Post about Proclivity

Daily Prompt:


My wife has a proclivity to play the slot machines, it is so much easier in this modern day and age. You just push a button instead of pulling a big old handle on the right side of the machine, that had a tendency to create blisters. She wore a glove on her right hand in those old-time casino days. The right arm was much larger then! Her slot proclivity in a way has some good points. She is on oxygen 24/7 but while playing the slots she doesn’t need oxygen because she holds her breath waiting for a jackpot.

After she starts turning blue the oxygen is a very Handy Backup and starts flowing for a few seconds. Cost-wise I would rather buy huge tanks of oxygen and stay home although she uses a lot more oxygen at home. She takes deep breaths while constantly asking me what I have planned for the day? I better say taking you to the casino, of course, Dear while that menacing larger right arm is raised above the oxygen hose.

I had a proclivity for bourbon and Branch water at one time. Some proclivities can be downright enjoyable. Marriage vows have a tendency to alter and sometimes completely change or destroy proclivities for some. My wife has started thinking I now have a proclivity towards meticulousness or an adherence to technicalities simply because I think the milk should be put back in the refrigerator after breakfast.

I think I will go against all trends, swim against the current, and concentrate on a simple life with no thoughts of proclivities.


I think will go against

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