Sherwin Linton

I’m proud to say, I’ve known this great musician since we were young kids caddying and playing golf at the Country Club golf course near Watertown South Dakota, USA.  As a youngster, he went to work at the local radio station KWAT, playing his guitar. That boyhood beginning evolved into a lifetime of ‘real’ music. He still plays almost daily at some location in the Twin Cities metropolitan area of Minneapolis and St. Paul. In the winter time, his group travels down South. They entertain and play music for all of Texas to enjoy. I don’t know how he does it but plays at numerous county and state fairs too.

I have enclosed various websites where you can learn about this man and his music, also his schedules for the following year. I have been writing my blog now for close to three years and it just dawned on me. Maybe it walked right up and kicked me in the rear, you should write a post about Sherwin Linton, the South Dakota USA legend. The tireless trubadour, FOR SURE!

His tribute to Johnny Cash

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