘rejuvenation rendezvous’ they had no regular schedule.”Bobbie had become a stunningly, beautiful woman. She only worked in an office at the airlines for a short time before they sent her to stewardess school. “They would call each other at times to have a little rendezvous in remembrance of their night in Evanston Wyoming. Dick recalled that night vividly; he could barely walk the next day.” “She loved her job very much; flying to Hawaii and Japan on a regular basis. Her friend Rhonda often worked on the same flights. One three- day weekend Bobbie called Dick had invited him to come to Hawaii with them to spend Saturday night. They would fly back on Sunday she said, ‘We could have a threesome you, me, and Rhonda.’ It will be great fun we could call it a ‘supercharged, rejuvenation, rendezvous,”

“One Sunday morning Dick got a phone call, the caller said, Hello Richard, “just call me Uncle John.” ‘I know you make several trips a week across the bridge to Oakland; we have someone watching you. ‘ You have close friends at that little gay bar over there. “I have known your boss for decades, know him well, if he learns about your trips to Oakland you will be in the unemployed line next week.”
“We want you to copy everything from the Noah Pharmaceutical files and put it on a flash drive. “Deliver it to the Clover Leaf Bar on Market Street, ‘Tuesday at 7:00 PM’ “’Deliver it to a short guy at the bar, wearing a Derby hat, he will give you an envelope with $50,000 in it. Dick refused. ” Now tell your two goons here to leave quietly, say they are sorry and be nice to me on the way out.” One turned around at the door, “you idiot, ‘all you had to do was get some information!’ “Nobody talks to John that way, ‘you are in for a lot of trouble in your life.’ “You might as well be a dead man.”
“Dick’s boss told him, “An employee from Noah has been missing for about a week, he was on his way home from work but never arrived.”
“There were merger talks a few weeks ago, the Noah board voted not to merge.” The way it sounds now a hostile take-over is in the works by T-Max. Richard asks, “Do you know the owners of T-Max?” His friend Roger said from what he heard about T-Max, it is just a shell company. A questionable character got control of it about twenty years ago. His family was grape growers out at Napa Valley. He is the only one left. He runs an import business, great cover for getting counterfeit drugs into the country. His name is John Clemons.”

“Richard replied, “My God he used his damn name while he was trying to blackmail me.” Roger says, ‘what are you talking about’?Roger, this is getting to be a sticky wicket one of the Noah board members never made it home from work a week ago, he is missing along with his briefcase full of documents.”
Richard heard someone knocking on his door; he looked out the peephole. Two guys in suits were standing there. He opened the door, they claimed to be homicide detectives and asked if he is Richard Savage. “They told him he was under arrest for the murder of Peter Nash, an employee of Noah
He spent most of the night in the interrogation room, He called Roger to explain that he was in jail, framed for murder. Roger, “please find me the best defense attorney in town. ‘This does not look good at all. ‘ money is no problem.” You never met Nash, and we cannot prove that either, “This looks very bad, the Prosecutor thinks he has an easy case, a real slam dunk”. “I hate that saying!” Richard, you said, You, had some friends over in Oakland. I cannot advise you to do this but if you have somebody over there, “made of the right stuff” and they can lean on one of this John Clemons soldiers and get him to come clean it will be a big help.”

A few days later Roger reported back to Richard. “Butch and Ralph followed Cliff, they found him living on the waterfront in an old rundown apartment building, Butch had his big boat a mile from there, so they took Cliff to the boat. I went with them,” “Butch got the big old Cabin Cruiser running, and they quietly made their way out of the harbor, out past the Golden Gate Bridge heading into the deeper water.” Cliff started going ‘Butch picked Cliff up and held him out over the water by his feet, his head is still covered with the black hood and partly in the water.’ “I felt sorry for the poor guy; Cliff was losing it big time.” drown him and get out of here.” Cliff started screaming and peeing all over himself, He agreed to testify against his boss.

Richard was into his fourth week in jail, making almost daily trips to the Court House. He feels sure the judge is homophobic, His attorney requested bail at his arraignment; bond was not on the judge’s mind. The preliminary hearing and trial were setting new speed records. Richard is starting to think about ways to kill himself, ready to have a nervous breakdown, going nuts. Roger tells the Attorney about Cliff’s confessing to blackmail Richard and asks if that is something he can use in the trial. The Attorney said, “I’m sure they will disallow anything like that coming out at this point in the trial.”The Prosecution seems to think this is an open and shut case. “A gay love affair that went bad,creating jealousy and murder.”Richards trial day six, The Prosecution rests, and the Defense calls Cliff Jones to the stand. Bailiff: Please have a seat and take off your Derby hat. State your full name for the court, “Clifford Jones.” ‘Do you solemnly swear or affirm that you will tell the truth, so help you, God, under the penalties of perjury. ‘ Cliff,
“Yes, I do.”

Defense: “Mr. Jones was, you involved in a blackmail attempt against the Defendant Richard Savage?”

Prosecution shouts objection! Judge, sustained, “where are you going with this
line of questioning?” Defense Attorney: Your Honor, “The defendant was approached with an offer of $50,000.00 for the information.”

Prosecution: Objection, “Your Honor the Defendant is in this court for murdering Peter Nash, nothing to do with blackmail”.
Judge: Overruled, “Please continue”. Defense: Your Honor, “Richard was asked to steal investment information from his employer. His life had been threatened with a one-way boat ride if he refused to get the information. Peter Nash got killed for the same reason. It was not Richard Savage. The briefcase had vital information involving the merger or two pharmaceutical companies”. Mr. Jones has information to that effect that he is ready to share with this court.
Judge: “Answer the question please” Mr. Jones.

Cliff says No, “I don’t know about blackmail. I was never involved in or know anything about blackmailing that man over there, pointing at Richard. I was never involved with or know of anyone involved in a murder scheme to get some papers either”.
“ Richard jumped up shouting, “The lying LITTLE BASTARD”.

Judge: The judge pounded his gavel and shouted “order” in the Court, “If I hear another outburst like that Mr. Savage and you will be in contempt.”
Judge: The information that was just presented to this court by the Defense sheds entirely no light on this murder trial. We will recess and reconvene at 9:00 AM.”
“The police handcuffed Mr. Yates and escorted him to the police station where he was asked to make a written statement of his confession and sign it before being taken to the jail. He started his writing by describing accounts of being molested by two different men of the cloth from two neighboring parishes as a teenager. He also mentioned, as a youngster being repeatedly molested by his father and still had nightmares of those childhood days.”

Richard was back at his apartment trying to get his mind wrapped around all the events of the past few weeks. He knew his first order of business would be finding a new apartment. The telephone rang, an Alexander Noah Gaiakoski Richard, “I know you did not have any involvement in that murder, and I’m sure you may have some uneasy feelings about safety for yourself currently. You are very welcome to live in our corporate headquarters compound where there is plenty of security available, and we do have some very nice apartments there.” Mr. Gaiakowski, “I am your man.”
“He also played’ “Cupid” with Mr. Yates and Peter Nash at that seminar. He is a very crafty, vicious, person, capable of anything. He was planning years ago to get those two involved together so he could blackmail them at the same time, giving him a lot more advantage over any situations that came up.”
‘We will send a moving van and crew to help you get moved today. I want you securely in that compound before dark. The FBI has called me; they will be delivering that safe to our offices this afternoon.” “Richard got a call from Rodger at the newspaper. He said, Dick, please be aware you are dealing with a very dangerous man in that would-be grape grower from Napa. He hired one of the best defense lawyers in the nation to go in and talk to our witness Cliff and get him to recant everything that he told us. Cliff was expendable, even after faithfully serving Clemons for years. He was killed today, by a hit-and run driver not too far from his apartment down by the waterfront. Naturally, there were no witnesses to see anything.”
“He called Bobbie to touch bases with her, hope all is well with you and Rhonda.” I just got moved into the compound at the Noah office complex, this place is unbelievable. I would not expect to see anything like this unless it was at a Five-Star Hotel in Dubai or someplace like that. You have not met my new employer Alex, yet he is a great guy, he is very concerned about my safety. The bad guy behind this blackmail and murder business seems to be out to get revenge on me and anyone from Noah Pharmaceuticals. I have a meeting with Alex tomorrow morning to bring me up to speed on the latest operations with this company. Bobbie, “would you consider staying here with me and commuting to the airport?” The security people here will get you to the airport and back safely. I would feel better if you do that. I am not too sure what would be the best policy if these bad guys see you coming and going from here they will follow you from here like bloodhounds. u from here like bloodhounds. On second thought you might be better to stay with Rhonda but be extra careful coming and going. “If you see anything suspicious, like somebody hanging around or sitting out front in a vehicle watching the apartment, stay put, don’t go out, call me.” “You do have a limousine driver coming and going now, don’t you?” Yes,” we do.” Be damn sure you know the driver before you get in, ask for drivers that you both know. Dick called Bobbie; I was wondering if you were busy Saturday night if not would you go out on a date with me? She said, “I’m free what did you have in mind.” I am somewhat of a bridge fanatic, who likes having you in my car. How about if I pick you up early, we will cross the Golden Gate Bridge and take a leisurely drive up to San Rafael? Then cross the bridge over to Richmond get an ice cream cone and continue back down to Oakland. We will take in Butch’s big blast, do not let me drink more than I should, then we return home over the San Francisco Bay bridge.”

There is a big birthday bash planned for
Butch at his place in Oakland tonight the big 50. It will not be a surprise since he owns the club. Butch promised me he would
have a table reserved for us right in front of the main stage. They plan to have three areas set up special for entertainment. They all love you over there, so do I. “What did you say?” I do not know how we can refuse. I think we almost should go, don’t you? Yes, that sounds like fun, you said, “you love me.” I’m not sure what kind of entertainment they’ll have” It will be on the wild side. Yes, “I do love you”.
They arrived at Butch’s Place early it was only about 7:30, but people were starting to show up some even by bus. It was beginning to look like the biggest crowd since he bought the place. Bobbie, you should have seen this young fellow when he first started coming in here. I do not think I have ever seen anyone that was shyer than our man Dick. He would sit down there at the end of the bar all alone most of the time. Someone would sit down and talk to him, try to make conversation.

Before 9:00. Bobbie’s cell phone rang.
Rhonda told Bobbie she was deathly ill with the flu, there is no way she could make her Tokyo flight tonight. She asked Bobbie, to come and do it. Butch’s brother quickly brought their car to the front entrance. I will have you back to her place in plenty of time and could take you to the airport if you want. Bobbie said, “no they will send a limousine for me early and take me right out to the plane. I feel bad for Rhonda, she was awful sick earlier, but she thought for sure she would be better by tonight. Dick left Bobbie at Rhonda’s and drove back to his new Noah apartment, his temporary home. Their night ended earlier than anticipated; he may as well have a drink, kick back, and watch TV. That was something seldom done. As he turned the TV on they were finishing a late-breaking News Flash From, Oakland California. His heart sank when he saw the television pictures showing Butch’s Place in Oakland. The club engulfed in flames. The fire marshal was speaking and saying it was an act of terrorism and arson.
Dick sat there alone stunned; in shock, he felt a terrible guilt, thinking it was all his fault. The (son-of-a-bitch) Clemons was trying to kill him. Rhonda saved their lives. Dick continued to watch the terrible, ghastly news, the reports about the fire continued to get more devastating.

A call from the burn unit at a San Francisco Hospital informed him his friend Rodger had been taken there with third-degree burns on most of his body. He woke up in his chair late Sunday morning wondering why he was not in bed. How could he have slept so long? The hospital burns unit call woke him up to tell him his friend Roger died. Then the shock from the previous night started to return.
The phone rang, it startled him out of half dreamy daze. Dick, this is Bobbie, suddenly she started sobbing and crying as he had never heard anyone do before. sobs, she said, “I am in Tokyo at the hotel yet, you better sit down I have some terrible news to tell you. “Our neighbor Mrs. Swanson called me just a few minutes ago. Richard, “Rhonda is dead,” then she started crying all over again, and the sobbing continued. They know we are still alive! Rhonda called in a prescription at the drugstore across the street. Nellie, the neighbor, asked her not to go pick it up. Rhonda told her she needed some fresh air. She put on my windbreaker and went out did not jaywalk she went down to the corner and was crossing at the light when a big black SUV run over and killed her on the spot. Nellie was sitting on her veranda and saw the whole thing describing the car to the police as a big black Cadillac Escalade. She is also in shock after watching the crime, Rhonda’s went clear over the top of the car.

“Bobbie woke up crying, sobbing, and shaking all over Richard wake up please I had this horrible, crazy dream it was just awful. I was thinking about Rhonda again last night when I went to sleep. “My dream about your folks is so real I would swear I saw it on a videotape or disk. Everything in it is evident and shocking. Everything in the house was just as I remembered seeing it. The whole nightmare seemed surreal, yet I can remember all of it. That is the part that is so weird and scary. I do not know what to make of it, this better not be going to happen in our future! Your uncle Clyde called, then he warned us he had terrible news to tell us, your parents were found dead, an attempt was made to have it look like a robbery.”


“Richard arrived at the Noah Office Building early for his meeting with Mr. Gaiakoski, as he walked through the main entrance a security guard looked at a monitor full of pictures. He looked up, saying, “Go right up to the 40th floor Mr. Savage.” When he got off the elevator, a secretary said, “go in Mr. Savage.” Mr. Gaiakoski is ready to see you. “Good morning Richard,” “Good morning to you Sir.” “Just Alex please, no Sir is necessary.” Please have a chair, ‘would you like some coffee,’ ‘please, that would be fine, just black.’ “One of the staff will bring us coffee in a few minutes.”

“Did you find the accommodations to be satisfactory? Oh my, yes, everything is fine. Hopefully, this will be a temporary situation. Well, Richard, you can stay out there for as long as you want. We have some folks from overseas who will call it home all the while they are here. Some of those are for many months, a few over a year.”
“I am also very concerned about the safety of a friend of mine her name is Bobbie Kelly, she is an airline stewardess, lives with a stewardess friend of hers named Rhonda Smith. I talked to Bobbie yesterday and warned her about the possibility of Clemons trying to hurt them and to be on the lookout for anything suspicious looking. Dick, maybe I am overly cautious, but I am not sure what all this guy can do out of revenge. The two thugs who came to my apartment threatened to take me out and drown me if I did not deliver the flash drive to them. I know either one of those guys would love for something to happen to me, put me in a grave. Alex replied I would make the arrangements for Bobbie to stay there too, to have it look proper it would have to be two separate apartments. We can have them adjoining if you want. Give me a notice, a day ahead of time. There will be no problem with that.”


“A partial license plate number was written down by witnesses at the hit and run scene. The Department of Motor Vehicles checked the numbers against vehicles owned by John Clemons. The numbers match part of one of his. He has six black Cadillac Escalades with his name on the titles. I wonder if anyone is going to take the time to try to run them down and check out these vehicles to see if any of them have been in an accident? The one that they used that day has been taken out on the ocean and dumped overboard by now.”

“Richard, I do not believe my ears a friend down at the police station just called me back and said the neighbor’s camera was full of good pictures. The two guys sitting in the front seat sure sounds like the two who visited your apartment. There is a warrant out for their arrests; the authorities know they are John Clemons men.”

“Alex, I almost forgot to tell you Bobbie’s pregnant, so it looks like we are
going to be having a wedding before very long. Alex shouts “congratulations.”
that is cause for much celebration at Noah. You have been considered a member
of the family close to three years. We will only be needing one apartment
after all.”

“The next day Alex called Richard to tell him the fire inspector was in the Plant yesterday making his semi-annual walk through afterward we got talking and he said the investigation on that fire in Oakland has run up against a brick wall. The fire investigators, they have several on this case, are confident it was arson and the incendiary devices used were scattered throughout the building to create the most casualties and damage possible.”
“What is driving them crazy, it is not a typical product, not something the public can go out and buy it seems to be a military grade or better. You can get triggering devices at almost any electronics store, and it does not take a rocket scientist to set most of them up just somebody with enough guts to know what they are doing so it does not blow up in their hands.”
“Richard, Homeland Security was looking for clues after the fire at Butch’s nightclub. I expected that all the while, anytime there is a hundred-people killed they immediately look at possible terrorist activity. It took the FEDS to do it; they traced the material used in the source of the fire to a Pharmaceutical Plant in Hong Kong. To no one’s surprise, Mr. Clemons has an interest in that plant.”
“Our friend Butch told us, two guys from a heating and air conditioning company were there a day before the fire, investigators have not found any heating and air conditioning company that has visited the place. At this time, they are checking pictures on all security cameras near all of them; you can imagine this is going to take quite a while to go through all those photos.”


“The following day Clemons two hit men were seen watching the gate to the Noah complex from about a block away, they had been there most of the morning. The police arrested them without any resistance, took them downtown and had the car impounded. It did not look like a car that was involved in a hit-and-run homicide. Clemons had six identical cars with his name on the titles. The bad guys went to the police station in two different cars there is no way the investigators wanted these two exchanging stories with one another not at this point not with charges being this serious.”

“The detectives informed the lawyer his clients were charged with hit-and-run homicide and possibly arson. The two brothers got escorted to two separate interrogation rooms. Shaw showed Randy Jasper, the photographic evidence that was in their possession. He did this because he hoped to shock him by the site of Rhonda’s mangled body. Shaw said, “Hey Randy, look, her name is Rhonda she could be your sister. Rhonda and Randy Jasper, but her name was Smith. Shaw held the picture right up in his face where he had to look at it. He took one look at the mangled body photo and was visibly ill, then started shaking. Randy, how would you feel if this was your sister? He could see that he was getting to him.”

“The attorney arrived at the police station and said, “I request to speak to my two clients in private.” Detective Roberts asked, ‘who are you, their attorney?’ He said, ‘He was.” You will have to speak to them separately, sorry about that. What did you say your name is? My name is E T Bribery; Shaw started to laugh, “does that stand for Easy To bribery?” You better watch your mouth boy; ‘I could sue you for slandering my given name.’ ‘Sorry, about that, it just did not hit me right, do not call me boy,’ “I might sue you for using a racial slur”. The lawyer replied I could see I am dealing with some smart-ass police here. Detective Roberts replied, well I can see we are off to a great start.”
“Mr. Bribery took Randy first, “Randy, the Boss, tells me, “You are the leader, have you realized yet that you killed the wrong girl?” Randy replies, ‘We’ve been watching them for a long time, and we knew she wore a certain colored windbreaker,’ Yes, ‘but did it ever dawn on you she was wearing her friend’s jacket?”They could have maybe mixed up coats?’ One wasn’t even home she was on a flight to Tokyo.’ She has red hair the other one black, you, assholes killed the wrong one. You two are completely unbelievable. ‘I have to go out and talk to the boss, but I see no way in hell we can straighten this mess out.’ Mr. E T “I wish you wouldn’t talk to me that way.” My feelings are easily hurt. ET, “What the hell, a killer who’s, feelings are easily hurt?”

“One more thing, “Don’t even think about ratting on the boss he has many friends in this building and if the word gets out that you guys are turning on him, you will both be leaving here in body bags. If we cannot solve this any other way you will do the time. Continue to refuse to speak to any of the investigators.
“Mr. Bribery drove out to Napa, but he was not going to go to pick grapes or taste wine. He knocked on Clemons’s door, Boss, they are still holding your two idiots, Ralph, and Randy, where in the hell did you find those two, the dumbest hicks I ever saw in my life! Hey, ET gives my guys a break. “They were caught on about twenty pictures sitting in different places on that Rhonda Smith girls block there was less photographic evidence before the Vietnam War!I told the boys no way I can get you out of this deal, the boss is probably going to want you two to do time, and not to try ratting on him. They will be dead before the day is over at the county jail. John says, “I thought the boys were smarter than that, not to spend a lot of time sitting on the same street.”
“There is more photographic evidence than before the Vietnam War. I told the boys no way I can get them out of this, the boss is probably going to want you two to do time.“Clemons says, “I will have friends around the station check out the evidence room.” Find out who turned the pictures over to them. I will send some money down there, that usually works. I am sure they will produce something. Mr. Bribery said, “I’m going back to Los Angeles.” As soon as you learn anything let me know, and I will continue checking on the photographer from down there. That person will have to take a little trip somewhere. We will see what develops. No pun intended, for DAMN sure!

“John, I feel a need to ask you now, “Did you have any part planning that nightclub fire in Oakland?” John replies, “yes.” I rid this world of over 100 gay people. ET screams, “damn-it-to-hell” I was afraid of that”. The freaking Homeland Security people could consider you a homegrown terrorist you might be going down there to Guantanamo Cuba.” “I must walk away and say goodbye to you today. “Like hell, you’re going to walk away you’re going to
continue to be my lawyer until you die.” “John tried to rationalize to himself; ‘ET should never have talked about going to walk out on me. I told him he was going to be my lawyer until he died, and I never lie, he died today.’

“Then he called his flight crew and told them he wanted them to take the plane up to Lake Tahoe that night. He would fly up there with other people, but he wanted to have the plane there in the morning. For them to go ahead and take off, he was going to have a lot of valuables in the back of the aircraft. He wanted the rear cabin kept locked with no one going into it. “Uncle John Clemons then drove to a different Airport where he had a plane chartered to take him to the Cayman Islands. He had an appointment with a doctor there waiting to do a complete plastic surgery job on him as soon as he arrived.”

”The pilot and co-pilot were driving up from San Francisco to the small private airstrip near his Winery.” “The next day all the news in the Bay Area was about the crash of a Learjet owned by John Clemons. He was part owner of T-Max Pharmaceuticals. It crashed in the Sierra Nevada mountains with no survivors. The FAA was sending up a search team to go through the wreckage. The plane came down in rugged terrain above Lake Tahoe; it was taking them a long time to get to the crash site.


“Richard was busy at work when he got an early morning call from Alex. Our security here at Noah has picked up some scuttlebutt that is going on down there in LA. It appears that a Mrs. ET Bribery has reported her husband missing. She made a lengthy statement to authorities in Los Angeles. She said,”her husband is an attorney that he represented various clients all over the nation and some might not be the most trustworthy clients in the world, but my husband would serve them to the best of his abilities.”
“We know old ET Bribery was up here and visited the two Jasper Brothers who are in jail and he also talked to David Dow, the police officer in the 22nd Precinct that received a call from Clemons seeking information on who turned in the hit and run photos to the police. You know when he got done in town here, he either went out to Napa or up to Lake Tahoe to visit Clemons. With the lawyer now missing it should be enough evidence to prompt the FAA to do DNA tests on the bodies from the plane wreckage.”
Clemons could not get Yates bumped off in the hospital, it sounds like he is on the road to recovery right now. Clemons knew it is only a matter of time before he would be testifying against him in court. Thomas has no fear of Clemons now he would tell everything he ever knew about old Uncle John. The one Jasper brother went bonkers under interrogation confessing to everything. ET Bribery was not going to hang around to get the police officer David Dow off the hook he would not gain anything by that anymore. I have a feeling Clemons lawyer was ready to quit, walk away, but John would not let him. Maybe Clemons beat him to the punch.”

“David Dow one of the police officers assigned to the 22nd Precinct the one in charge of the Rhonda Smith hit-and-run investigation. David worked there for close to twenty years, starting to think about retirement. He got a call one afternoon from John Clemons. Hello, David, “John here, it has been a long time how are you doing?” “Okay, ‘That’s great.’ “Call me back at home, this evening, same phone number,” John called him back and asked right away, what was all that hush-hush? David replied the way it is getting around that Station House I do not feel safe taking calls there anymore. Too many ears too many new telephone systems, it is as if nobody trusts anybody, that is sure a surprise. Don’t you think? John replied yes it looked like the good old days have come and gone we have a lot of new rules.”
“The next day after David had been at work a few hours he headed toward the restrooms but then went downstairs to the inventory cage. He found the door to the cage was open; he knew that was unusual.” “There was not a soul in the area, so he quickly stepped into the cage and went over to the desk. There were no papers on it or in the file drawers, just a computer sitting there. He said to himself, “What the hell is this?” Then the door slammed shut; he looked up to see Officer Bill Smith glaring at him. “Bill, said, “well, well what have we got here?” It looks like I caught a rat in my trap.”Oh my God Bill, I am almost ready to retire can’t you please look the other way onetime? No, David, I am not built that way, I will not look the other way. I have no idea what you are looking for, and I do not expect you are going to tell anyone on this Earth what it is. I sure hope it was worth jeopardizing your retirement pay for it. If you were supposed to get information out of the evidence room to share with someone, they are going to have to make up the difference in your retirement check.” “David, the devil is tempting me right now to open the cage, have your take your gun out and I will shoot you right between the eyes. That would save a lot of shock for your family to go through, they will not have to find out you are a dirty police officer. The record will show you pulled your gun on me for some reason and I had to defend myself. Rhonda Smith who those two dirty, low life bastards killed was my niece. She came out here from Iowa almost three years ago and lived with my wife and me for a year. Rhonda was just like our daughter. It gets my blood pressure going to the point I feel like I might have a heart attack.”

“Two uniformed police officers came down to the evidence room, they handcuffed Officer Dow and escorted him up to the booking desk. One of them read him his Miranda rights.” “Officer Dow started crying and said you guys do not understand it that guy is so damn evil it is unbelievable. I met Clemons on the golf course one day, a severe thunderstorm came up, and a bunch of us had to crowd into a small shelter out in the middle of the golf course the storm lasted half an hour. He introduced himself as owner of the T-Max Pharmaceutical Company flies around in a Learjet stuff like that. To talk to him, he seemed like a down-to earth, hard-working businessman. He asked me what I do; I said I am a policeman in San Francisco at the 22nd Precinct. “ Detective Shaw did some visiting with the family at the funeral, and he learned that David Dow did not have a nephew.”

“Mrs. Bribery was alone in her home she had no family, a kind police officer gave her regular reports, but they were finding absolutely no trace of her husband. E T’s destination got established using his credit cards and his cell phone; they pinpointed the time that he had left Los Angeles. He flew to San Francisco and rented a car at the airport and proceeded to drive to the police station in the 22nd Precinct”.

“After ET Bribery had been missing for a week, a messenger came to his wife’s door with a package. A tiny box, she signed for it, there was an attached letter. It was from some Security Agency they had an order from her husband to deliver that to her if he had been missing for more than a week.”

“Molly, please read the following information about the GPS locators. ET had one installed in his belt buckle also had a small GPS locator implanted at the hairline on the back of his head. The note Said, Molly if I am still missing and you are reading this follow the instructions in this book and have this security company trace my location with the use of their GPS equipment. It should not take very long, and they can tell you where I am at and I pray I will be all right when they find me. Molly, this was a last resort effort I thought of if something would happen in my life.” “Contact Benjamin Greenway after a week or two when things start to get back in order if that is possible after this. I want you to call Ben; his numbers are in this GPS information packet.”


“During the FBI and Homeland Security investigation of the Clemons Winery searchers found an old freezer. It was hidden in the back of one shed and covered with tarps that they put over the grapevines to keep them from freezing. One of the investigators happened to move the tarps and look in the freezer. It had a foul smell, it was still plugged in and had frost inside, but after smelling the terrible odor, they ran some tests on the freezer and found there had been a body stored in it. Tissue samples later confirmed a human body had been in there for many years.” “The FAA investigation got the results finished on their DNA testing of the burned bodies from the wreckage of Clemons Learjet. The report showed DNA of John Clemons, but it also showed DNA of an oriental person. That set off all kinds of warnings. They immediately called Interpol to get involved in the investigation. The investigators from Noah
Pharmaceuticals sent a team to Hong Kong to check out court records. They went back to the years that John Clemons was in the military. They found that he was married to a Chinese woman and they had a baby boy. John was discharged from the Navy and stayed there in Hong Kong and went to work for a Chinese pharmaceutical company for close to ten years.”

“Interpol shared what they had with other police investigators worldwide FBI and missing person organizations everywhere shared their information, and they all concluded there is no way he was on his own. John Clemons could not have been using that many young kids for his purposes back in California. They put out feelers to other countries. It was just a few days word started coming back. John Clemons Learjet had been Landing in Indonesia at Jakarta, Argentina Paris France and two or three different airports in the United States.” His brother-in-law who was his helper at the winery there at Napa had died about a year ago. They must had a falling-out, and Clemons killed him, but his body still has not turned up in the digging. So, about a year ago would have been the time his child business started winding down in a hurry. That was when he began to get involved more in the merger of T-Max and Noah.” “Interpol got a break in Hong Kong they had been looking for information under John Clemons. They started searching under TMax Pharmaceuticals BINGO they got a hit. T-Max claimed significant write-offs on their taxes calling it support for orphans and underprivileged youth. Claiming millions of dollars in donations to various orphanages in and around Hong Kong. As Interpol continued investigating they found very little support given from T-Max. There were only a few orphanages that had even heard of T-Max,” “One man replied he had been paying blackmail payments for eight years now. He kept threatening to tell the police that I was a child molester and I would go to prison here in China for life for that offense; he had me living in total fear for the past eight years. I have not heard anything from him this month about my payment. Do you have any idea where he is or what happened to him? We believe this guy is dead, but we cannot be sure he may have faked his death and is taking on a new identity.”


“Randy, did John ever talk to you about his family? Not very much he made a mention of his mother father and his brother all dying from food poisoning shortly before he left for the Navy. He did not say if it was at their home or if they were on a trip somewhere around the world. It sounded like they did a lot of traveling.”
“The discovery that was going on at the Clemons Winery near Napa California would go down in history as one of the biggest since the Gold Rush of 1849. This time it was a Grizzly discovery of numerous bodies buried in a haphazard fashion and in different stages of decomposition as if they were garbage.”

The house sitting on the winery property resembled a three-story Swiss Chalet it was a beautiful home with approximately 60 rooms in it. The Clemons family were always famous entrepreneurs. They rented rooms by the week or by the day they had Winery tours and wine tasting, with buses coming and going around the clock for many years.” missing person search groups were digging in search of bodies in several different areas of the property. It resembled an archaeology dig on a grand scale. They did not have to dig with the slow Precision of an archaeology dig,

“Each room contained a little refrigerator for water and pop. A small cabinet was well stocked with junk food of every kind that kids would like to have. There was also a toilet and a sink. All the latest electronic toys and games were in each room.”

“As the story became pieced together more every day, it sounded like a worldwide famous child pornography and child for sex Resort Hotel. Prepared exclusively for the wealthy perverted people around the world. It was a very carefully chosen clientele, for the right price, they could spend the weekend with a child of their choice. The shocking part it had been going on for close to twenty years with no one finding out about it. They had to have a tight security and screening system set up.”
“One dog handler asked a few of the guys to come back into the kitchen
my dog is determined there is something underneath the floor here, he has been telling me all through the meeting. If you all give me a hand, we will move this table and see what we can find. It was a long big massive table about 10 feet long they slid it off to one side. There was a rug they rolled it up, and beneath the that was a trapdoor. That was the door the original cellar when this
was a one-room house put together over a hundred years ago. Somebody lifted the door, and the first person went down the steps. He said this is modern I see a light switch here. He turned on the light switch and said, ‘Oh my God,’ “Somebody better bring some cameras down here.”


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Weekend Writing Prompt #70 – Outlaw

by sammicoxwriter


The posse rode day and night to catch the most wanted outlaw before he got to the Big River.

The sight of a huge  single oak tree and a bullet in him made the old desperado shiver.

A makeshift noose was placed around his neck and someone slapped his horse on the rump.

The tree seemed to groan for him as his shaking body dropped with a deadly thump.

The deputy lawmen cheered watching his last muscles quiver.