Balls Off A Brass Monkey

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It has oftentimes been said winter time in South Dakota USA gets so cold it will freeze the balls on a brass monkey, which sounds like a very serious thing for the monkey. This top picture shows what a brass monkey is, it has the cannonballs piled on it. If the balls are frozen it makes going to war with your Canon a slight problem you would have to get your balls loose from The Brass Monkey first.

Image result for brass monkey balls


This picture shows three monkeys who have been left out on a long cold South Dakota winter night. Nights are extremely long. Many weather forecasters have warned through the years if you have brass monkeys, better bring them in tonight, evidently, these three monkeys were left out in the long cold night.



Image result for brass monkey balls

There was a misprint on this picture it was actually taken in Arlington, South Dakota USA. It shows me casually reading the morning Argus Leader.



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