Vivid Dreams


Vivid Dreams

I have been using a CPAP machine every night for 18 years. If I take a nap in my chair now during the day without a CPAP machine I have scary, vivid nightmares. I believe it is from low blood oxygen. These dreams can start almost as soon as I sit down in my chair and close my eyes but usually after I sleep a few minutes. My walker is mising in recent dreams. I will have a dream then wake up from the dreams usually because I’m falling. In the year 2000 my blood oxygen dropped to 50 while I slept without a CPAP machine.

I use a walker now because my balance is so bad. I cannot walk without hanging on to something. I have started to believe my subconscious mind makes me lose the walker in the dreams and without the walker, I start falling down and that wakes me up. I can’t help but think it is the subconscious mind keeping me from passing out due to loss of oxygen.

I would love to have some experts in REM sleep and dream studies mull this over and see what they come up with. I can wake up from a dream and recall it well, then go back to sleep and almost continue the same line of dreams


My Upper Nest




My Upper Nest

The Daily Prompt word is Incubate. As a writer, I’ve always looked at my alert mind as my upper nest, as in comparison to an incubator. In my early years, I tried to sit on my thoughts, ruminating at length, that was not productive, my rear wouldn’t get into the right gear to release all that wry wit or wisdom. My thoughts remained hidden below, lost from the world. Volumes needed to travel bit by bit up to the limbic system, deep in my brain, I consider it my incubator. Different cells contained favored bits of knowledge, covering different periods of time. I learned years ago the number of bits of information that I put in my deep brain can become counterproductive.  Overloaded, greatly diminishing my crystal clear cantations. In comparison, I have incubated the contents of an ostrich egg in the past for the full forty days only to have that of a hummingbird hatched out for processing into written wisdom. That is how I ended up writing my short stories.

“How I Lived 50 + Years With a Spinal Cord Injury”

Greetings to all of my blogging friends. I thought some of you might be interested in finding out my new book is just coming out in paperback. I have included a hundred and two of my best blog stories in this book.

I hope somebody out there enjoys it. Happy reading. Leland

My new book is now available in paperback at Amazon “How I Lived 50 + Years With a Spinal Cord Injury”