The Bay Area Bad Guys





This Novel is dedicated to all the people who believe in making that little extra effort to live a good life. A law-abiding life where you treat others the way you want to be treated. The world is becoming filled with evil, it must not be allowed to prevail. I wrote on the following pages about robbery and revenge, bigotry and hate, torture and death, murder and mayhem and finally assorted atrocities.

This is a book of fiction yet the evil that I depict in my writing shocks myself. The things I wrote about happen every day all over this world. If people close their eyes, and look the other way much of this will become every-day, ho-hum life, accepted as the norm. I also wrote about good times and good people and the joy they are filled with for making the right choice.



I would like to thank all the loves of my life.
They helped shape my character.
Mostly my Everlasting Eternal Potter.
Without them, this read would not have happened.


Leland Olson

Bay Area Bad Guys Characters

Richard Savage: Genius investment broker.

Stan and Martha Savage: Richard’s parents.

Uncle: Clyde Townsend: Martha’s brother.

Sally Macintosh: Clyde’s neighbor

Thomas Yates: Owner of Golden Investments.

Peter Nash: Board member at Noah Pharmaceuticals

Alexander Noah Gaiakoski : Owner of Noah Pharmaceuticals

Bobbie Kelly: Richard’s school mate.

Rhonda Smith: Bobbies best friend.

Terry Smith: Rhonda’s brother.

Larry Lewis: Groomsman

Mrs. Nellie Swanson: Bobbie and Rhonda neighbor.

Roberts and Shaw: Detectives at the 22nd Precinct.

Big Bad Guy: Uncle John Clemons Part owner of T-Max

Chen Clemons: John’s wife: Chisana: their son

Chen’s brother: Chena

Ralph and Randy:  The Jasper Brothers:

E T Bribery:  Clemons attorney

Molly: E T Bribery’s Wife

Benjamin Greenway:  Molly’s Attorney

David Dow: Policeman at the 22nd Precinct.

Bill Smith: Investigator at the 22nd Precinct.

Table of Contents:

CHAPTER:1 Richard Savage’s Early Years

CHAPTER 2: Fishing-Talking Trip

CHAPTER: 3 After Dark Talk

CHAPTER: 4 The Sad Departure

CHAPTER: 5 On the Road

CHAPTER: 6 Motel Time

CHAPTER:7 Popular Young Executive

CHAPTER: 8 Blackmail Attempt

CHAPTER: 9 Merger Maniac

CHAPTER:10 Arrested for Murder

CHAPTER: 11 Richards Trial Moves Along

CHAPTER: 12 Confession of Thomas Yates

CHAPTER: 13 Dick Meets Alex

CHAPTER: 14 The Move to Noah

CHAPTER: 15 Raging Revenge

CHAPTER: 16 Called Away

CHAPTER: 17 Stunned to The Soul

CHAPTER: 18 Bobbie’s Dream

CHAPTER: 19 Evidence Mounts

CHAPTER:20 Bad Cop

CHAPTER: 21 Clemons Feels Pressure

CHAPTER: 22 Jasper Brothers Cracks

CHAPTER: 23 Plane Crash

CHAPTER: 24 Clemons Aftershocks

CHAPTER: 25 Gruesome Graveyard

This is a work of fiction.
Names, characters, organizations, places, events, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.

CHAPTER:1 Richard Savage’s Early Years

Richard was born into a loving family he was an only child his mother was a substitute school teacher, so he had a live at home tutor around the Clock to help him learn. He went to school in an up to date small town. They had some of the best computer labs for a small school and he was fascinated by the computer from grade school on up. He worked with the first Apple computers the early IBM computers and everything up the line after that. He was fascinated by how much could be learned on a computer. The programs amazed him. So, when he was in Junior High School he started to learn to write computer code, then he was able to write his own programs. It was basic stuff, but he was off to a great start in the computer world. He always loved numbers and excelled at anything dealing with lots of numbers. The classes that he took in high school were all designed to prepare him to work for a degree in Business Administration when he got to college. That was a lofty goal for a teenage boy but that’s what he set his sights on.

He was the valedictorian of his class the one elected to give the farewell speech at the High School commencement exercises. He entered college with the nickname “Boy Genius” His grade point average continued to be at the top of his classes all the way through college he had many job opportunities offered to him while he was still a junior. Although not knowing it, he was the Envy of many younger students. Dick was always a smiling happy go lucky young man until a certain point in his life.

One day He started to question if he might be gay, what a crazy thing to think about. In High School athletics the first time in the shower room all the naked young men are looking at each other. That can be quite a shock, he didn’t play that many sports because there were times he just didn’t feel comfortable under those shower room conditions. It was something that kept eating at it him he knew it shouldn’t. He never thought anything about male companionship outside of classmates and friends he had no inclination or attraction to any other young men he just couldn’t figure it out.

Richard was possibly one of the shyest people in the school, to watch his actions he never appeared to be shy. The shy issue only seemed to magnify the shower room situation. That is possibly the reason he declined to get involved in other sports in high school. They had a high school golf team he became a star on the golf team the first year out. They told him he had to maintain a good grade point average, or he couldn’t be on the golf team practicing very often. The grade point scare had no effect on him he continued to keep his grades up and practiced on the golf course every chance he got.

During Dick’s senior year in high school a few of the bully boys started to taunt him about being gay like his Uncle Clyde. His uncle Clyde and never married he was a confirmed Bachelor but that in no way made him gay. It was at the time when everyone threw the label Gay around. The terminology was in most people’s language and they just automatically labeled his uncle Clyde as one of the gay group. Uncle Clyde never was gay or made any type of attempt to deny it. Why should he? A confirmed bachelor plans to remain a bachelor.

He never got involved in gay rallies and never hung around with a group of gay people he stayed by himself that didn’t mean anything his final year of college. A white supremacist group came to town with the full intention of scaring the gay people they beat up a few but mainly just gave everyone a very bad time. The intention was to encourage more hatred and bigotry against gay people. Dick met a young lady at school named Bobbie Kelly. She felt as though she might be gay because she was very close to a girl friend of hers named Rhonda. She and Rhonda had no type of a sexual relationship they were just very good friends. This type of a friendship started to develop between Richard and Bobbie.

Richard was graduating from college soon, but he never did sit down with his dad and ask what his dad’s feelings were. What would he think about him being gay? Would he ask him to leave home, just go away and don’t come back? He was quite sure his Dad loved him, and he would accept him for what he was. They just never did sit-down to have that talk yet mainly because he wasn’t very sure he was gay, he just had that feeling eating at him, but he didn’t really know what to do about it. He knew that meeting day was coming very soon.

Dick had a job waiting for him in San Francisco at a famous brokerage house. They would be starting him out with a very good salary and an envious benefit package. The firm was hiring him from his academic records alone. They had a good feeling that he was a very conscientious and competent worker. His friend Bobbie was going to ride along with him she already had a job waiting for her at a major airline company with a very good chance of becoming a stewardess. They were both very excited about getting started with their new lives.

Richard knew he would miss his family very much they were a very close, loving family. He being their only child they seemed to spend more time and worry about what he would do with his life. He parents Stan and Martha Savage were hard-working, ambitious, successful farmers in the corn and soybean state of Iowa. Stan’s family had lived there for five generations. Martha’s family were neighbors to Stan’s. They grew up together, it was only natural that they married each other.

Martha’s brother Clyde Townsend lived only one half a mile away. He farmed the land that He and Martha grew up on, work was shared back and forth. He was a very quiet, soft-spoken man, always a stay-at-home type not one to be out visiting the local dance halls. He loved to fish, and spends a lot of his time at the lake fishing with Stan and Martha. They were all very proud of their hunting and fishing heritage it had been passed down for generations.

When Stan and Martha got married it was a huge church wedding at their old country church. Their parents from both sides of the family were still living at that time. They were all members of a Huge Country Church that had a regular large attendance in the early years. It was almost a hundred and fifty years old now. Church family was equally as important as their individual families. Martha always loved to reminisce about those early church days. She recalls shortly after they were married. Stan had it all planned; they would have two boys and a girl. That sounded like a great family plan, but it was not to be.

The years go by very fast, Richard was soon in junior high school. Stan said, “It sure would be nice to have a baby girl.” Martha considered their other children were in the Sunday school classes and belonged to other parents. We both spent many years teaching Sunday School. The Lord figured we had plenty of love to share with all kids. Richard received both love and discipline, he never wanted for anything and grew to be our genius.

CHAPTER 2: Fishing-Talking Trip

Son, “let’s go up to the lake this weekend and do some fishing, ‘just the two of us’ your mother wants to spend some time with her sister. She is driving over from Sioux City to spend the weekend. I know they will be busy touring the different antique shops in the area, this way they won’t have to cook for you and me. They can spend the weekend together and make it clear over to Des Moines to some of the bigger stores.

We can go alone. Dad, ” How long have you known I’m Gay? “I have suspected it for a long time, ever since you were in junior high. My feelings were confirmed when you came home for Christmas break last year all black and blue.” There was a small article in the paper a few days later about, Campus Police breaking up a clash between gays and non-gays. “Wrong!” The gays had the hell beat out of them by a hate-filled group of white supremacists, seems like the local police didn’t even give a damn. There is no problem with the non-gay community, most of them are not filled with hate.

Dick says, “so you decided to take me up to the lake and drown me?” ‘You should have done it when I was a baby; it would have been a lot easier then.’ “What?” ‘Are you nuts?’ “Nobody is going to drown, Do you think you’re a comedian or what?” You and I need to have a serious talk about your life and your future, I think up at the lake would be a good place for it. We can take the old pickup camper and boat. I’ve heard the walleyes have been biting like crazy. We could certainly stand a good meal of freshly caught walleye I know that for a fact. “How about it?” “We have to stop by the bait store and get a case of beer and a bunch of peanuts, jerky and potato chips. We better not forget the main thing nightcrawlers and Minnows and gas for the outboard motor we will be on our way here before very long.”

Dad, I was planning on doing some studying for finals, they are coming up real quick, sooner than I would like to think. Just take a few books along, I don’t know why you’re worried. Your grade point average is far above the top of your class, no one has better grades than you, from what the school has said, they are very proud of you and your new job, so are your mother and me.

The Savage’s famous son, certified public accountant awards, investment counselor to the world’s most wealthy. Money manager of the year! “I can see all the big headlines.” Yes, Dad, “by the way, how long have you been driving this old truck, about fifteen years?” Do you realize you could buy a new truck and write a big share of the cost off as farm expenses? You need the pickup truck as part of your farming operation. See, “there you go, already managing my money for me.” I believe that boat motor is two years older than me.’ Yes”, ‘I still have it, and it runs great.’ “Dad,” ‘I sure hope we don’t get stranded out on the lake.’ ‘Not to worry, Son.’ Johnson Evinrude made those outboard motors to last longer than the fisherman. Getting stranded out on the lake would not be a fun thing to do. We will be just fine, worry wart.

Dick, ever since you were born your mother and I had hoped you would be part of the farming operation when you grew up, you are our only child. We also planned to have other children, but that wasn’t to be. Will you please reconsider, stay here on the farm with us? You could have your own financial business right here on the farm as a sideline.

“You thought your uncle Clyde was gay, didn’t you?” Dick replied, “yes I thought he might be.” There you go, You, could be a bachelor farmer just like Clyde, he has no wife or a house full of kids. I so much, “wish you would reconsider, maybe you will meet someone and decide you want to adopt kids.” You thought Uncle Clyde was gay, ‘yet you didn’t drown me when I was a baby,’ “that has to be unconditional love.” Please, Don’t, start with that again, I don’t find it funny, not funny at all.”

This question of being gay or not has been eating away at my guts like a big old cancer, since even before I was in junior high school. You must keep looking over your shoulder. There are getting to be so many people who are homophobic you live in fear; it makes me want to disappear some days.

We live in such a small community dad; everybody knows everybody else’s business, I could never live here, your uncle Clyde did. Dad, people suspected it, they just didn’t talk about it. I never thought much about it until I started my dance with the closet door. It is like a life sentence for incomplete genes or chromosomes like I can’t run with the herd now. If Clyde shared his honest feelings with you, you would be shocked. “Uncle Clyde has been through a living hell spending his life here if you think about it, he has lived the life of a Hermit recluse on his little farm, that isn’t much life at all.”

When it comes to kids, women have a whole different feeling for it; they see kids as something that everyone should have, kids to carry on is a priority. Your mother is so much counting on you having a family. Last year at school, you met that pretty young thing, your mother was ecstatic, she thought for sure you had found the right person finally. She was humming and singing all over the place.

Whatever did happen to you two? You spent a lot of time with her; I was hopeful too. Dad, her real short hair, her clothes? We were just friends. She preferred female companionship. Her name is Bobbie Kelly she is going to ride out to San Francisco with me; she already has a job with one of the airlines. I believe she starts with a desk job, but who knows, with her looks she may become a stewardess one day.

Well here we are at the lake, It doesn’t seem like it took very long for us to get up here, we’ve only got a couple of hours to fish so let’s hurry and get the boat in. The little Johnson motor started right up. Dick said, “I cannot believe my ears, that motor is old as me and it runs like new. Son, “Johnson made these motors to last a lifetime.” They started trolling along the shoreline where there was a bunch of rocks; the water was about six-foot deep and clear as glass. Dick, you put on a minnow and spinner, I will try a Nightcrawler rig, and we’ll see what we can catch. They barely had their lines in the water, and they each had a fish on at the same time. That was a big surprise they had a couple of three-pound walleyes landed and in the Live Well.

Their fishing continued around the same area until it started getting close to dark and decided to call it a day, they had two big fish, plenty for their supper. Son, if you get the stove ready, I’ll go clean these fish quick and will be eating supper before you know it. Your mother packed us some scalloped potatoes with some onions and butter on to heat in the microwave, and I think she sent us half an apple pie also. We are going to eat like a couple of Kings tonight. After they finished eating, ‘Son you fried those fish just like your mother would have done.’ Dad, “I had to learn something besides counting.”

While they were eating, Dick asked, “Whatever happened to that ice fisherman who drowned here last year?” He was seen fishing way over on the north side, but the dummy drove across the whole lake to get over there. They think his car fell through the ice somewhere in the middle of the lake; it was in thirty feet of water. It took the divers many months just to find the car, but the body was not near the vehicle.

I would imagine he got out of the car, okay but then he probably came up underneath the ice. That would be a terrible way to die, screaming under the water and clawing at the ice, until you run out of oxygen. Trying to find the hole to crawl back out, knowing if you did crawl out you would still freeze, up on top of the ice. That poor guy suffered a death that no one should have to go through, what a pitiful shame. The way people talk it’s downright disgusting, there were far too many stories about what happened to him.

One group is positively sure that it was a Love Triangle. His wife had the boyfriend take him out fishing and then knocked him in the head, but anyone dumb enough to do that would never be lucky enough to have the car fall through the ice. I don’t think that story is a very plausible one. OK, “Fine tune it.” Boyfriend kills the husband, dumps the body, starts the car, puts it in low gear, steps out with the car in gear, the car is headed straight toward the thin ice in the middle of the lake. He watches it slowly cross the thin ice, it goes all the way to the other side, then plows through somebody’s picture window. The boyfriend was last seen running across the state line!

Some stories have the guy living somewhere in Mexico with a young senorita dancing girl; others had him skipping the country with a new identity. There’s another group waiting to see if his wife leaves the area after she collects a big insurance check, that is about due. Everyone has their noses in the poor guy’s death; it’ll be like the end of a soap opera when his body turns up. I pray his soul can find rest and peace.

Well, son, I’m all pooped out, energy doesn’t last long enough anymore. I’m going to sleep here on this bed in front if you want to go to the back bedroom and study a while before you go to sleep that’s fine with me. We get a good night sleep and have a hearty breakfast we will get some fish to put in the freezer tomorrow before we go home. The way we catch fish, we sure don’t need an early start, so if you feel like it, just stay in bed.

CHAPTER: 3 After Dark Talk

An hour later the lights are all turned off. “Dad, are you okay?” ‘I don’t hear you snoring out there. ”I’m fine: I just can’t seem to get to sleep.’ Dad, “I’m going to be just fine out in California.” ‘You do realize I do not have to live every sordid part of a gay lifestyle. I’m certainly not going to do anything stupid where I might get AIDS or something like that. I know it would kill you both. I’ll wipe off toilet seats. Keep my nose clean, but not snorting drugs. Everything will be with caution and care; you don’t have to worry about Me dad. I love you and Mom, too much to do anything to hurt you or, ruin your lives here at Corn County RFD, the least populated county in Iowa.’ “I know, your family has been here for five generations, don’t knock it.”

Dick, “what I said to you about your mother thinking you and Bobbie have something going, or might have, let’s just leave her in the closet on that one.” Dad, ‘that is a terrible thing to say.’ Good grief, ‘what I mean is, what she doesn’t know, she doesn’t have to know, and it won’t hurt her;’ Dad, ‘that all sounds devious to me.’ Son, ‘let’s just leave everything as it is, what she thinks about you and Bobbie right now, let’s just let it alone. I must get along with her; do you realize that? I still have to live under the same roof with her; she might get a little bit ornery without some hopes for you, I think you can understand that.’ Okay, ‘Dad, whatever you say.”

Dad, “Bobbie and I plan to leave on the Monday after final exams. Do you want me to do anything special before I go?” No, “unless it would be to cancel your plans. I just don’t know why you couldn’t have a business right here. You wouldn’t have all the overhead for rent, running an office, or anything like that. There I sound like a financial adviser; maybe you got some of your talents from old dad.” “I want to thank you and Mom again for the graduation present a little extra money always comes in handy for emergencies. I will try to keep it in the bank, why? It won’t draw any interest, but I won’t spend it so easy if it’s in the bank.” Son,” we are so proud of you, graduating at the top of your class.” Our neighbor down the road was telling me, “the only thing his son seemed to learn at college, was how to blow smoke rings.

CHAPTER: 4 The Sad Departure

On the Savage’s fateful Monday morning Dick picked up Bobbie at her house. There was no one at the Kelly residence to say goodbye to her except her baby sister Caitlin who was crying all the while. After they drove away to the Savage home, Bobbie said, “I hate leaving her here, but she is sixteen now.” Time to start learning to look after herself, I told her to keep her room locked at night.

“Isn’t this a great sendoff?” “My dad didn’t even bother to come home from his card game at the pool hall; mom got out of bed just long enough to pee, puke and get another bottle of wine, then crawled back in that filthy bed again.” ‘She will die there, probably sooner than later and I’m the one who feels guilty, for not staying home and helping them.’ I just decided to hell with it, “I have my own life to live.” “Am I wrong?” Dick replied, “no you certainly are not wrong you have to get out of here, or lose your sanity.” Rhonda is helping me make this break, without her I don’t think I could do it. We have known each other for several years as special friends.

Richard and Bobbie arrived at the Savage residence in time for a planned brunch. Dick’s mother had everything ready when they arrived. There was a lot of talk; the conversation always came back to reasons why Dick should stay there on the farm, ready to run the business when his parents want to retire, that possibly won’t be too many years away. Dick suggested, “they move to town and let uncle Clyde farm their land for them; they could live a life of leisure and traveling that they both well deserved.” Dick’s dad replied, “if we leave this farmhouse for more than a month the vandals will have the Windows all shot out, the place will be party headquarters for all the juveniles in the neighborhood.” No, “We better stay right here until the old folks home sends the bus out to pick us up.” Bobbie replied, “she felt they had many more years to live on their farm enjoying the way of life they had built for themselves.” When they started outside toward the vehicle, the conversation grew to more crying than talking. “We will call, and we will write, not to worry, with instant communications we can even look at each other nowadays while we talk.”

CHAPTER: 5 On the Road

Dick and Bobbie finally got on the road headed for their new lives out in California. They were driving on Interstate I-80 and spent all day long crossing Nebraska; they never realized their neighboring state was so long. Dick played music CD’s but all he had was country-western and bluegrass, Bobbie didn’t appreciate either one very much. Being a true gentleman, he let her choose her music on the car radio, a modern taste in music. They talked about plans, Bobbie would doze off, Dick would wake her up and say it was her job to keep him awake.

Dick, said “I didn’t think my mother was going ever quit hugging you when we left, I’m sure she has some very ulterior motives, she just loves you dearly. She is determined you, and I would make a great couple, she has quite a winning way about her. Your mom is so full of love, “She shines like a beacon.”

Dick, “when we were talking this morning I was sharing my feelings for Rhonda with you. We are bonded together by closeness, something I can’t explain; it sounds crazy, we just enjoy being with each other touching each other, and understanding each other’s feelings.” Richard, “I think you have a similar situation in your life with the same sex, you are drawn more to them but in a way, that is very difficult to explain, sharing and caring senses that seem to be cross-wired.” We don’t allow ourselves to get close to the opposite sex. Like we feel more closeness to the same-sex without really exploring those feelings to their extreme, such as sexuality and sexual activity with them. Bobbie, you are so right, “I could not have described that any better than what you have just done.” In this crazy world, you and I seem to find ourselves in similar circumstances. I find it to be a very uneasy feeling at times.

Bobbie, I have been driving for almost 18 hours. We left home just before noon yesterday, and I been driving all afternoon and night, it is going to be sunrise very soon. I think the best thing to do is get a motel room and get some rest and get cleaned up; we can be on the road again toward evening I would prefer driving at night anyhow. I have become exhausted. You say you refuse to drive my car, which only leaves us one alternative. I don’t want to kill us before we get a chance at new lives in foggy San Francisco. We must stop and get a motel. We’re almost to Salt Lake City I’m going to stop at the first decent looking place along the highway. How about right here in Evanston Wyoming?

CHAPTER: 6 Motel Time

I got us a room with two beds. No need to unpack much, toothbrush and a change of clothes for tonight. If you don’t mind Bobbie, I got to take a quick shower and see if that will rejuvenate me a little. Go right ahead; I’m in no hurry, you’re the one that’s been doing all the driving and are exhausted. Bobbie was the not so typical young, beautiful, Auburn haired, Irish lass. She possessed a wee bit of mischief. While quickly shedding her clothes says, “Dick, just leave the water running.” as she quietly and quickly entered the steamy shower and caught him all lathered up, as planned. To Bobbie’s complete surprise. Dicks only comment was, “Well, I guess there’s no need for modesty between old friends under these circumstances.”

Bobbie proceeded to do a sexually seductive, slow-motion dance in front of his sudsy body. “In a not so surprised, staged, Hollywood voice she says, ‘Oh my,’ Richard, what have you got there?” ‘I want you to stick around here in case I need a place to hang my washcloth later.’ “Their hot, steamy shower encounter lasted a long time after that.” ‘The TV was running with the volume on low with neither one paying any attention to it; they were both lying on top of their covers talking about some of the things that had taken place during the day.’ Bobbie called out for a breakfast pizza; they devoured it as soon as it came.

Dick, “you are lucky to have a mom and a dad that love you and made a good home for you that means a lot.” ‘Nowadays many young people don’t have that, they’ve never seen it, they never will see it.’ He said, “I know that Bobbie.” ‘You were just the lucky one that’s all. My parents sat in the bars almost 24/7, “we girls took care of ourselves at home there were no other options we learned to cook and clean house or live like a bunch of pigs.”

Bobbie asked, “Dick, do you mind if I sleep in your bed? No, “that’s just fine, come on over, as he opens up the covers.” They both woke up Clinging On to each other in a very tight embrace. He asks, “Did you sleep well?” She replies, Yes, But I was dreaming about having sex with someone, he responded “so was I” what a crazy mixed-up world, you called me Rhonda last night.” “Sorry about that,” “no problem I don’t know who I am either.”

I believe we are both rested and rejuvenated, ready to continue our journey to the promised land. Yes, we better do that. While putting on his shoes, Dick had a big smile on his face and was chuckling to himself. What is so funny? “Something I said or did.” No, “I was just thinking of something my dad said when we were up at the lake before we left. ‘Mother is in the closet all right, with a darn Ouija board!’

Here we are on the road again just like ‘Willie Nelson,’ ‘Oh, that’s right you don’t like country music very well.’ We are about 95 miles from Salt Lake City now, then 600 to Reno, then 200 more to San Francisco. We could stay in Reno tonight if you would like. ‘Separate rooms, my treat?’ No, I think we better just keep on going, I told Rhonda we would be out there on Wednesday. That is lots of miles, but I can do it.

Richard and Bobbie got to San Francisco safe. He took her to Rhonda’s fancy place where he got to meet her for the first time. Being exhausted, Dick just wanted to get to his apartment and see it. He rented it online and was hoping it to be all it looked like on the computer, after his first night in his new place. He was quite satisfied: it had a beautiful view of downtown San Francisco. It was only a short distance to work. His employer had parking spaces rented in a parking garage a block away if he drove there were parking spaces in the building where his job was located. Everything seemed to be going very well they were both ready to start their new lives in the Golden Gate City.

CHAPTER: 7 Popular Young Executive

They had been in the Bay Area for close to two years; but kept in touch from time to time. They had what they called ‘rejuvenation rendezvous’ they had no regular schedule. They would just call each other from time to time and have a little rendezvous in remembrance of their night in Evanston Wyoming. Dick recalled that night vividly; he could barely walk the next day.

Bobbie had become a stunningly, beautiful woman. She only worked in an office at the airlines for a short time before they sent her to stewardess school. She loved her job very much; she was flying to Hawaii and Japan on a regular basis. Her friend Rhonda often worked on the same flights. One three- day weekend Bobbie called Dick had invited him to come to Hawaii with them to spend Saturday night. They would fly back on Sunday she asked, “What do you think Dick, are you going to go along?”

We could have a threesome you, me, and Rhonda. It will be great fun we could call it a ‘supercharged, rejuvenation, rendezvous,’ what do you think?” Dick was quiet for a long time, and then he said, ‘that sounds like a real winner, but I have to be back to work Monday morning holiday or not.’ Bobbie said, “No problem we will spend Saturday night in Honolulu and fly back home on Sunday.” Well, it’s a date then ‘we will meet you at the airport.’ “Okay,” ‘sounds fine to me,’

Dick, “Your voice sounds skeptical, ‘are you sure about this?’ I was only wondering what Rhonda will think? “It was her idea!” We could play a round of golf first if you want.” Oh, “aren’t you the funny one, ‘showing that concern,’ ‘I’m just wondering if my body can take it,’ You do realize if you to drain all the life out of me, you can’t just leave me out there on the beach.” We will have a wonderful time! I will send an Airport car to pick you up at 11 A.M. Saturday that way you won’t have to mess around with parking here at the airport. ‘We will land in Honolulu shortly after 6 P.M.’ “We can play at least play nine holes if you like.” “Do you promise not to toss me into a volcano to appease some god?” ‘You have to be a virgin for that sacrifice.’

Dear Richard,
We were going to visit on the phone often when you left. Not my cup of tea phone visiting, the way we do it. I don’t know what it is about that Skype or whatever you call it it sure great to use just seems odd to be able to look at each other let’s while talking across the country like that. I usually end up crying so thought I would sit down and write you an old-fashioned letter. We miss you and love you both very much, not a day goes by when I don’t worry about you out there in the big city of San Francisco. We trust you are a very wise young man and you will not do anything to get yourself in trouble. We must always be on our lookout sometimes Trouble Comes looking for us and we don’t really know when to expect it. It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long, but you and Bobbie drove out of here over two years ago. I have been worried about your father he misses you terribly. He still talks a lot about that fishing trip that you made up to the lake just before you left. That meant a lot to him just the two of you being together and sharing time and talking. I can still hear Stan raving about those fish that you two got up at the lake. He said, “Martha you would not believe it, Richard fried those fish just exactly the way you would have done it. They were just right, brown and crispy and delicious.” I remembered doing that before, catching fish cleaning them and putting them right in the hot frying pan. I think they taste better if they start swimming in that hot grease. Your father never says much about his feelings, but I know he would like to see you and Bobbie fall in love and get married. Do you see Bobbie very often? I suppose as a stewardess she’s gone almost all the time. You two will have to make it a point to get together once in a while and do things together, who knows maybe you will become close and fall in love like your father and I keep wishing for.

I do have some local news that will surprise and shock you. Your uncle Clyde got married! I’ll bet that one just about blew you away. There’s a couple who farmed about ten miles from here, she was a few years behind Clyde in school, but they got to know each other well, riding the school bus together things like that. She married Trevor Macintosh who farmed just across the state line in South Dakota. They had three children Tracy, Tanya, and Tim. Her name is Sally anyway her husband Trevor was killed three years ago. It was winter time he was feeding cattle, hauling those huge round bales. The loader on the tractor was up in the air, as he drove over some frozen ground that was bumpy the tractor rolled over. He was smashed underneath the cab and died instantly. At least he didn’t have to suffer a long hospital stay and end up crippled for the rest of his life. It was a shock for the whole community, farming is one of the most dangerous jobs.

Sally’s children think Clyde is a great step-father. Tim will stay and farm, Tracy, and Tanya both are attending Iowa State University. They are studying to be Registered Nurses. I guess at the time the nursing field is begging for young people to get involved at every level. Senior Care will never have enough nurses the way it looks. The elderly care centers always seem to be running understaffed and the poor girls working are always overworked. It is really a shame that our country has to be that way. Everything you worked for during your whole life can be spent in one year at a nursing home. Clyde and Tim spend a lot of time up at the lake. Just like you and your dad would be doing if you were still here.

You mentioned on one of your phone calls about a friend of yours named Butch taking you out ocean fishing. Do you get to do that very often? Oh, your dad would love that, maybe we could make a trip out there one of these first years before old age sets in. It would be fun to see the San Francisco Bay Area. If your friend would take you two out fishing that would make the whole trip for your dad worthwhile.

Richard, I don’t think a day goes by when I don’t think about you and Bobbie. You got married, you have a family, you’re living back here on the farm and your dad and I are living in an apartment in town. We get to come out and visit, play with the kids. Do I know how to dream or what? If that dream ever comes true, my life will surely have been worthwhile. I have many versions of that same dream but they all are all very happy dreams with lots of little kids running around.

When I’m shopping in town I bump into people who had kids in the school here or went to school with you or graduated with you. It seems like they all want you to be a speaker at one of the upcoming class reunions. They will no doubt be having a ten-year reunion before long, but the older ones have all School reunions, also mentioned having you as a speaker. I thought I would let you know that and you can be thinking it over. I don’t think there’s any certain class or time. They look at you are an important figure to all of them from our community. Now there’s another feather to put in your hat. I just thought I would mention it to you in this letter.

Richard Savage had become very successful, he was one of the youngest investment brokers in San Francisco, working for an old-line company that had an excellent reputation in the Bay Area and around the World. Richard was only twenty-six years old, single, tall and a handsome young man. He was still dealing with sexuality issues that started in junior high school. Some of his best friends were gay, professional people and outstanding citizens he met some on occasional visits to a gay bar on the other side of the bay.

He played baseball with a team up at San Rafael on a regular basis, many of them were gay but that was as far as relationships went, they were strictly baseball, on and off the diamond or field. He also played handball with a couple of very athletic fellows in Oakland. He started spending a quite a bit of time at Oakland, but he was not a heavy drinker, just have a few drinks and mix with the crowd. That was as far as his gay life had gone so far. The workers in his building had a regular weekly foursome. Richard loved golf and played par golf regularly, he was popular on the golf team.

IT jobs are the good paying big attraction for almost all young people entering the job market today. Dick had several young friends in Communications and other forms of Information Technology.

He had gotten to know the owner of Golden Investments very well, he was old money and old school. Richard felt sure if his boss had any idea about him being gay he would be out of there before the door could hit him in the rear. He earned a very comfortable income and enjoyed his single life to the max, He had been working there for two years and felt at home like he would be there for many more years. That was not something he wanted to jeopardize.

CHAPTER:8 Attempted Blackmail

Early one Sunday morning he got a phone call, the caller said, Hello Richard, “just call me Uncle John.” ‘I know you make several trips a week across the bridge to Oakland, we have someone watching you’. You have close and cozy friends at that little gay bar over there. “I have known your boss for decades, know him really well, if he learns about your trips to Oakland you will be in the unemployed line next week.”

There is a small favor I want you to do for me. “You will be paid very well for your services. “Richard asked,” what do you want me to do?” Uncle John said, “we need some information about Noah Pharmaceuticals and we need it yesterday.” I know you have been handling their accounts and you are the only one with access to this information. We want you to copy everything from the Noah Pharmaceutical files and put it on a flash drive. “Deliver it to the Clover Leaf Bar on Market Street, ‘Tuesday at 7:00 PM’ Give it to Cliff he will be wearing a Derby hat, he will give you an envelope with $50,000 in it.”
That much money made all kinds of red lights, bells and sirens go off. “What was in those files worth that much cash?” A very tempting offer but he decided there was no way he was going to get involved in blackmail. Then he thought about losing that job he liked so much, ‘what am I going to do?’ Everything was going so good, unbelievably well. ‘Why did the s*** have to hit the fan? Why now?’ “The blackmail offer echoed through his head all day Sunday and Monday. Tuesday, he called in sick, then got half drunk. ‘The liquid courage helped him decide, he wasn’t going to do it’. He was going out of his mind with worry about his job, just sitting in his apartment drinking and wondering if he should try to leave town, he still had a good work reputation.

As he expected, the phone rang early Wednesday morning he decided not to answer it, a few minutes later it started ringing again and would not quit. He answered it, the same old raspy, straight whiskey voice on the other end of the line said, “This is your uncle John again, I talked to you last Sunday.” ‘You screwed up big time and didn’t meet Cliff.’ You get one more chance, bring the flash drive to the same place Saturday night, same time. “You get it delivered to the bar this time or you’ll be taking a little one-way boat ride, I don’t think you want to do that. “Right, Richard?” ‘You don’t want to be fish food, do you?’ Do your job, get the flash drive and deliver it and we will be out of your life forever.”

Richard thought to himself, for sure, right, be out of my life forever, it will just be the beginning. Late Saturday night the phone started ringing again and he reached over and shut it off. A short time later there was fists pounding on the door. Two ornery looking thugs came busting into the apartment. The scar-faced, ugly one said, “didn’t you know the boss would have a camera installed in your apartment?” He is watching you right now. “You are one dumb, gay, Iowa country hick, you damn well better pick up that phone and talk to John, he’s really pissed at you.” Or we can just take you for the boat ride right now. “You are a real cocky, smart ass, it will be more fun to drown you, like a cat in a sack, in a toilet bowl.”

He pressed the speaker button on the phone when it rang and quickly interrupted the blackmailer, “Uncle John I will not get the flash drive for you, I have a lot of good friends over in Oakland, they know how to be crafty, nasty and bad also. A few are very IT and computer savvy, they have already got all your phone calls from the past year, they also tracked and checked out almost everything you have done since you were born. They could easily put you out of business or pave your path straight to a Federal Prison. Your vineyard out in Napa Valley is not invincible, we have also checked out your summer place at Lake Tahoe.”

Uncle John ‘baby’, “you got no place to go. I have one big bad friend across the bay, an ex-football player, the team jokes he is big enough to eat hay. He owns a nice big boat, but you don’t want to go fishing with him. If anything happens to me or my job, You, will be going on that one-way boat trip, your so rotten the fish will spit you out. Now tell your two goons here to leave quietly, say they are sorry and be real nice to me on the way out.” One turned around at the door, “you idiot, ‘all you had to do was get some information!’ “Nobody talks to John that way, ‘you are in for a lot of trouble in your life.’ “You might as well be a dead man.”

Richard went back to work on Monday. He was used to a very laid-back job and lifestyle, this past week just about made a wreck out of his nervous system. He knew he was drinking more. He was wondering if the so-called uncle John was going to stay out of his life or not, sounded like a very dangerous person to know or have come after you.

He made a trip over to Oakland the following week and had a long visit with some of his friends. He asked them, “Did anything suspicious happen around the bar or with any of them in their personal-lives?” None of them could think of anything that wasn’t normal or usual going on. The bartender did say, “There was a fellow in one day wearing a Derby hat, came in the evening and sat by himself, seemed to be checking everything out. He would look at some pictures then around the room.” Richard said, “That would have been Cliff.” His boss no doubt had someone photograph us and they want to put us in a scrapbook, beat us up or kill a few of us. John Clemons is a very dangerous big-time crook.

CHAPTER: 9 Merger Maniac

A couple of weeks after the incident with uncle John and his two thugs. Richard’s boss called him into his office, he asked Richard, “While you were working on the Noah Pharmaceutical files, did you ever see anything out of the ordinary that might have been going on with that company?” Richard replied, “He hadn’t noticed anything out of the ordinary.” The boss then told him, “An employee from Noah has been missing for about a week, he was on his way home from work but never arrived at home.” The company thinks he had a lot of important papers in his briefcase. There was a rumor going around that this fellow might have been gay. A Gay employee is something we would never tolerate here at Golden Investments. A gay person opens your company up to blackmail.

Noah talked about moving their account to a different firm, but they haven’t made that decision yet. You have done excellent work for them, handling their account ever since you started working here. A couple of months ago they requested that you be the only one here with access to their files, that’s when they brought in their own huge safe. That is why I have had you keep their files in that safe in your office, for your eyes only. I’m not very happy with that situation but they are our largest client. It doesn’t make me feel very good since I own this place. I want you to keep doing your best work for them, we will have to wait and see what this merger action does. I cannot believe they are wanting to merge with anyone, they are very energetic and progressive. Their sales are among the leaders of all pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Are you OK? You’re not your happy go lucky self lately? I’m fine, “just thinking of a different apartment, rent is out of sight.” We can discuss a raise if you like, you have earned one. That is settled you will have a 5% increase on your next check. Richard almost started choking when his boss was talking about a Noah worker gone missing. What in the hell is he going to do now, Should, they phone the authorities or what?” The next morning Richard was reading the newspaper business section with bourbon in his coffee, instead of cream. He spotted a small article about Noah Pharmaceuticals being the target of a hostile take-over. They had turned down a proposed merger with T-Max Pharmaceuticals.

He called one of his friends who worked for a newspaper. He asked, Roger, “Do you know anything about a proposed merger of Noah Pharmaceuticals and T-Max Pharmaceuticals?” Roger replied, “There were merger talks a few weeks ago, the Noah board voted not to merge.” The way it sounds now a hostile take-over is in the works by T-Max. Richard asks, “Do you know the owners of T-Max?” Roger says from what he heard about T-Max, it is just a shell company. A questionable character got control of it about twenty years ago. His family was grape growers out at Napa Valley. He is the only one left. He runs an import business, great cover for getting counterfeit drugs into the country. His name is John Clemons.

Richard replied, “My God he used his own damn name while he was trying to blackmail me.” Roger says, ‘what are you talking about’? Remember what I told you guys that day we all met at the bar in Oakland, “If something was to happen to me or my job I wanted you guys to send investigators to check out John Clemons.” It sure looks like this John Clemons the importer was the one trying to blackmail me. The other guys traced all of his calls to Napa, and checked out the address and it is a big villa in the middle of a vineyard, He has a Summer Place at Lake Tahoe, that’s too much to be coincidence.

Roger, this is getting to be a real sticky wicket one of the Noah board members never made it home from work a week ago, he is missing along with his briefcase full of documents. Without this guy’s vote and the papers, you can bet John Clemons will control Noah Pharmaceutical soon. Roger, “Do you think we should take this to the authorities or what?” Roger replies, “I don’t know how we can do that, it would open many assorted cans of worms and no doubt a whole bunch of lawsuits.” There is no proof of a crime, John Clemons will end up suing everyone. Roger, “I got to try to rehash all of this in my head I will talk to you tomorrow thanks a lot, Roger, you are a true friend, good night.”

Richard was at work when He got a call from Roger, “you were right about the forced takeover of Noah Pharmaceuticals, the T-Max acquisition was in the papers this morning, so Mr. Clemons has a lot more pharmaceuticals to deal with and millions more in profits.” The rat, John Clemons got his way on that merger deal. ‘He just wouldn’t be handling any more contracts for Noah Pharmaceuticals that is for sure’.

CHAPTER:10 Arrested for Murder

Richard heard someone knocking on his door, he looked out the peephole. Two guys in suits were standing there. He opened the door, they claimed to be homicide detectives and asked if he is Richard Savage. “They told him he was under arrest for the murder of Peter Nash an employee of Noah Pharmaceuticals.” Richard pleaded, “You guys got this all wrong, I never knew any people from Noah Pharmaceuticals.

The policeman said, “Didn’t you work on their contract at Golden Investments?” Your boss a Mr. Yates, said “You handled the Noah contract very well.” Richard says, ” Yes I worked on their files I didn’t know any of the people in their company.” The other policeman replied that can hardly be true because we found this guy’s rotting body in a deserted car at a wrecking yard out in Vallejo. “He had a bullet in his head, he had been murdered with a gun registered to you.” Some pictures of you were found in his car. One of the Detectives read Richard his Miranda rights, then said, “Richard Savage you are under arrest for the murder of Peter Nash,” “you will have to come downtown with us.”

He spent most of the night in the interrogation room, knowing he was innocent, his head was ready to explode, he could not believe the situation he was in. They told Richard to make his phone call. He called Roger and tried to explain that he was being framed for murder. Roger, “please find me the best defense attorney in town. ‘This does not look good at all’, money is no problem.”

Richard was sitting in his cell trying to piece it all together. This John Clemons must have had somebody go through his apartment when they put the camera in. They found his old gun in the closet and grabbed some pictures out of his desk. Clemons planned a good frame job. He made it look like Peter Nash and Richard must have had a falling out, so Richard killed him. Richard’s fingerprints were on the papers left in the briefcase because he had worked on them. They had his gun and pictures. “They murdered Peter and he was the perfect patsy to frame for the whole damn thing.” The big, ugly faced bastard said, “I was as good as dead, ‘this must be what he meant’, they had this frame job planned all along.”

Roger found one of the best attorneys in the Bay Area to represent him. Richard explained in detail the crazy situation to his attorney. From the first phone call demanding the flash drive, until he told uncle John he wasn’t going to deliver it. The attorney agreed with them it sounded like an excellent case of framing him for murder. Richard told the lawyer he had not fired that gun for ten years and he replied, that would not make any difference now. It is too late for any tests on powder burn residue. You are the owner of the murder weapon that is what is going be hard to work your defense around. How did they get your gun? Richard replied, ‘They must have found his gun when they installed the camera in his apartment. His attorney asked, “Did you ever meet this fellow, Peter Nash?” Richard says, “I never met the guy, but my boss told me one day it was rumored that Nash was gay.” You never met Nash and we can’t prove that either, “This looks very bad, the Prosecutor thinks he has an easy case, a real slam dunk.” “I hate that saying!”

Richard, you said, You, had some friends over in Oakland. I can’t advise you to do this but if you have somebody over there, “made out of the right stuff” and they can lean on one of this John Clemons soldiers and get him to come clean it will be a big help. Richard, “that looks to me like our only way out of this.” If we can’t do that, you will end up doing jail time for sure. Richard, I must be honest with you, you could get life in prison. My God, your innocent, we sure don’t want to have to plea bargain to avoid the death penalty.

Richard called Roger and asked, “can you get someone to watch the fellow Cliff with the Derby Hat?” Find out where he lives, what he does, when he comes and goes, the schedule he keeps and so on. We’ve got to get one of Clemons boys to rat on his boss and I don’t think one of the two that visited my apartment would be very good candidates. They are both packing guns. Please Roger, ‘I need your help or I will be going away for a long time and I didn’t do anything. It looks like they want the fastest murder conviction in San Francisco history.

A few days later Roger reported back to Richard. “Butch and Ralph followed Cliff, they found him living on the waterfront in an old rundown apartment building with hardly any lights around the place, he would be very easy to get at.” One night when Cliff came out of his apartment they just stuck a black bag over his head and guided him out to the vehicle. Butch had his big boat a mile from there, so they took Cliff to the boat. I went with them, “maybe old Butch is big enough to eat hay. He carried this fellow Cliff onto the boat under his arm like he was a bedroll.” Cliff was doing a lot of incoherent mumbling and blubbering under that hood, but it muffled the noise good, nobody heard anything around there.

“Butch got the big old Cabin Cruiser running and they quietly made their way out of the harbor, out past the Golden Gate Bridge heading into the deeper water.” Cliff started going really nuts. We got a few miles out, far enough so nobody could hear him. “That heavy black bag wasn’t muffling the noise very good at that time, ‘Butch picked Cliff up and held him out over the water by his feet, his head is still covered with the black hood and partly in the water.’ “I felt sorry for the poor guy, Cliff was really losing it big time.”

“He kept hollering I don’t know who you guys are, or what you want. Are you terrorists or with the Taliban?” We want you to tell us everything about your boss John Clemons. Did he plan to blackmail a man named Richard Savage? Cliff says, “yes but it didn’t work.” How about framing him for murder? Butch says, “My arms are getting tired, let’s just drown him and get out of here.” Cliff started screaming and peeing all over himself, mumbling what are you talking about Clemons has nothing to do with framing anyone for murder. Roger asked, “how do you know that.” Cliff said, “I just do I’m very close to John if there was anything going on I surely would’ve known about it.”

Cliff kept saying, “Don’t drown me, I’ll leave town, take me anywhere, honest I will never come back, and I will never tell Clemons what you guys did.” But Cliff, “you are part of the blackmail scheme why wouldn’t you be involved in this murder framing operation?” I’m very sorry about trying to blackmail Richard, I knew all about that and I thought it was a lousy thing to do but I’m sure Clemons is not involved in a murder frame-up.

Well, Cliff, you are very lucky, you don’t know what we look like, far as you’re concerned we took you for a little boat ride and you decided you didn’t want to go fishing. Many pairs of eyes will be watching, you better not try to leave San Francisco. Never communicate with John Clemons or his hired guns again. You stay in your apartment until Richard’s trial is over. Have your food sent in. We will contact you about when to leave town.

CHAPTER: 11 Richard’s Trial Zooms Along

Richard was into his fourth week in jail, making almost daily trips to the Court House. He feels sure the judge is homophobic, every time he enters the courtroom he looks at Richard like. ‘I’m going to put you away for the rest of your life.’

His attorney requested bail at his arraignment, bail was denied, the preliminary hearing and trial were setting new speed records. Richard is starting to think about ways to kill himself, ready to have a nervous breakdown, going nuts. ‘He sees an imaginary newspaper headline on the jail cell wall’ “Gay Murderer Hangs Himself With, a Bed Sheet” That jolted him out of his sudden, stupor.’ “I’m innocent damn it!” “The guard hollered, what’s the matter with you?” “Shut up in there!”

Roger tells the Attorney about Cliff’s confessing to blackmailing Richard and asks if that is something he can use in the trial. The Attorney said, “I’m sure they will disallow anything like that coming out at this point in the trial.” All of the evidence will be presented by the prosecution. The prosecution will not allow any extenuating circumstances that might sway the judge or the jury on the murder case.

By the way, “Why did this Cliff fellow decide to share the blackmail information?” ‘We all met one night, and he just got real talkative.’ “Yeah, I bet! I will try to work the attempted blackmail into the trial, but I know the judge will say, ‘that will have to be heard on another day’. Our only hope is that attempted blackmail being allowed into the trial. That should be enough to put some doubt into the juror’s minds. We will just have to play it by ear, and see what the Judge will allow.”

The Prosecution seems to think this is a open and shut case. “A gay love affair that went bad, creating jealousy and murder.” The trial has been going on now for five days without a whole lot being done. The prosecution can’t put Richard at the murder scene there are no fingerprints anywhere on the car or in the car. The briefcase had some papers missing, important documents no doubt others were left.

The idiot prosecutor can’t get it through his head that Richard worked on those papers at his office. He didn’t dig through them in the car. I have demanded to know how my client could be the murderer, there is absolutely no sign of him being at the crime scene, that doesn’t seem to deter them any. They have Richard’s own gun and those pictures, that is all they have their case built around, yet they are going for murder one and life.

Richards trial day six, The Prosecution rests and the Defense calls Cliff Jones to the stand.

Bailiff: Please have a seat and take off your Derby hat. State your full name for the court, “Clifford Jones.” ‘Do you solemnly swear or affirm that you will tell the truth, so help you, God, under the penalties of perjury’. Cliff, “Yes I do.”

Defense: “Mr. Jones were, you involved in a blackmail attempt against the Defendant Richard Savage?”

Prosecution shouts objection! Judge, sustained, “where are you going with this line of questioning?”

Defense Attorney: Your Honor, “The defendant was approached with an offer of $50,000.00 for information.”

Prosecution: Objection, “Your Honor the Defendant is being charged with murder, nothing to do with blackmail.”

Judge: Overruled, “Please continue.”

Defense: Your Honor, “Richard was asked to steal investment information from his employer. His life was threatened if he refused to get the information. The same information that was in the briefcase Peter Nash was carrying when he was murdered. The briefcase had very important information involving the merger or two pharmaceutical companies.” Mr. Jones has information to that effect that he is ready to share with this court.

Judge: “Answer the question please” Mr. Jones.

Cliff says No, “I don’t have any idea what they are talking about. I was never involved in or know anything about blackmailing that man over there, pointing at Richard. I was never involved with, or know of anyone involved in a murder scheme to get some kind of papers either.”

Richard jumped up shouting, “The lying LITTLE BASTARD.”

Judge: The judge pounded his gavel and shouted “order” in the Court, “another outburst like that Mr. Savage and you will be charged with contempt.”

Judge: The information that was just presented to this court by the Defense sheds absolutely no light on this murder trial. We will recess and reconvene at 9:00 AM. Hopefully you two scholarly lawyers will have your ducks lined up in neat little rows ready to end this murder trial in the morning. The judge had his gavel in the air, ready to adjourn.

The Court Room Doors burst open. A man ran in yelling, my name is Thomas Yates, I own Golden Investments. Richard did not kill Peter Nash! “I did it! I shot him in the head, he was leaving me because I was too old for him now.” ‘I had a key to Richards apartment for when I dropped off work there. I took his gun and some pictures, I killed Peter with no regrets’. “I’m sorry Richard, ‘you’re a good man I could not let you go to prison’. I always respected you, your, not gay, I respected that.”

John Clemons has been blackmailing me for many years. He was going crazy trying to get merger information about Noah Pharmaceuticals. I told him, “I couldn’t help him because the information was in a safe in Richard’s office and I could not get into it.” I had no doubt that he would try to blackmail Richard, telling him I despised gays and Richard would lose his job. Clifford Jones was involved in blackmailing Richard, don’t let him leave this room.

Judge: The court would like to apologize to Richard Savage for any inconvenience to him from this arrest. The court orders all charges against him be dropped.

Judge: Thomas Yates, you have confessed before this court to killing Peter Nash. You will be placed under arrest and detained here at the County Courthouse jail until your arraignment. This court is adjourned.

CHAPTER: 12 Confession of Thomas Yates

The police handcuffed Mr. Yates and escorted him to the police station where he was asked to make a written statement of his confession and sign it before he was jailed. He started his statement by describing accounts of being molested by two different men of the cloth from two neighboring parishes as a teenager. He also mentioned, as a youngster, he was repeatedly molested by his father and still had nightmares of those childhood days. He went on to say he had never married during his life. He didn’t feel comfortable with or attracted to the female sex during his late teen years, or as an adult. He had no desire to be around men in a sexual manner either. He said, “My sexual desires were not there, this continued during most of my young adult life.”

A man named John Clemons came to my business Golden Investments around 20 years ago seeking advice about pharmaceuticals. He continued to talk about being in the process of acquiring a pharmaceutical company from an Asian group. It was called T-Max Pharmaceuticals. He had no expertise in the pharmaceutical business, that is why he came to me, for encouragement and advice.

The more I talk to this man John the more I felt he was a bit unorganized putting the cart before the horse so to speak. He was new to this business, but he kept talking about having a pharmaceutical seminar where people could come together and share new ideas about products, marketing and so on. He went on to say that he would love to have me come to the seminar that he would be hosting soon up at Lake Tahoe California.

I felt a little skeptical about this invitation, but then I thought I could use a vacation and get away for a while, so I told him that I would attend. He put on a very lavish banquet for those attending; drinks seem to be flowing Non-Stop, he had several different bars set up. It wasn’t very long before he asked about my family.  I then told him I don’t have a wife or family. He commented, we will find someone to keep you entertained while you are here this weekend.

That evening as I was sitting at the bar I was approached by a handsome young man who asked to join me. We visited a long time, both got inebriated and ended up in a room together. I’m no Einstein, but I am very sure John Clemons had this planned. Before I went to that so-called seminar at Lake Tahoe John Clemons made very sure Peter Nash and I got to know each other well. His long-range plan was for us to become close back here in San Francisco. Then he could use us to his advantage, the old blackmail game he was so dependent on.

Roger called Richard to tell him about an article in the Business Section of the newspaper, it read: ‘Noah Pharmaceutical Merger Stopped’ “The Security and Exchange Commission has ruled to stop any and all acquisitions, mergers, or proposed takeovers with or against the Noah Pharmaceutical Company. Peter Nash, one of their executive officers, was recently murdered, and until the investigation is complete, there can be no merger activity carried on with or against Noah Pharmaceuticals. The FBI has gained access to the Golden Investment Company and has orders to remove a safe from the office of Richard Savage, the individual who was a suspect in the murder case. The safe will remain in the hands of the investigators until the case is complete.” ‘Richard thanked him for the heads up on the news.’

CHAPTER: 13 Richard Meets Alex

Richard was back at his apartment trying to get his mind wrapped around all the events of the past few weeks. He knew his first order of business would be finding a new apartment. The telephone rang, an Alexander Noah Gaikowski was calling, he asked Dick to call him Alex. “He went on to say he was the owner of Noah Pharmaceuticals his mother’s family founded the company in Europe. They would very much like to have Richard join their firm immediately if that was possible.” They would like him to be there when the FBI returns the safe that was in his office so Richard can identify everything there as he recalls the last time he closed the door. Alex went on to tell him, “whatever Golden Investments paid him they would double it.” Alex would like him to be a member of their executive board. Richard felt utterly blown away, what could he say, he certainly couldn’t refuse anything like this. ‘Out of constrained, excitement rather than rational thinking.’ He replied, “let me sleep on this for a day or two, I will get back to you, thank you very much for the generous offer, as you know at present, I am truly in limbo, my former employer shocked the whole city.”

Richard said, all merger activity between Noah and T-Max has been halted by the Securities and Exchange Commission that is one reason we would be happy to have you join us immediately. Our whole team is going to need your expertise more, this time. I am not sure what the standings are over at T-Max Pharmaceutical, but it appears the owner John Clemons will be in some trouble of his own before the blackmail trial is over. Clifford Jones acted like he was not telling the truth under oath then Mr. Yates confirmed it.

Richard, “I know you did not have any involvement in that murder, and I’m sure you may have some uneasy feelings about safety for yourself at this time. You are very welcome to live in our corporate headquarters compound where there is plenty of security available, and we do have some very nice apartments there.”

Mr. Gaiakowski, “I am your man.” ‘I thank you very much for your interest in me and my welfare; I certainly do not feel very safe at this time.’ ‘I don’t know what to make of the murder of Peter Nash, but I know, I had nothing to do with it.’ I had no idea, my former boss Mr. Yates was involved with him. He did come forward to keep me from going to prison for murder. “I am thankful to him for that.”

Richard, this latest blackmail scheme is a lot more complicated than we ever imagined. We believed John Clemons was blackmailing your former employer for several years; we had no proof of that until recently, the way things have been playing out Mr. Yates had to be under the control of John Clemons. When you called Clemons bluff, he got desperate. Our security people have been digging into this for many years now. That is the main reason we had the safe put into your office for our files to be locked up securely for only you to see. I know this made Mr. Yates very upset, we could not trust him, and he knew it. In fact, we started to lose faith in him a few years before you started working there.

Our security people have been working on every piece of this puzzle; it resembles a battle plan. They have learned about John Clemons doing a pharmaceutical seminar at his home in Lake Tahoe several years ago. That took place right after he acquired T-Max, how he did that was nothing short of a miracle. He had several proxy buyers with phony capital.

He also played’ “Cupid” with Mr. Yates and Peter Nash at that seminar. He is a very crafty, vicious, person, capable of anything. He was planning years ago to get those two involved together so he could blackmail them at the same time, giving him a lot more advantage over any situations that came up.

Noah Pharmaceuticals looks like his latest target. Richard, “this is why we want you to be with our firm.” ‘We have no fear of Clemons trying to blackmail you now. I believe you have the courage and skill to do this job for us. I am quite sure we have not seen the end, Mr. John Clemons. He is going to be coming back to try to get control of our company, ‘I have no idea how he plans to accomplish that, it would not be an honest venture that is for sure because he has nowhere near the capital of his own.’ Richard, “You get settled in at the compound, I have to warn you we are going to be working very long hours. One thing we know for sure, John Clemons is not above harming people, that is why we want you living in the compound.”

We will send a moving van and crew to help you get moved today. I want you securely in that compound before dark. The FBI has called me; they will be delivering that safe to our offices this afternoon. Thomas Yates admitted to murdering Peter Nash they don’t feel a need to have to look into the safe after that. I am glad that we ordered a big heavy safe for the simple reason someone would have tried to steal it, I’m sure of that. Richard after you get moved into your apartment today and get familiar with our office complex at Noah. I would like to have you come by my office tomorrow morning, let’s say about 9:00. We should have a visit, so I can try to bring you up to speed on the internal operations of our company and some of the changes that have been taking place.

Richard got a call from Rodger at the newspaper. He said, Dick, please be aware you are dealing with a very dangerous man in that would-be grape grower from Napa. He hired one of the best defense lawyers in the nation to go in and talk to our witness Cliff and get him to recant everything that he told us. Cliff was expendable, even after faithfully serving Clemons for years. He was killed today, by a hit-and-run driver not too far from his apartment down by the waterfront. Naturally, there were no witnesses to see anything.

Richard, I think you should have a chat with your new boss Alex Gaiakoski he must have some type of influence at the county level. Suggest to him that he talk to someone in law enforcement there at the courthouse and try to get some extra security lined up for Thomas Yates. You just know Clemons will have him killed right there in the county jail, there could be no better place to get rid of him. When he starts talking there’s going to be a lot of people tuned in to see how many Clemons blackmailed and ripped off through the years. I sure hope they keep him in a secure cell.

CHAPTER: 14 The Move to Noah

The moving van with a half-dozen workers had Dick all moved by mid-afternoon. That gave him a chance to relax, have a drink and let his nerves unwind. He called Bobbie. Hi, “How are you doing? I thought I would touch bases with you, hope all is well with you and Rhonda.” I just got moved into the compound at the Noah office complex, this place is unbelievable. I wouldn’t expect to see anything like this unless it was at a Five-Star Hotel in Dubai or someplace like that.

You haven’t met my new employer Alex, yet he is a great guy, he is very concerned about my safety. The bad guy behind this blackmail and murder business seems to be out to get revenge on me and anyone from Noah Pharmaceuticals. I have a meeting with Alex tomorrow morning to bring me up to speed on the latest operations with this company. Security is their prime concern and issue. My former boss Mr. Yates has not been trusted by them since before I started working for Golden Investments. Alex has been trying to make it very clear to me this John Clemons has no regards for anything but huge profits. If people get in his way, they are considered expendable items.

Bobbie, “would you consider staying here with me and commuting to the airport?” The security people here will get you to the airport and back safely. I would feel better if you do that. I’m not too sure what would be the best policy, if these bad guys see you coming and going from here they’ll just follow you from here like bloodhounds. On second thought you might be better to stay with Rhonda but be extra careful coming and going. “If you see anything suspicious, like somebody hanging around or sitting out front in a vehicle watching the apartment, stay put, don’t go out, call me.” “You do have a limousine driver coming and going now, don’t you?” Yes,” we do.” Be damn sure you know the driver before you get in, ask for drivers that you both know. I’m not trying to scare you; we must use extra precautions for a while. I will see what Alex has to say about this tomorrow; I’m sure we can work something out, so we can be able to live without being in fear.

About a week had gone by, Mr. Yates was still fighting for his life at the hospital. Everything else seemed to be quieting down. Dick called Bobbie, I was wondering if you were busy Saturday night, if not would you go out on a date with me? She said, “I’m free what did you have in mind.” I am somewhat of a bridge fanatic, who likes having you in my car. How about if I pick you up early, we will cross the Golden Gate Bridge and take a leisurely drive up to San Rafael? Then cross the bridge over to Richmond, get an ice cream cone and continue on back down to Oakland. We will take in Butch’s big blast, don’t let me drink more than I should, then we return home over the San Francisco Bay bridge.

CHAPTER: 15 Wrongful Revenge

There is a big birthday bash planned for Butch at his place in Oakland tonight. It won’t be a surprise since he owns the place and is paying for most of it, I bet. He is turning the big 50. The place will be packed but Butch promised me he would have a table reserved for us right in front of the main stage. They plan to have three stages set up special. They all love you over there, so do I. “What did you say?” I don’t know how we can refuse. I think we almost should go, don’t you? Yes, that sounds like fun, you said, “you love me.” I’m not sure what kind of entertainment they’ll have” It will be on the wild side. Yes, “I do love you.”

They arrived at Butch’s Place early it was only about 7:30 but people were starting to show up some even by bus. It was beginning to look like the biggest crowd since he bought the place. As Richard and Bobbie drove up to the front, a valet parking attendant took their car and parked it. Butch with his big smiling face was standing out front and greeted them as they came up to the door. I was expecting you two I would have been very disappointed if you hadn’t shown up you’re my most favorite couple, and I love you both. Happy birthday big guy, then they both sang Happy birthday to him and gave him a bunch of hugs and kisses.

I don’t have valet parking as a rule, but my little brother was out here staying for a while, and I asked him if he would park your car when you arrived, he’s a good kid. He’s going to spend some time with me, learn how to run the joint on occasions. I plan to start doing a little more traveling and to take life a bit easier. Spend a few days out on the boat if I feel like it. I have some good friends over in the South Pacific region; it would be great to go over there and spend some time with them too.

Come on inside I have your table set up. Butch was limping quite badly as they walked to the table. He commented as he sat down with a grimace of pain, my old football knees are in their last miles. I’ve been putting it off for years, the doctor wants to do knee surgery on me, put in new joints now. I know that new knees today work great, I’m just not ready to go through with it yet. Maybe if they put grease fittings on them, I could go back and play football again.

The Big guy signaled for a pretty young waitress to come over. What would you two like to drink? Bobbie said, “she would enjoy a Rum and Coke but go easy on the Rum. Dick replied get me something with vodka in, surprise me if you would. Butch said, “he was still drinking coffee at this hour.” I plan to enjoy a few drinks later.” I don’t drink much anymore not like in my younger days. I can’t burn it up now. I don’t burn up any calories I continue to get bigger, be a big mess when I explode.

Bobbie, you should have seen this young fellow when he first started coming in here. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone that was shyer than our man Dick. He would sit down there at the end of the bar all alone most of the time. Someone would sit down and talk to him, try to make conversation. He just didn’t seem like he wanted anyone to be close to him. Sometimes he would sit alone over at the piano bar; you could tell his mind was going a million miles a minute. I don’t know what was going on in there, he sure did a lot of thinking, but he kept it all to himself. He knew this was a gay bar, not a library.

I had lots of people tell me, Butch, you got to be out of your freaking mind to open a gay bar. You will have nothing but a bunch of extra trouble, big trouble. I would always say what kind of problems do you think it will be. People would come back with things like well they’re going to get fighting with each other, a lot of jealousy over who belongs to which one, stuff like that. Every nightclub and bar has that. A lot of people in this country are starting to become homophobic; hate crimes are on the increase you haven’t seen anything yet. There will be more demonstrations from religious groups and others wanting changes to the Constitution about equal rights. Many states have already voted not to allow same-sex marriage. As soon as the Supreme Court gets tilted the other way, gays are not going to have very many equal rights; you can count on that.

Butch came over and put his arms around Dick and Bobbie, “I’ve been in this place around ten years, and if I never did anything but helped get you two together it is all worthwhile. I can see you are meant for each other if I helped bring that about my mission has been accomplished in this world.

Butch asks, “Does it feel cool enough in here for you?” ‘Yes, it seems fine to us they both replied.’ There were two guys in here yesterday from a heating and cooling company. They said they were sent to check on the refrigeration and heating as part of my yearly lease agreement. They must have been here over an hour probing and digging around. I haven’t noticed anything wrong, I know I never called anyone. They told me it was all part of the heating and air-conditioning lease agreement and I would not be getting a bill for it.

Dick while you were sitting over there in San Francisco in The Slammer we were all sitting over here going a little crazy wondering, what was going on? We, were all sure somebody stole your gun to murder that guy. You don’t look like the murdering kind, surprised you owned a gun.

I think one of the best nights of my whole life was when Larry and I grabbed that little skinny old fart Cliff Jones. We took him for nice, evening ride in my boat, but he didn’t seem to have a good time for some reason. I felt a little sorry when I was holding him out over the water, it made him so scared he peed all over me.

You just can’t judge character nowadays. He sat in the witness chair pleading no knowledge of blackmail while lying through his teeth. After your boss testified, Cliff was arrested leaving the courthouse. Clemons got one of the best lawyers in the country to defend him. Roger said, “an expensive lawyer got him released on bond, then they turned right around and ran over him with a truck the next day.” That has got to be one crazy, bloodthirsty bunch, can’t believe the things that have happened. Butch had to leave and make the rounds and start visiting with the crowd, the place was really starting to rock.

As you walked in the front door there was a huge ice sculpture of the football player Butch. It was actual size, a huge chunk of ice! Bobbie said to Dick, I’ve never seen an ice carving that looks like that, must be a Guinness Book of Records for sure. Sure, looks like a wild night for Oakland. There was a huge cake in the middle of the main stage. At 8:30 a male and a female jumped out of the cake and started dancing. Dick said, “I often wondered how you get two people in a cake” “just don’t put any clothes on them.” Bobbie said, “Oh, that is ‘dumb’.”

CHAPTER: 16 Called Away

Just before 9:00. Bobbie’s cell phone rang. Rhonda told Bobbie she was deathly ill with the flu, there’s no way she could make her Tokyo flight tonight. She asked Bobbie, to please come home and do her flight for her. Bobbie said, we are at Butch’s party in Oakland, but we’ll be on our way in a few minutes, hang on I will do it for you. Dick, that was Rhonda she was sick earlier today and she just called and said she’s deathly ill with the flu. She has her Tokyo flight at 1:00 A.M. We’re going to have to get back, so I can do that flight for her. I hope you understand and forgive me. Dick, I just can’t turn her down, she has done so much for me. I understand completely that’s what friends are for.

Butch’s brother quickly brought their car to the front entrance. I will have you back to her place in plenty of time and could take you to the airport if you want. Bobbie said, “no they will send a limousine for me early and take me right out to the plane. I feel so bad for Rhonda she was awful sick earlier but she thought for sure she would be better by tonight.

Dick left Bobbie at Rhonda’s and drove back to his new Noah apartment, his temporary home. Their night ended earlier than anticipated, he may as well have a drink, kick back, and watch TV. That was something he seldom did. As he turned the TV on they were just finishing a late-breaking News Flash From, Oakland California. It would be repeated in a few minutes when more information became available.

His heart sank when he saw the television pictures showing Butch’s Place in Oakland. It was engulfed in flames. The fire marshal was speaking and saying it was an act of terrorism and arson. At first, he thought it might have been a gas leak. They also considered a hate crime of some type against gays. It was later discovered incendiary devices had been scattered around different places in the nightclub. The largest explosion occurred underneath the main stage, everyone in that vicinity was killed outright. Scores more we’re suffering second and third-degree burns over much of their bodies. The fire quickly spread, it became a blazing inferno in a matter of minutes. More details will be available later. The victims were taken to all of the closest hospitals, many will need to be moved to special burn units.

Dick sat there alone stunned; in shock, he felt a sickening, terrible guilt, thinking it was all his fault. The (son-of-a- bitch) Clemons was trying to kill him. Rhonda saved their lives. Dick continued to watch the terrible, ghastly news, the reports about the fire continued to get more devastating. One reporter said it was the worst fire Oakland had seen since the Oil Refinery fire during the Second World War. Fewer lives were lost at that fire. As the death toll continued to mount they brought in two refrigerated trucks to have on the spot as temporary mortuaries.

He would doze off but then wake up sweating and cold and shaking all over. Visions of scorched and badly burned bodies lying everywhere kept going through his head. Some were burned black, many were nothing but ashes. Then he saw Butch’s face in a vision before and then after it was burned off.

Suddenly he realized Butch Is Dead, everyone sitting in front that stage has died. Why should he be alive? They all died because of him making one person so mad he went crazy. All over money! After finishing a whole pot of black coffee, it was almost morning. He knew the pathologists would spend days on the identification of the bodies. New names would continue to be released all day long on the local news. He was sickened again, wondering how many he knew.

A call from the burn unit at a San Francisco Hospital. His friend Rodger had been taken there with third-degree burns on most of his body. Rodger had no family in the area, so he listed Richard as someone to call in case of emergency. Visitors are not allowed at this time but possibly tomorrow he could come in and talk to his friend.

CHAPTER: 17 Stunned to The Soul

He woke up in his chair late Sunday morning wondering why he was not in bed. How could he have slept so long? The hospital burns, unit call woke him up to tell him his friend Roger died. Then the shock from the previous night started to return. It became a complete rerun he could not stand any more pain and now Roger is dead too.

He put on a fresh pot of coffee, the TV news was still talking about Oakland’s latest tragedy, the death count was nearing a hundred. He figured Bobbie should be in Tokyo at her hotel. She was to come directly to his apartment from the airport upon returning. He missed her badly, they made each other stronger and needed to be together, more each day. Happy thoughts started to fill his mind while recalling their trip west.

The phone rang, it startled him out of half dreamy daze. Dick, this is Bobbie, suddenly she started sobbing and crying like he had never heard anyone do before. Her pain and Agony seemed to be transmitted immediately to him. He kept saying “what’s wrong, get a hold of yourself, what has happened?” She continued gasping and wheezing, he could tell she wasn’t even getting any air. He shouted Bobbie, STOP! Take A BREATH. Where are you, what is wrong? Between sudden sobs, she said, “I’m in Tokyo at the hotel yet, you better sit down I have some terrible news to tell you. “Our neighbor Mrs. Swanson called me just a few minutes ago. Richard, “Rhonda is dead,” then she started crying all over again and the sobbing continued. They know we are still alive! Rhonda called in a prescription at the drugstore across the street. Nellie the neighbor asked her not to go pick it up.

Rhonda told her she needed some fresh air. She put on my windbreaker and went out didn’t jaywalk she went down to the corner and was crossing at the light when a big black SUV run over and killed her on the spot. Nellie was sitting on her veranda and saw the whole thing she described the car to the police as a big black Cadillac Escalade. She is also in shock after watching the whole thing, Rhonda’s body went clear over the top of the vehicle.

That crazy bastard Clemons will not stop the way it looks. He’s trying to kill me because he lost a few million dollars it is hard to believe anybody could be that greedy and evil. He had Rhonda killed because he thought it was you, all she did was wear your windbreaker, oh my God what now? Bobbie, I am so sorry I got you into this predicament, hurting you is now the same to him as hurting me. He won’t be satisfied until he gets rid of both of us.

Dick, the TV on the flight coming over told us all about the Oakland explosion and Fire. I could not believe my eyes or my ears. We sat there with Butch almost until the fire. The bad guys were trying to kill us, and all those innocent people died. Bobbie, I know just what you mean I’ve been going through this all-night long. I feel nothing but shock and shame I’m just sick.

As soon as she returned from Tokyo the airport car took her straight to the compound. A moving van and a crew from Noah would move her things. You are Rhonda closest friend do you have any idea if she has family here? I don’t think she has family out here I know she has a brother in Des Moines Iowa. Bobbie learned that Rhonda’s brother came out to San Francisco to fly home with the body. The funeral would be in Des Moines Iowa on the following Thursday. The airline was contacted by her brother about her belongings. He found a document Rhonda had signed donating everything she owned to a low-income family program in the Bay Area if something were to happen to her. They gave to that charity on a regular basis providing food temporary shelter and clothing. She asked if he wanted to go back with her to the funeral, he told her, “he had to say goodbye to Rhonda too.” They would fly back to the funeral and return that same evening.

Bobbie received another call from Rhonda’s brother Terry. Just a minute Terry I would like you to talk to Richard, we had planned on flying back for the funeral, but I guess it would be best if we just stay here and send a memorial gift in honor of her to the Airline’s charity. Hello, Terry, this is Richard “You have our deepest sympathy for the loss of your sister Rhonda. The vehicle that killed Rhonda thought they were running over Bobbie I was not sure if you were aware of that or not, but I had to tell you. There is an ongoing investigation and I will keep you posted on what they find out. These bad guys want revenge on me because I would not be blackmailed by them. Rhonda was going to make a quick trip to the drugstore, she put on Bobbie’s windbreaker that is why the ones in the vehicle thought it was Bobbie. They are out to get me or those I know.

Dick called the police station in that Precinct and ask to speak to someone investigating Rhonda’s hit-and-run death. A Detective Bill Smith came to the phone and asked, “to whom am I speaking” He said, “my name is Richard Savage my friend Bobbie was a roommate of Rhonda Smith who was killed by the hit-and-run driver.” I think you should have a visit with their neighbor lady Nellie Swanson, she lives in the front of the building and was sitting on her veranda when this guy ran over and killed our best friend.

Mrs. Swanson seemed surprised when the man at the door identified himself as an investigator from the police station. He went on to tell her a neighbor Bobbie Kelly suggested he come and visit her about the hit-and-run death of Rhonda. Oh, I think Bobbie is on a flight to Tokyo. She should be back tomorrow. They are both stewardesses you know no, you wouldn’t know that would you? Maybe you would! No, I don’t want to talk to Bobbie I want to talk to you about what you saw the day of that accident at the intersection when Rhonda was killed. I was sitting out on my veranda, I always do that when the weather is nice. I saw the whole thing happen, I was sick to my stomach for the rest of the day.

Those two young ladies are so nice, they never cause any problems and there are no young men hanging around here or partying going on. They’re two of the nicest people I have ever known my best neighbors. Mrs. Swanson about the accident? Oh yes, Rhonda’s body flew up into the air like a rag doll and went clear over the top of the vehicle it was a big black Cadillac Escalade I’m quite sure, my brother drives one just like it. I wonder what they will do with all of Rhonda things? I suppose someone from the family will be coming by before long.

A big tall handsome young man, guess he would be called a “hunk” walked Bobbie to the door one night, I remember him telling her to watch the street for strange cars that might be parked in different places on the block with someone in them as if they might be watching the apartment. I thought that sounded rather odd. I think about it now that big black car was sitting on our street on other days and I thought it didn’t look quite right.

Rhonda went out of the apartment and I told her not to go to the drugstore, that they would send somebody over with her prescription. She was determined to get some fresh air so she went to get her own prescription. She didn’t jay-walk or anything like that she walked down to the corner and waited for the light before she started to cross. That car then took off wide open, it was going slow along the street until she got to the corner, then it sped up and you could see they ran over her on purpose. I sure hope they catch who-ever it was.

Officer, I was a photographer at the newspaper for over forty years you can look at some of my work hanging on the walls. I’m quite proud of some of the photographs I’ve taken throughout the years. Wait a darn minute, I just remembered I took pictures of that car and the two guys in it one day when they were parked right out here in front. If you want, you can take this camera downtown with you and see if the pictures on it are any good. I would sure be happy if they turn out all right and it helps in your investigation.

Mrs. Swanson, please don’t tell anyone else about the pictures you took we don’t know what kind of characters were dealing, it might have been an accident. The fewer people who know about pictures the better it will be. When Bobbie gets home you might want to tell her about it but don’t tell anybody else please.

Bobbie was relaxing at Dick’s apartment when she decided to give Mrs. Swanson a call, hello Nellie this is Bobbie I am over at Dick’s apartment. Did you get a visit today from the police station about Rhonda? Mrs. Swanson said yes, a policeman did come by and I told him what I knew and saw. Then I remembered I had a camera that I took some pictures with one day when that black car was parked out in front. The policeman took the camera with him they’re going to see what’s in it. That’s about all I can tell you right now. Are you going to be coming back to this apartment? No, Nellie, I am very sorry, I’m going to be moving out, but I will come and visit you from time to time.

Dick said, We, are prisoners of this place for now. I don’t know what else we can do. Neither one of us is safe if they have any way of getting at us. Bobbie replied, with Rhonda being gone they are not going to let me have a leave of absence right now. I could possibly get maternity leave. Dick says you have to be pregnant for that and Bobby replied, well I am pregnant. I should qualify for a leave before very long. The airline is a little bit concerned when it comes to stewardess looks. They don’t want stewardesses with big bellies hanging over the serving trays. Dick shouted, “holy crap.” I can’t believe it, that’s good news, great news. I’m glad you think so, you’re going to be a daddy and I’m going to be a mommy. Whoever would have thought of this a year ago? Dick laughed, Oh, my mother would have, she would be the first one to say I told you so.

Richard and Bobbie called his parents to give them the news. Hello Dad, how are you folks doing at home? We are just fine what are you calling about? Put Mom on the phone, I will let Bobbie tell her, just a minute. Hello, this is Martha, how are you Bobbie I’m just fine, “thank you” No I’m better than fine, “I’m pregnant.” Martha screamed ‘Pregnant,’ “Hallelujah” that’s the best news I’ve ever heard! I must put Stan back on the phone, I’m crying too hard to talk.

Hello Dick, Dad, here again, you rascal you have gone and surprised everybody. We are so happy for you two. When are you going to get married? Dad, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about. We would love to come back there to get married, but a lot of things are going on, some are not very good, I tell you what I want to do, I will write a long letter to let You and Mom know what is happening. We would like to come back there, to get married in the Old Country Church where four generations of Savages have been married. We will get married here at a small wedding and then redo our wedding vows back there in a year or two. I will write you a letter.

Dad I have called the best security company for installing Home Security in the city of Des Moines in all of Iowa for that matter. They are the best in the nation. I have called them, and they will be contacting you within a few days to install the best home security system they have.

I don’t want any static about cost or anything like that I’m going to pay the bill in advance, you won’t have to pay one nickel, so don’t let them pull out some hidden charge. I think when I tell you what I’m about to say you will agree it is for the best to have some security. Oh yes, when they get it all set up, if someone should trespass or try to get into your house it will automatically send signals to the state and local police and they will have someone there almost immediately. There will be plenty of signs placed around your property to deter anyone from wanting to trespass after Dark. If someone does trespass at night they will trigger floodlights. Your property will light up like a football field or baseball diamond.

After I had been out here for almost two years a gangster tried to Blackmail me. He wanted me to make copies of some business files at work and deliver them to pick up my blackmail money, he offered me $50,000 to steal information from a different pharmaceutical company. I refused to do it. That is when the nightmare started. Then I was arrested for murdering someone from that company that I was supposed to steal the information from. I was soon locked up in jail facing murder charges. My trial was almost over, I expected to get the death penalty for murder. I thought it was a completely hopeless case.

My boss, Mr. Yates walked into court as the trial was ending and confessed he stole my gun and murdered the other fella. They had been having a gay affair for many years. The fellow he murdered had a wife and two children. By the time he got done confessing we learned the one who tried to Blackmail me had been blackmailing him four decades. The guy who blackmailed me is named John Clemons. He seems to have gone mad since he lost millions of dollars. He tried to do a forced takeover of the other pharmaceutical company and it didn’t work he’s very dangerous that is why I want you and Mom to have the best security possible out there at the farm. I put nothing past this guy he’s a complete Maniac capable of multiple murders.

A couple of weeks ago Bobbie and I were over at Oakland to attend a birthday party of a good friend of ours. He owned a nightclub over there. We were all sitting down ready to enjoy a fun evening when Rhonda called. She told Bobbie she was deathly ill and ask Bobbie to do her flight to Tokyo that night. Bobbie and I left the nightclub, I drove her straight to Rhonda’s house, so she could get ready to go to work that night. I left her there for the airport limousine to take right out to the plane when she was ready.

I got home put my feet up was having a cup of coffee. The TV news showed the nightclub that we had just left an hour before turned into a fiery Inferno. This Clemons guy evidently hired people to put fire bombs all through the building, over a hundred-people died that night. Rhonda saved Me and Bobbie by calling us just before the fires were detonated. While Bobbie was on the flight to Tokyo, Rhonda put on Bobbie’s windbreaker to walk across the street to pick up a prescription at the drugstore. She went down to the corner waited for the light to turn to walk, as she stepped off the curb two of Clemons’s killers run over her and killed her instantly. They thought they were killing Bobbie. Dad, that is why I want to have this security system installed at your place. This guy is capable of anything and if he finds out my folks are living in Iowa I wouldn’t doubt but what he will send someone out to harm you. So please let them install this security system. I will be able to sleep a lot better and I hope you can too.

CHAPTER: 18 Bobbie’s Dream

Bobby woke up crying, sobbing, and shaking all over Richard wake up please I had this horrible, crazy dream it was just awful. I was thinking about Rhonda again last night when I went to sleep. Almost every night when I close my eyes I see Rhonda’s body flying up in the air. Her arm going one direction her legs the other. She is all busted up blood flying all over the place. Why do I have to keep remembering? Then I think she was my best friend and she died and the people who killed her thought they were killing me. It hurts so much I cannot begin to describe it. I do feel guilty that she died and I’m alive. I try to explain it away by saying what will be will be. But that doesn’t help the situation, it goes on night after night. Richard told her, Bobbie if this continues we must look for help. I’m sure they have counselors that can help in situations like this where the grief is overwhelming. If this continues we will have to get some help somewhere.

My dream about your folks is so real I would swear I saw it on a videotape or disk. Everything in it is completely clear and shocking. Everything in the house was just as I remembered seeing it. The whole nightmare seemed surreal, yet I can remember all of it. That is the part that is so weird and scary. I don’t know what to make of it, this better not be something that’s going to happen in our future! Your uncle Clyde called, then he warned us to sit down because he had terrible news to tell us, your parents were found dead, an attempt was made to have it look like a robbery.

Clyde thought it might have been a robbery too. Then he remembered he had seen a black Cadillac go down that Old County Road that’s hardly ever traveled. The next day your parents were found dead. The bad guys spent hours torturing your parents your mother had been raped. The sheriff came out and spent a lot of time with us after the funeral. He tried to console us, but he also wanted to explain how he found your folks bodies.

He said, ‘he had never seen anything so vile in his life.’ The coroner’s report on the bodies gave a detailed description of prolonged torture and beating. The coroner also reported your mother had been raped the people who did this had spent many hours in the house. It will go down as the most viciously, brutal crime ever committed in the state of Iowa. Everyone loved your folks that is the part beyond comprehension. The investigating officials had no idea where to start looking for suspects. They were sure it was transients passing through the area after they questioned neighbors nobody had seen anything out of the ordinary no strangers walking no strangers standing around.

Dick, we went back to their double funeral, and were staying out at the farm. During the night John Clemons and his two killers drove in the yard quietly, we never heard a thing. They suddenly busted the door down and walked right into the house with their guns out. Those two thugs from your apartment started beating you, your face was all bloody, it looked like your nose was broken. Hey, Iowa farm kid we come to visit you at your home you didn’t treat us very good out in San Francisco. You were a smart ass out there when we came to visit you at your apartment. You’re not a very friendly little ‘fart’ are you? Then he started kicking you and the other one who’s punching you in your stomach and face hitting you in the back of the head. I don’t know how you could stand it. I expected you to pass out at any second.

One would hold you up the other one would punch you and they threw you on the floor. Clemons started kicking you, he kicked you in the groin over and over. I think you passed out for a while they threw water on you and started all over again. They beat you so bad you were all black and blue. That’s when John told the ugly, one with the scars on his face to rape me. They put you in a chair by the table that ugly monster was supposed to rape me on the kitchen table with you sitting there watching. Clemons said he was going to show the gay kid how it was done.

Uncle Clyde had been keeping a close watch on the traffic using the Old County Road after your parents were murdered. He had been on a lookout that night we were at the farm when he saw the black car go by he started walking across the field. He must have walked that path hundreds of times during his life. I suppose he could walk it on a pitch-dark night with no flashlight. I’m not sure how much longer that group of maniacs would have kept it up before they decided to shoot us. I was afraid that was coming all night long, they would shoot each one of us and then drive away. Sure, glad Clyde showed up when he did.

He entered the back door about the time the one guy was supposed to be raping me. Clyde walked over and stood in front of him. He pointed the shotgun right at his privates. Then he said I bet your, the one that raped my sister, now your, going to rape little Bobbie? I don’t think so! Before the guy could say anything, Clyde shot his balls off. Blood flew all over the place. He had two 50-foot lariat ropes with him. He told you to tie these guys to the kitchen chairs sitting around the table.” Make sure the knots are good and tight we don’t want to have any chance of them getting away. I wouldn’t want to shoot any of them in the back after I see what it did to his balls. I don’t think we could stand the sight of all the blood. Now they might enjoy seeing a lot of blood around. Everything they’ve done all their lives has been involved in bleeding people, either of their money or their real blood after shooting, stabbing, or running over them.

John Clemons started begging for mercy with your uncle, Clyde. John says I’m a very wealthy man take out your Vengeance on these two. I will pay you lots of money turn me loose, cut these ropes off, and let me drive away. I will put a million dollar in your checking account. Clyde started laughing you’re not a rich man you don’t have anything but other, people’s money. You’re a phony and a fraud and you have been all your life you’ve lived off other people’s hard work by blackmailing them. Every nickel you’ve ever had was gotten through illegal procedures or blackmail.

Clyde got out a bunch of duct tape keep your dirty rotten mouth shut. He said I don’t want to hear anything more from your rotten mouth. I don’t want a peep from any of you. Before the night is over, you are going to believe you met Satan face to face just as you all deserve to do. If any of you think you’re going to find mercy. I can tell you, before you die to look deep into each other’s eyes and see if there’s mercy there for any of you. There’s no one in this world left to give you mercy you’ll have to find it in the other eyes before you die. Ask each other for forgiveness by blinking at each other.

Clyde asked Richard and Bobbie if they wanted to live in that house or not? Richard said there’s no way he could live in that house now. ‘I didn’t think there was. ‘A lot of people are burning down their old farm buildings lately. Mostly the old houses they are getting run down. Costs a fortune to fix them but the tax assessor still taxes them high. So, people just burn them down, then they don’t have a tax on something they’re not using. Just about every farm will have a new house sitting somewhere in the yard so there’s no need for the old place. I called the local fire department and told them we would be burning this old house down tonight. They don’t have to bother sending any firemen or trucks out to check on the fire. We will just let it burn to the ground and tomorrow I will have a bulldozer come and bury it.

Clemons and the two hired Killers started squirming and trying to scream. No noise would come out. Clyde said “after we get the fire burning good and hot to keep these guys feet nice and warm. I will drive their car into Des Moines and leave it by the bus station, ” and I will bring the bus home tomorrow. You two may as well fly back to San Francisco tonight. I don’t think there’s anything you want to stay here for now.

If you decide to come back here to live years from now and I’m still alive I will help you build a nice new house. It’s going to be fun hanging around spoiling my great nephew Stan. I will farm the land for you if that is okay. You don’t have to worry about anything here at home. Richard, you’re the money man in the family the income from the crops is sizable. You may want to put that in a tax-free trust fund for Stan and later if he has brothers and sisters it would be a fund there for all of them to share for college and other things that they need in their lives. Like I said you’re the money man this is just a thought I had. That is an excellent idea Clyde you sound more like the money man than me. I hadn’t given it any thought yet, but Stan hasn’t been born yet either. I sure hope I could be a good father like my dad was.

Uncle Clyde stood by the three, sad looking self-condemned, creatures. Why did you have to torture and kill Dick’s parents, I will never understand? You are truly evil demons, and tonight you three will taste and touch the fires of hell. Uncle Clyde said I didn’t think there was any way possible I could go through with something like this, but I realize these guys will get some expensive lawyers, and they would be out walking the streets next week. They killed Rhonda, over a hundred people in the fire at Butch’s place now they came back here, God only knows how many other people they killed. They’re killing days have been brought to the end of the road.

Richard arrived at the Noah Office Building early for his meeting with Mr. Gaiakoski, as he walked through the main entrance a security guard sitting at a desk opened a folder full of pictures. He looked up, saying, “Go right up to the 40th floor Mr. Savage.” When he got off the elevator, a secretary said, “go in Mr. Savage.” Mr. Gaiakoski is ready to see you. “Good morning Richard,” “Good morning to you Sir.” “Just Alex please, no Sir is necessary.” Please have a chair, ‘would you like some coffee,’ ‘please, that would be fine, just black.’ “One of the staff will bring us coffee in a few minutes.”

Did you find the accommodations to be satisfactory? Oh my, yes, everything is fine. Hopefully, this will be a temporary situation. Well, Richard, you can stay out there for as long as you want. We have some folks from overseas who will call it home all the while they are here. Some of those are for many months, a few over a year.

Great, here is our coffee, thank you very much. I can’t seem to get up to speed or even started out very good without my morning coffee. I guess there are worse habits, hopefully not morning ones.

I never thought I could say I respected someone who committed murder. But I must admit I have some respect for your old boss Mr. Yates. The day before he went waltzing into that courtroom to admit killing our man Peter Nash. He called the FBI and told them about his plans. Then he proceeded to ask the FBI to remove all the records from his office for future lawsuits regarding John Clemons. He did not want an office fire in his absence.

Richard replied, wow, “that is truly amazing, a very brave thing to do.” Alex, a friend of mine called me and suggested, if there was any way possible we should try to get extra protection for Mr. Yates while he is in custody in the county jail? Do you think you can talk to the right person down there?

Alex said, “I will make some phone calls, see what can be done.” I agree with you there are going to be names coming out, cases of people being ripped off, some legally. We know Clemons is going to try to get to him in the jail and silence him just like he did with his messenger mister, Cliff somebody.

I am also very concerned about the safety of a friend of mine her name is Bobbie Kelly, she is an airline stewardess, lives with a stewardess friend of hers named Rhonda Smith. I talked to Bobbie yesterday and warned her about the possibility of Clemons trying to hurt them and to be on the lookout for anything suspicious looking. Maybe I’m overly cautious, but I’m not too sure what all this guy is capable of. The two thugs who came to my apartment threatened to take me out and drown me if I didn’t deliver the flash drive to them. I know either one of those guys would just love for something to happen to me, put me in a grave. Alex replied, I will make the arrangements for Bobbie to stay there too, to have it look proper it would have to be two separate apartments. We can have them adjoining if you want. Give me a notice, a day ahead of time. There will be no problem with that.

You are going to get the feeling that we have been spying on you for many years, but when I’m finished, you will see there was a reason for it. We visited your Junior High School when you were in the athletics program there, we learned from your coach you were a typical energetic young athlete. That first time when teenage boys are all in the shower together there is a certain amount of shyness which is only natural. That is all part of the growing up process in an age where athletes and military people share showers together. The coach had the impression that you were extremely shy but that did not make you gay.

Our investigation into your life only got to the showers point for the simple reason we learned you had an outstanding ability with mathematics and all other learning skills in your early grades at school. You were an above-average student, by far. Our firm sends out recruiting officers, Scouts if you will just as the professional athletics send out Scouts to find new people.

We later learned that you had the idea that you were possibly gay because you just didn’t feel right showering with all the other guys. Evidently, you were not attracted to them because from we have learned you have never had a sexual relationship with someone of your sex. Am I right about this? Richard replied, Yes, “you are.”

Since you have been out here in San Francisco we have learned that you have some drinks with people in the gay community, but you also play golf with them, handball, and baseball. We have no problem with your associating with gay people. We would have a problem if you were to start sleeping with another man. Those are the relationships that create a multitude of problems both in and out of the workplace. You may call this employer discrimination, but to us, it is all part of our security program. If you do not agree with it, you can terminate your present employment at any time you wish. You could continue working at Noah, but it would involve very little responsibility.

As I told you before John Clemons played the part of the pimp that time he had a so-called pharmaceutical seminar up at Lake Tahoe. He willfully and purposefully captured our young man Peter Nash. He was a lot like you at that time an excellent, energetic worker with some doubts about his sexuality, he did marry and had two children. We never suspected him of being gay. Thomas Yates, an older man, was never married, but he wasn’t gay either, showed no signs. John Clemons managed to get the two acquainted with each other, and no doubt furnished them with exotic entertainment of the same sex to seal his bargain with Satan.

Richard, our company is deeply indebted to you for coming to San Francisco when you did. We can also thank our scouts who went out to Iowa and found you. You arrived here in time to save our company from a Hostile takeover. Clemons was prepared to try every trick in the book; we just have to continue to hope the Security and Exchange Commission put a complete stop to it. He messed around with our shareholders so much we’re not sure now what will happen in a proxy war. Richard, we need you sitting in at our next shareholder meeting to talk some sense to these people. Clemons could still come back to start a proxy war. I said before; he has little money of his own, he could not offer market value. He may offer phony, inflated shares in his company to change people’s minds. I am sure Peter Nash was his Ace in the Hole. You can bet he had Peter ready to vote with him on the merger and that’s about all it would have taken for him to win.

Richard, you, and Thomas Yates brought John Clemons long-planned schemes and dreams crashing Down. I would call that Fate. When you mess with right and wrong, fate will usually straighten you out, to show you the wickedness of your ways.

Alex, I’m afraid losing his potential millions drove him mad, The, authorities cannot find those responsible for the fire that killed over one hundred people at Butch’s Place in Oakland. You can bet Clemons and his group of thugs was behind that devastating fire. Bobbie and I were supposed to be sitting in front of that main stage we would have been killed outright. Alex, it makes me ill when I think about all the people who died just because of Clemons hate for me. We are at war with this man, monster I mean.

He had Bobbie’s friend Rhonda run over by one of his vehicles at an intersection, as she was going to go to a drug store across the street. She was wearing Bobbie’s windbreaker; they thought they were killing Bobbie, all to hurt me. There’s a possibility there may be pictures of the car and who was in it. I would almost bet it’s the two gunslingers who came to my apartment. Alex, Bobbie, and I would like to fly back to Iowa to attend Rhonda’s funeral next Thursday we will return that same evening. That will be okay, go but stay safe. When you leave that day go from the Noah Compound directly to the airport. Get on your plane and when you return come right back and check in it at the compound. We can’t have anything happening to you Richard.

CHAPTER: 19 Some Bad Guys Go to Jail

A partial license plate number was written down by witnesses at the hit and run scene. The Department of Motor Vehicles checked the numbers against vehicles owned by John Clemons. The numbers match part of one of his. He has six black Cadillac Escalades with his name on the titles. I wonder if anyone is going to take the time to try to run them down and check out these vehicles to see if any of them have been in an accident? The one that they used that day has been taken out on the ocean and dumped overboard by now.

Richard, I don’t believe my ears a friend down at the police station just called me back and said that this neighbor’s camera was full of good pictures. The two guys sitting in the front seat sure sounds like the two who visited your apartment. There is a warrant out for their arrests; the authorities know they are John Clemons men.

Alex, I almost forgot to tell you Bobbie’s pregnant, so it looks like we’re going to be having a wedding before very long. Alex shouts “congratulations.” that will be cause for much celebration at Noah. You have been considered a member of the family now for close to three years. We would only be needing one apartment after all.

We have talked to my parents. The way things are out here with Crazy Clemons, I believe we will get married here at a Justice of the Peace. Have a simple ceremony here. Noah must have someone who can do it. After Clemons is gone and things settle down we will go back home and get married at the Old Country Church where my parent’s wedding was held. That sounds fine to me Richard.

We have to believe Clemons hired Guns are going to start being caught. I sure hope they are put out of business quickly. He must have a big payroll to meet. I heard rumors years ago when he acquired T-Max he got funds from the Asian Mafia. I would not want to be in debt to any of those people. That is one thing I’m very sure of.

The next day Alex called Richard to tell him the fire inspector was in the Plant yesterday making his semi-annual walk through afterward we got talking, and he said the investigation on that fire in Oakland has run up against a brick wall. The fire investigators, they have several on this case, are confident it was arson and the incendiary devices used were scattered throughout the building to create the most casualties and damage possible. What is driving them crazy, it’s not a run-of-the-mill product, not something the public can go out and buy it seems to be a military grade or better. You can get triggering devices at almost any electronics store, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to set most of them up just somebody with enough guts to know what they’re doing so it doesn’t blow up in their hands.

They have found traces of a very high-grade white phosphorus. Lower grades are used in flares, farm fertilizers and incendiary devices. It is also used in some processes of the pharmaceutical industry. This high-grade product would not be readily available. The Fire Investigator is going to look for samples, then track it to place origin. There might be a paperwork trail to follow showing who purchased it.

Richard, Homeland Security was looking for clues after the fire at Butch’s nightclub. I expected that all the while, anytime there’s a hundred-people killed they immediately look at possible terrorist activity. It took the FEDS to do it, they traced the material used in the source of the fire to a Pharmaceutical Plant in Hong Kong. To no one’s surprise, Mr. Clemons has an interest in that plant.

Dick, We, must be very thankful for our space program. I have a friend working at NASA down in Huston. Get a load of this, we have a satellite circling the globe with sensors that are so sensitive, if Clemons has any of this material stored in any of the buildings at his Vineyard NASA will be able to detect that chemical. If that should happen they will immediately issue a search warrant and go arrest your bad Uncle John.

Our friend Butch told us, two guys from a heating and air conditioning company were there a day before the fire. But investigators have not found any heating and air conditioning company that has visited the place. At this time, they are checking pictures on all security cameras near all of them, you can imagine this is going to take quite a while to go through all those photos.

That monster Clemons took advantage of the gay community his whole life. He always blackmailed people from there. It’s hard to imagine how many lives he ruined. The thing that surprises me the most is the how he destroyed it. It was all done with the goal of killing the most people doing the worst damage and creating maximum hurt. They must have had people watching the place that night, someone was outside watching when you and Bobbie left to go do Rhonda’s fight to Tokyo. That should have given them enough time to stop the detonation of the fires. They went ahead and killed those people with the knowledge that they weren’t going to get you after all. They couldn’t get to you, so the next day they killed Rhonda thinking it was Bobbie making it that much more bizarre. I can hear the call to their boss. “We got his girlfriend we will get him next.”

I’m glad Bobbie called the police when she did they took her neighbor’s camera and found some good pictures on it to identify the two guys sitting in the car. You should probably make a trip downtown and have a look at them, better yet I will ask one of the officers to come out here and visit with you. As crazy as this bunch is we don’t want to take any unnecessary chances. They seem determined to do away with you; they must be nuts to think that’s going to solve their problems.

CHAPTER: 22 Clemons Feels the Pressure

The following day Clemons two goons were seen watching the gate to the Noah complex from about a block away, they had been there most of the morning. The police arrested them without any resistance, took them downtown and had the car impounded. It did not look like a car that was involved in the hit-and-run homicide. Clemons had six identical cars with his name’s, on the titles. The bad guys went to the police station in two different cars there’s no way the investigators wanted these two exchanging stories with one another not at this point not with charges being this serious.

The detectives informed the lawyer, who took several hours getting there from Los Angeles, his clients were charged with hit-and-run homicide and possibly arson. They were escorted to two separate interrogation rooms. First, they were asked about their whereabouts at the time of the hit-and-run and also at the time of the fire in Oakland. They both claimed to be home watching television. After further questioning one of them said Saturday night he was still in bed with his girlfriend, she would swear that he was there. The detective replied I don’t doubt the swearing part. They then refused to say anymore without an attorney present.

The two detectives Roberts and Shaw we’re investigating Rhonda’s Hit and Run death. They had been attempting to question them separately to compare conflicting stories. Shaw showed Randy Jasper, the photographic evidence that was in their possession. He did this because he hoped to shock him by the site of Rhonda’s mangled body. Shaw said, “Hey Randy, look, her name is Rhonda she could be your sister. Rhonda and Randy Jasper, but her name was Smith. Shaw held the picture right up in his face where he had to look at it. He took one look at the mangled body photo and was visibly ill, then started shaking. Randy, how would you feel if this was your sister? He could see that he was getting to him.

He still refused to speak before talking to his attorney. The Jasper duo waited most of the day to get a call back from their attorney. The Jasper brother’s attorney finally arrived at the police station and said, “I request to speak to my two clients in private.” Detective Roberts asked, ‘who are you, their attorney?’ He said, ‘He was.” You will have to speak to them separately, sorry about that. What did you say your name is? My name is E T Bribery; Shaw started to laugh, “does that stand for Easy To bribery?” You better watch your mouth son; ‘I could sue you for slandering my given name.’ Sorry, about that, it just didn’t hit me right, Don’t, call me son, “I might sue you for using a racial slur.” The lawyer replied I can see I’m dealing with some smart-ass police here. Detective Roberts replied, well I can see we’re off to a great start.

Mr. Bribery requested to speak with Ralph first. He said, Ralph, “what in the hell is wrong with you two are you just plain freaking stupid or what.? “These detectives have photographic evidence of both you clowns sitting in one of the bosses, damn cars. You must make up for your lack of brains with plain old dumb luck. The vehicle you idiots were driving that day is the only one out of a half-dozen black Escalades that don’t have his name on the title. “I think that one belongs to somebody in Cuba.” Where are they finding arson charges? That Detective Shaw blew me away when he was talking about arson charges the boss sure doesn’t have anything to do with that fire over at Oakland, does he? If he’s involved in that I believe he’s going to need a new attorney.

Why in the hell did you park right out in front of the girl’s apartment? “The boss told us to keep an eye out on what they do where they go what time it is when they go, crap like that. We didn’t stay at the same place all the time we parked in different places, duh, it’s only one block long what were, we supposed to do? “And then you run her down at the first intersection.

Randy, the Boss, tells me, “You are the leader, have you realized yet that you killed the wrong girl?” Randy replies, ‘We’ve been watching them for a long time, and we knew she wore a certain colored windbreaker,’ Yeah, ‘but did it ever dawn on you she was wearing her friend’s jacket?’ ‘They could have maybe mixed up coats?’ One wasn’t even home she was on a flight to Tokyo.’ She has red hair the other one black, you, assholes killed the wrong one. You two are completely unbelievable. ‘I have to go out and talk to the boss, but I see no way in hell we can straighten this mess out.’ Mr. E T “I wish you wouldn’t talk to me that way.” My feelings are easily hurt. E T, “What the hell, a killer who’s, feelings are easily hurt?”

Randy, “I’m going to need time to try to figure something out, I don’t want you guys to speak to these detectives, don’t answer anything go on a hunger strike but don’t tell them one damn thing.” I got to find out where the pictures originated. The only hope you guys have of getting out of this jail is for the person who took those pictures to disappear. That’s all I can tell you right now, keep your Yaps shut and we’re going to stall for time. One more thing, “Don’t even think about ratting on the boss he has many friends in this building and if the word gets out that you guys are turning on him, you will both be leaving here in body bags.”

You guys gotta be dumb, dumb, dumb! We have to find out where these pictures originated. That is going be another part of my detective job when I don’t get paid near enough. With this evidence, there is no way in hell they’re going let you guys out on bond. I won’t even waste my breath on that. We have to figure out a way to turn this trial around by making it impossible for the police to find the person who owned that camera before you go to court.

Mr. Bribery then requested they send in Ralph. He said, ‘I will say the same things to you as I did your brother Randy. “Don’t even think about turning on the boss, he has many friends in this building. If the word gets out that you guys are squealing on him, you will both be leaving the back of the jail in a dumpster.” Two country hicks from Tennessee found in City Dumping Grounds, will be a small article on the last page of the newspaper. ‘How long have you two been out here working for the boss?’ Well, “it’s been almost ten years now. ‘With your stupidity, you must have masturbated your brains out.

There’s no legal way for us to win this thing, I might just suggest to the boss, pay the penalty, give you two a large salary all the while you’re sitting in the slammer you will be released someday with a lot of money in the bank something for you to both think over. Too bad you can’t talk about it, but these detectives are never going to let you two alone in the same room, not even the toilet. I would suggest you consider pleading no contest or something to that effect if we can’t solve this any other way. Continue to refuse to speak to any of the investigators. We will play hardball with them see how they like it.

Now I will have to go out and visit with the boss and see what he thinks. Better ask them to send Ralph back in here. Ralph, I will tell you again continue to refuse all conversation with these guys, if you think you must go on a hunger strike do it, if they send in a shrink don’t talk, not a single word. Don’t answer any questions and for damn sure don’t volunteer any information none, absolutely none. They have these pictures that will send you guys to the electric chair possibly only thing we don’t have the death penalty here in California anymore. Back in Tennessee, they would probably hang you or use the Hot Seat on you. I will see what the boss has to say if he wants you guys to do time for doing the crime, you better not try ratting on him. It’s like I told your brother. You’ll both be dead before you get out of the county jail. You may as well go back out to your cell and read a long book, take up knitting or something.

Mr. Bribery drove out to Napa, but he wasn’t going to go to pick grapes or taste wine. He knocked on Clemons’s door, Boss, they are still holding your two idiots, Ralph and Randy, where in the hell did you find those two, the dumbest hicks I ever saw in my life! Hey, E T give my guys a break, they were with me over ten years, done a lot of jobs that no one else would ever think of doing. Boss, I’ll tell you how stupid they are, being caught on about twenty pictures sitting in different places on that Rhonda Smith girls block they got more damn photographic evidence than there was for the Vietnam War. I told the boys no way I can get you out of this deal, the boss is probably going to want you two to do the time, and not to try ratting on him. They’ll be dead before the day is over at the county jail. John says, “I thought the boys were smarter than that, not to spend a lot of time sitting on the same street.” I can’t imagine being that stupid. We are going to have to find out who took the pictures.

Clemons says, “I will have friends around the station check out the evidence room.” Find out who turned the pictures over to them. I will send some money down there, that usually works. I’m sure they will come up with something. Mr. Bribery said, “I will be going back to Los Angeles.” As soon as you learn anything let me know, and I will continue checking on the photographer from down there. That person will have to take a little trip somewhere. We will see what develops. No pun intended, for DAMN sure!

David Dow is one of the policemen assigned to the 22nd Precinct the one in charge of the Rhonda Smith hit-and-run investigation. David worked there for close to twenty years, starting to think about retirement. He got a call one afternoon from John Clemons. Hello, David, “John here, It has been a long time how are you doing?” Okay, ‘That’s great.’

“Call me back at home, this evening, same phone number,” John called him back and asked right away, what was all that hush-hush about? David replied the way it’s getting around that Station House I don’t feel safe taking calls there anymore. Too many ears too many new telephone systems, it’s as if nobody trusts anybody anymore, that’s sure a surprise. Don’t you think? John replied yes it looked like the good old days have come and gone we have a lot of new rules.

What are you calling about? I have a slight problem with something that you folks have in inventory at your station. There should be a file there with some pictures in it regarding the hit-and-run accident that took place the other day. All I need for you to do is find out the name of the person who turned those pictures in as evidence to the police. I’m not sure if they were taken in by the individual or an officer picked them up you should be able to find a receipt or something easy enough. You don’t have to remove anything from the evidence room or nothing like that just find out the name of the person and where they live.

The next day after David had been at work for a few hours he headed toward the restrooms but then went downstairs to the inventory cage. He found the door to the cage was open, he knew that was awful unusual. There wasn’t a soul in the area, so he quickly stepped into the cage and went over to the desk. There were no papers on it or in the file drawers, just a computer sitting there. He said to himself, “What the hell is this?” I don’t know what to do with this thing. Then the door slammed shut; he looked up to see Officer Bill Smith glaring at him.

Bill, said, “well, well what have we got here?” It looks like I caught a rat in my trap. What are you looking for David? You have no business in the evidence cage it has no connection at all to your job. You received a telephone call yesterday afternoon, but you talked for less than a minute. What was that all about or would you care to say anything?

Oh my God Bill, I’m almost ready to retire can’t you please look the other way one time? No, David, I’m not built that way, I will not look the other way. I have no idea what you’re looking for, and I don’t expect you’re going to tell anyone on this Earth what it is. I sure hope it was worth jeopardizing your retirement pay for it. If you were supposed to get information out of the evidence room to share with someone, they’re going to have to make up the difference in your retirement check.

I want you to stay right where you’re at; I will open the door to the cage when I have some help taking you upstairs. I don’t want to take a chance on you resisting arrest and making me shoot you, that would be a far too easy a way out. You better start having a serious chat with your conscience because your life is not over yet. You could still redeem it by sharing what’s going on, why you were in the cage, who needs the information. You can save your life by confessing that to your arresting officer.

Oh, by the way, two guys are sitting in this jail charged with homicide. They were involved in a vehicular hit and run with the intent to kill or do severe bodily harm. They ran into a beautiful young stewardess at the intersection not far away. Witnesses testified the car continue to increase speed for almost a half a block, so it could be at the intersection as the light changed to WALK and she stepped off the curb. Her beautiful young body flew up into the air and over the top of that big black Cadillac.

The two monsters sitting in jail who refuse to speak are employees of a big-time white-collar gangster. He needs information, so they can kill another witness to get his two hard-working gunslingers out of jail. An attorney from Los Angeles talked to the two killers today, but they refuse to have any conversation with the investigating officers.

David, the devil is tempting me right now to open the cage, have your take your gun out and I will shoot you right between the eyes. That would save a lot of shock for your family to go through, they won’t have to find out you’re a dirty cop. The record will show you pulled your gun on me for some reason and I had to defend myself. Rhonda Smith who those two dirty, low life bastards killed was my niece. She came out here from Iowa almost three years ago and lived with me and my wife for a year. Rhonda was just like our own daughter. It gets my blood pressure going to the point I feel like I might have a heart attack. I cannot believe anyone can be that evil, do terrible things like that for money. That makes it that much more, vile, and disgusting.

If Clemons has his attorney come to town and defend you and get you off the hook through some loophole. I would recommend you leave this town and don’t ever come back. Like I said before tell the truth today and save your soul.

Two uniformed policemen came down to the evidence room, they handcuffed Officer Dow and escorted him up to the booking desk. One of them read him his Miranda rights, he has the right to remain silent, anything that he says can be used against him in a court of law. He has the right to call an attorney now if he wishes. He was under arrest for entering the evidence room which was off-limits to him. They would like him to fill out a statement at this time.

They took David into an interrogation room, a table there had paper and pencil on it. They told him to start writing. The first thing he wrote down was. I received a phone call yesterday from an old friend. I guess maybe at one time he was a friend. I considered him that many years ago. He told me he wanted the name of the person who gave the police photographic evidence of the hit-and-run accident that had recently taken place. Then went on to tell me all he wanted was the name, which at that time I didn’t consider to be that serious an offense. Detective Bill Smith quickly brought it to my attention, it was a very serious issue. The person wanting that information could only be wanting it for one reason to keep that Witness from testifying in court.

Bill also told me the young lady that was killed in the hit-and-run homicide was his niece. He said, “She was like a daughter to him and his wife.” That is when I realized how wrong I had been to try doing that stupid thing. The man who called me lives in Napa Valley his name is John Clemons. Throughout the years he has called me for information such as. If one of his employees might be incarcerated here. There were several different times when I told him someone working for him was in jail here for various offenses. Sometimes driving while intoxicated, disorderly conduct or bar fights. The people working for him did not fit the description of Sunday school teacher material. They all had RAP Sheets that were very long.

Thomas Yates came very close to dying in the hospital. He had received severe beatings at the county jail, with no witnesses available. Forty inmates were present, but no one saw anything or said one word in his defense. They knew he murdered someone who was a gay partner of his at one time. He was finally released from the hospital and then transported to San Quentin Prison where he would be serving his time in a secure witness cell.

He was only there one day when he was approached by someone about John Clemons. The guy said he was from San Francisco also and that John Clemons tried to blackmail him that was how he ended up in prison. Clemons had a messenger from a title company murdered and framed him for it. He was innocent, but he could not afford an attorney, so the court appointed an attorney for him and now he’s doing 40 years in prison at San Quentin for something that he never did. John told him he knew full well what he was talking about.

Detective Roberts and Shaw had officer David Dow go in the interrogation room with them. They thought they would play a little good cop bad cop with the cop gone bad, detective Roberts started. David, you wrote in your confession that John Clemons called you on occasion to check on one of his men who might be in jail for drunk driving or fighting disturbing the peace things like that. Those are not big serious offenses it’s his right to call and ask about one of his employees being in jail.

You also said, “he asked you to see if you to get information about the person who turned in the evidence for that hit-and-run fatality. they are very good photographs. Now that is a very serious offense what someone like John Clemons is trying to find out the identity of a probable witness that witness usually ends up disappearing leaving town or ending up at the bottom of the ocean.

Detective Shaw got right down in David’s face, and he said: “there’s a whole lot more to this than that isn’t there David?” Roberts came right back with, “your old boss John is gone, he must have had a lot of power in a lot of places with him dead everybody seems to be trying to confess before the next guy.” There’s a young fella who has been sitting in San Quentin for five years swearing that he did not commit a hit and run homicide.

Detective Shaw continued David, the guy at San Quentin swears he clicked his mouse on porn once and it was by accident. You came to his house to arrest him for viewing child pornography, dirty activity with children being featured in filthy movies. The way I see it, tell me if I’m wrong this guy from San Quentin knows you planted evidence in his house. You came back a few days later with two other policemen and you had him arrested. One of John’s attorneys bailed him out of jail there was not enough evidence to prosecute anyway so they let him out on bond. The porn charge never went to court.

Detective Roberts jumped back in with David you were on the first committee that was watching internet users when child pornography was so popular 10 years ago or so? David replied yes I was on that committee. You had access to all these people through email addresses along with home addresses. I guess I did but it was all confidential information, if we found a heavy viewer we sent someone out to investigate and we could confiscate their computer.

We would bring the computers into the lab to get every bit of information off the hard drive we also checked for any disks or other stored information. Well, what did you find in this fellow’s house when you and the other officers went back? We didn’t find anything in the house as I recall there were some pictures in his automobile. Roberts continued what you mean is there was not enough evidence to put the guy in the slammer, but it was just enough evidence to get him scared as hell. Then Clemons lawyer would come in and get him out of jail. He would be so damn happy he would gladly pay $1,000 a month extortion or as the mob would call it health insurance! He refused to pay the blackmail money. In the next chapter john needed a messenger boy eliminated.

Clemons needed a message delivery worker eliminated he was carrying valuable information without a doubt. He had one of his thugs run over him and kill him with his vehicle. Being quite crafty they got some of the clothing evidence from the deceased off their vehicle had put it on under the vehicle of the fellow doing manslaughter time at San Quentin. He refused to pay the $1,000 a month extortion money so old John decides to his usual revenge.  He has no problem with running over people and killing them. Two of his old workers are still sitting in jail right here for a hit and run yes, another hit and run homicide. They have both confessed and feel remorse for the terrible things that they did.

Officer Dow started crying and said you guys just don’t understand it that guy is so damn evil it’s unbelievable. I met Clemons on the golf course one day, a severe thunderstorm came up and a bunch of us had to crowd into a small shelter out in the middle of the golf course the storm lasted half an hour. He introduced himself and we got to talking he’s telling me he owns the T-Max Pharmaceutical Company flies around in a Learjet stuff like that.

To talk to him he seemed like a down-to-earth hard-working businessman. He asked me what I do, I said I’m a policeman in San Francisco at the 22nd Precinct. He must have a good memory it must have been a year later I get a call from him he says, “do you have somebody down there by such and such a name” he finds it easy, to want to get in trouble and I thought he might be in jail in town he didn’t show up for work today. I told him no we got nobody here by that name. So, he hung up that was the end of it there was another time when he called to find out information about an employee of his and his court date. I thought it was kind of strange he should have known his court date.

He was having a party at his place out at Napa one weekend and invited me to bring a friend and come to the party. I didn’t want to take my wife out there not knowing what to expect. I asked a friend of mine who works down on the docks we’ve known each other since high school he said, ‘what the heck I’ll go along with you and maybe we’ll have a good time.’ We got out there it was a wild, gay bash going on. Clemons evidently thought we were gay, we had a couple drinks and looked around the place.

He had some older guys in one part of the house and they had these young boys with them. I thought “what the hell kind of a deal is this.” We made a speedy exit, it was only a couple of days later I got a call from John. He said David I’m surprised to find out that you’re gay. I told him I’m not gay. He said well if I tell your wife that and tell her that you brought a guy out to a party of mine, I have some pictures, will she be okay with that? I said, “you son of a b**** what kind of low life are you?” He said I’m just trying to make a living.

He said I won’t say anything to your wife if you be my man down there at the stations to give out a little information from time to time. If I want to know about the ball game scores or something like that. Find out who one of your prisoners is you’ll be all right with that won’t you. I told him he better not to expect, to get much out of me I wasn’t that kind of a crooked cop. As time went by he continued to want more, this last call he wanted the photographer’s name for the hit-and-run pictures.

I just couldn’t do that I was sure it was a neighbor of the girls in that apartment building. He would have had her killed. The next day officer Dow was dead hanging in his cell. He was found on the first shift change early in the morning. Prisoners are not supposed to have anything available to hang themselves with. David Dow evidently devised his own hanging equipment. Questions were asked but answers were not found. Officer Bill Wilson did cry at his funeral. Some suspected Wilson might have helped him. Clemons had a nephew come to visit Dow. That person smuggled in the strap he used to hang himself with. Detective Shaw did some visiting with the family at the funeral and he learned that David Dow did not have a nephew.

A few days later John Clemons was trying to relax at his Lake Tahoe retreat, the pressure was starting to build on him. He was getting worried, having trouble keeping score in his head. His number one problem Thomas Yates was still alive at the hospital with a guard outside of this door. His Tennessee twosome Ralph and Randy we’re still in jail at the 22nd Precinct hopefully refusing to speak to anyone but E T, his attorney.

His phone rang to his surprise it was E T Bribery on the line. John said, “I was just thinking of you and wondering how you’re doing out there.” Let me tell you, John, I’ll try to give it to you straight, all the s*** you leave scattered around it’s hard for me not to keep stepping in it. You’re, inside man at the 22nd Precinct David Dow was caught in the evidence room. Isn’t that just great? They let him make his phone call and he called me.

I don’t know how in the hell he remembered my number and if he was in the interrogation room they sure didn’t leave any personal belongings in his pockets, he must have a great memory. Reading between the line, from the way he talked he’s not giving them any more than small stuff. You called him years ago checking on employees missing from work or whatever. The only time you would call him was to see if someone was in the cooler for disorderly conduct, drunk driving, stuff like that.

Clemons says, the police claim to have photographs of Randy and Ralph in the car that was used in the hit-and-run death. How do we stand on that issue? Can the State win that without anyone saying where the pictures came from? Depends on what the quality of the pictures is and where the pictures were taken. Yes, they could win it without the photographer even being there, but it would be harder to do. If you’re going to go back over there and defend David when he goes to court, sit down with Randy and Ralph and tell them John says, “do the time.”

Give them a number if you like you’ll no doubt be taking care of it anyway in the end. John, I was thinking of something the other day. I feel a need to ask you now. Did you have any part planning that nightclub fire in Oakland? John replies, “yes.” I rid this world of over 100 faggots. E T screams, “damn it to hell I was afraid of that.” The freaking Homeland Security people could consider you a homegrown terrorist you might be going down there to Guantanamo Cuba for a while. John, you went this damn crazy over a Punk kid that wouldn’t be blackmailed. You have totally lost your mind. John, I think I’m going to just walk away and say goodbye to you today. “Like hell you’re going to walk away you’re going to continue to be my lawyer until you die.”

E T you think I’m a small-time operator? I got people down there in Los Angeles too, you walk out on me and go back there. All I got to do is make one phone call and you will be dead the same hour you arrive in town. You may as well sit tight you’re in it for the ride and if I have my way about it the ride is going to last many more years.

Take it easy John I was just trying to wake you up to a very important fact. You’re into the Chinese Mafia big time, they gave you millions. They now consider you a termite eating their money. They were counting on you for a huge pharmaceutical merger that didn’t take place. If you can’t make something happen and get control of Noah Pharmaceuticals you know damn well they’re going to be coming after you. I doubt if they will just kill you they will haul you back home and use you as slave labor somewhere. John, I don’t think you’re cut out for that kind of life. You shut the hell up E T, “Nobody, not nobody scares John Clemons!”

Detective Shaw called Randy back into the interrogation room he never said a peep. The punk kept shaking his head no and pointing at his closed mouth. Detective Shaw already knew he had no intention of talking. Have a chair Randy I have something to show you. As he proceeded to take pictures out of an envelope, a very large manila envelope. They were pictures taken at the fire during the fire and after the fire at Butch’s place in Oakland.

Detective Shaw spread them all over the table in front of Randy. He said hey Randy “look at this one” there’s a couple of people hugging each other to keep the fire from killing them they died in each others arms. I bet you would like to die in your Lover’s arms, wouldn’t you? Not like that though, looks like an awful way to die.

Hey, look at this one there’s a whole pile of bodies turned to charcoal, it must be by the back door it should have been unlocked but they kept piling on top of each other trying to get out each one pushing and shoving different directions until no one made it out and they all burn to death right there on the spot, in a huge pile.

This is quite a picture right here there’s a whole pile of people who crawled underneath the main stage but that didn’t do it any good the floor burned right up above them you can’t tell what is people ashes and what is ashes from the burned stage.

Randy, did you ever go to any dances out there at Butch’s place? Ever been out there to visit for any other reason? The owner said, “two guys had been in there a few days before the fire.” To check out his heating and air conditioning to see how it was working. He never called them, they said, “it was part of his annual lease agreement. You ever hear of such a thing? For them to come and check to make sure his heating and cooling were working for free.

You never worked for a heating and cooling company did you, Randy? I was wondering if you had any knowledge in that area. Butch told that to a friend, he died in the fire the friends were very fortunate. They were enjoying the party when this guy’s girlfriend got a call to come and work for her roommate who was sick. They were both stewardesses and the one that was sick was supposed to go on a flight to Tokyo that night.

That phone call saved their lives. But then the next day the roommate the one that was sick, who saved their lives was run down and killed by two bad guys in a black Cadillac Escalade. They killed her dead as a door-nail her beautiful young body flew straight up in the air it landed back on the street behind the vehicle with a big splat!

Here’s a picture that was taken outside of the nightclub the night of the fire. Take a quick peek, there must be at least 80 or 90 bodies all lined up, they already had some in a refrigerated truck. How could anybody tell who they were for identifications? All burned and stuck together all they had was a bunch of charcoal blackened people meat. I don’t suppose they ever will identify them, so they can be buried properly. I wouldn’t doubt but they will all go in one hole someplace. What do you think? Oh, that’s right you’re not talking to anyone.

CHAPTER: 22: Jasper Brother Cracks

Randy finally started “squalling and bawling.” THATS ENOUGH! I hope that lousy bastard John Clemons rots in hell he is worse than Hitler. I can’t take any more, we are both guilty as hell and I hope somebody gives me the death penalty I’ve been sitting in that cell going nuts. I just can’t take it.

Detective Shaw called Ralph back into the interrogation room. He sat at the same table as Randy. The same pictures were still scattered on the table top. Ralph I’d like you to look at these pictures too, your brother Randy looked at them and I didn’t make him feel very good. I thought he was going to throw up at one time, especially when he saw this one picture. All these people burned to death at the back door. Clawing away until their fingers were burned off. That whole pile of burned bodies by the back door trying to claw their way out.

The fire burned so hot it even melted all the metal musical instruments. The Fire Marshall knows it was incendiary devices scattered in different places throughout the building. Some type of a phosphorus incendiary device as it burns it sticks to human flesh and it makes it just fall right off, extremely painful. Homeland Security traced the chemical to some pharmaceutical company in Hong Kong. It is no coincidence your old Navy Buddy John Clemons is part owners in a pharmaceutical company over in Hong Kong. He brought those chemicals to the United States it won’t take very long, and they will trace them to Clemons. We know you and your brother acted as heating and air conditioning workers. You boys placed those devices throughout Ralph’s nightclub.

It will only be a matter of time before they have proof that you guys brought in the incendiary devices. You will both get the death penalty unless you decide to do the right thing and confess your guilt and tell us about John Clemons Involvement in it, also the hit and run death of Rhonda Smith.

Later that day Ralph wanted to talk to Detective Roberts. He said Ralph, “I’m very glad that you decided to talk to us and get all of this stuff off your chest.” I would be very happy now if you would take this tablet and a pencil and start writing down your confession. I know you don’t feel like doing this, but the jury will go a lot easier on you when you go to court if you have a signed confession that shows you feel some remorse for the actions that you did.

Detective Roberts you know my name is Ralph Jasper, but I will write it here on the top page. I’ll title it the concession of Ralph Jasper. This is not going to be very easy for me. I served in the United States Navy with John Clemons we were together for many years as friends. He asked me to come out here and work for him ten years ago. I knew it would not be office work or anything like that. He had different ways of working. I will have to give him credit for having a lot of guts He Was Not Afraid of Anything or Anyone. As I said, we were in the Navy together and we went through some very wild times during those years. We got in a lot of bar fights, raised a lot of hell, drank a lot of ‘booze’ went to bed with a lot of different women and a few men. I never knew what a gay person was when I joined the Navy. I lost track of the times that the Hong Kong police would pick us up for one infraction or the other take us down to the harbor and turn us over to the Shore Patrol. We would spend a few days in the brig get our heads on a little straighter or screwed down halfway straight and be back in the city the next night.

John married a Tonka woman in Macau while he was still in the Navy. I think that prompted him to just stay there when his Hitch in the Navy ended. He told me that he didn’t have any family at home anymore because his parents and his brother all died from food poisoning shortly before he left for the Navy. The way he talked he came from a very wealthy family who were grape Growers near Napa California they had their own Vineyard and Winery at one time.

He and his Chinese wife had a rather turbulent life together I do not recall her name. They did a lot of fighting with each other actual physical fighting. Somehow, she got pregnant and they had a baby boy. That changed their life together considerably she loved that little boy and carried him and babied him all the time. I think he was born with a speech problem he never did really speak or even cry much as far as that goes.

John got connected with the Chinese Mafia and they had him selling drugs to the Navy men when they came on Shore leave. He was always a businessman and he was turning a big profit selling those drugs. The Chinese drug dealers loved him for his salesmanship. This went on for several years. As the boy got older he started to abuse the kid that drove his wife crazy. One day she caught him molesting the kid and called the authorities. They ended up in a very nasty Court battle for custody she swore up and down that John was molesting the boy and if that could be proved in a Chinese Court he could have gotten life in prison.

John’s wife was found drowned right beside the boat they were living on he said she had been drinking and probably fell over the side of the boat. The authorities had an awful time believing that, thousands of people live on those boats they very rarely have anyone drowned. His wife never drank either, so it looked very suspicious nothing was ever proven. The next week John flew the boy back to the United States. From what I understood they moved out to the families Winery.

He continued his contact with the mafia and they helped him start his own pharmaceutical company which they called T-Max Pharmaceutical the Max part was supposed to stand for his wife’s first name or part of her name. A big market existed for counterfeit drugs in those days and John being the businessman that he was. Turned out to be their perfect outlet in the USA for those drugs, they were making money by the banks full for many years? John had a taste that far outmatches their income, so they managed to stay in the red most of the time. The Chinese did not like that one bit and tried to get John to change his ways but that was never going to happen. That is about the time the market for legal drugs was going into the stratosphere billions of dollars were being made on legal drugs and the mafia wanted some of that action, so they told John to do a merger with Noah Pharmaceuticals and if he couldn’t do it legally to pull a few of his tricks and create a forced takeover of that company. That is when he tried to Blackmail the young fellow at Golden Investments Richard Savage. He threatened Richard with telling his boss about him being gay and he figured Richard would be a pushover to do a quick black male job on.

There was one thing that really shocked the hell out of me. When John brought that son and his back to California but then locked him in the back of that house and sexually abused him for several years before the boy died, or killed himself, or maybe John ended up killing him I don’t know. He had that back room set up with movie cameras to take pictures of kids there are many with his own boy as the main actor. Where ever he found the others in those pictures I have no idea.

I would imagine child abuse authorities worldwide are getting copies of those pictures. Many heartbroken people will see the last pictures of their own children. I really hate to think of how many people are buried in that Vineyard Outback. He had no qualms about killing anyone I found that out. He probably bought those kids on the black market in some other country. I have no idea but he knew better than to ask me to bring any kids to him. I would have killed him myself right on the spot with my own bare hands.

He wanted us to run over this Richard Savage’s girlfriend and kill her with a car which I was totally against but I also realized if we fail to complete that mission for him he would simply have us killed. So out of fear he had us doing his dirty work he controls everybody through fear and blackmail. I have to say it’s a very good thing there are not very many humans being put together that way. When he found out that we ran over the wrong person and killed this Bobbie’s girlfriend Ronda instead it didn’t bother him one bit.

Richard Savage was one of the only people I have ever known who stood up to John and refused to be blackmailed or to do what he wanted to be done. I got to give the kid credit he’s probably got more guts than brains. I know if John would have been in the apartment that night when we came to threaten the kid with a boat ride. John would have shot the kid himself I know damn well. I didn’t think it was up to me to kill the young guy. We were told to go scare the hell out of him to get him to do the job copy the information and get it to Cliff. No more questions asked. I’m quite sure John would never have left him alone if he had done it. When that Savage guy refused, John went completely nuts he was livid, no fun to be around for many days I can tell you that.

I understand somehow Savage’s friends got Cliff to turn on the boss. I don’t know what they did but they must have scared the hell out of him. I know when the court case came up they were expecting Cliff to be on the side of Young Savage. Then he turned around and testified he knew nothing about any blackmailing. That made Uncle John’s day he could see young Savage squirming after that day in court. Then Thomas Yates gets up and admits to murdering the guy from Noah that sent John right through the roof he went nuts, screaming crazy. I think he was frothing at the mouth, screaming his head off!

Old Cliff was a damn good man, he did a lot of dirty work for Clemons. John hired this expensive Hot Shot lawyer to come in and tell Cliff to lie on the witness stand and then they would get him out on bond. The lousy Bastards got Cliff to lie and they got him out of jail all right. Then run him over with a big truck the next day down by his apartment. Cliff deserved a lot better than that. I started thinking to myself everybody in this whole world is Expendable to John Clemons you can be his best soldier and he can shoot you himself and never bat an eye.

Clemons finally got the visit he never wanted to receive from his lawyer. E T, after he sat down. John asks, “how bad is it?” Somebody told me we’ve got a Jasper brother spilling his guts all over the place. It sounds like Randy lost his marbles went nuts looking at the pictures of all the burned bodies he’s telling about everything he ever knew you did. This looks like the day John, might as well get on the plane of yours, and start heading out. I don’t know where you’re going to go, and I don’t think I want to ask. You’ll get by no matter where you end up.

It has been a wild ride being your lawyer a genuine education not covered in the books. I must say I learned a lot of things from you I could never have learned in law school. I have no idea how many days the feds are going to wait but I imagine they’re going to be coming at you from all directions very soon. I don’t know what your best bet is right now. Just fly away for a while, see what happens. John asks ET is there still money in the Cayman Islands and in a Geneva account? ET replies yes, you must also have a lot of money in accounts that are connected to T-Max, don’t you? John says, most of those accounts are about all spent down, used up for the business.

John Clemons got out a bottle of his best Scotch ET always enjoyed having a few sips of John’s best imported Scotch whiskey. He said I propose a toast to the two of us survivors may we live long happy lives. Mr. Bribery took two swallows of the scotch and fell off his chair, it appeared he was dead before he hit the floor. John rolled him up in a rug and pulled the heavy hard to move load to the back door. They had been alone there at the winery, so John wasn’t worried about anyone walking up on them Outdoors there were no field workers tending to grapevines anymore. He’s very seldom had anyone on his property. He decided it was too much trouble to keep track of them for the little amount of money that the grapes brought in. He thought, I spend money by the Millions, funny as hell I worry about a couple of Farm Workers getting paid three bucks an hour. He had a four-wheel drive all-terrain vehicle that he drove right up to the back door he still quickly looked all around in every direction to see if there happened to be anyone around.

He tied ET tightly in the rug then hooked the other end of the rope to his bumper. He dragged his priceless load way off to the side of the vineyard were hardly any activity was done anymore. He was in no hurry as he wasn’t expecting anyone else to show up, he had few visitors in his life.

John wasn’t very well-organized on some things he forgot to bring a shovel. He went back to the shed to got himself a spade and returned to ET ‘s future burial spot. John’s heart started pounding he didn’t see any sign of the lawyer or the carpet. In a panic says no way in hell he got up and walked away. I gave him enough poison in that Scotch to kill a big horse. John the bad guy who never gets shook up was starting to hyperventilate. His heart was racing in a full-blown panic, zipping back and forth on his all-terrain vehicle.

He couldn’t figure out what was going on ET and just up and disappeared. Then he realized my god this is my own damn Winery and I don’t even know where I’m at. I left him close to the creek. He drove over there ET lay there wrapped up in the rug. John took a long look at that expensive rug that he bought in Persia. I better bring that back to the house, so he unrolled his lawyer friend from the rug into the Shallow Grave. John left his old Scotch drinking lawyer, Buddy ET under the ground. He was so lazy the grave was only about a foot deep the vultures would be finding it in a couple days, and start to circle the spot. John tried to rationalize to himself, ET never should have said he was going to walk out on me. I told him he was going to be my lawyer until he died, and I never lie, he died today. John kind of smoothed the ground and scattered some dead grass over it. He loaded the Persian rug and had a leisurely drive back to the house.

His big old house was awful quiet that night. His friends and acquaintances were either in jail or dead. He thought, I should get myself another boy to come and stay. Then he realized what the ‘hell’, am I talking about I got to get out of here. He went out to the shed got his own son’s body out of the freezer then wrapped it in one of the tarps. His Learjet was parked at a small private Airport not far away. He drove over to the airport and left the boy’s body wrapped in the tarp, but he put it in a heavy plastic bag because it was starting to smell strong and bad.

He brought along a device that he had purchased for big money from a weapons dealer. It was guaranteed to go off at a certain altitude. He had flown in the Learjet enough to realize when they took off from his landing strip near Napa it was a gradual slow climb all the way over to the Sierra Nevada mountains. He had this explosive device figured to explode at the altitude just before they go over the mountains and down to Lake Tahoe. He locked the boy and the bomb in the back of the plane, then closed the back cabin, door and locked it too. The pilot and co-pilot had strict orders not to enter the back of that airplane, under any circumstances.

After he got that repulsive duty done he went back home. The house was quiet as a tomb he sat down and had himself a drink, out of a different bottle of Scotch, thinking wouldn’t that have been the s***’s if I would have taken a drink out of ET ‘s bottle? He poured that bottle down the drain and took the empty bottle with him. He shrugged, I got no reason to be cautious now this place is going to be crawling with FEDS and locals and who knows what all. He had all of ET Bribery’s credentials, passports, and credit cards, in a small suitcase.

Then he called his flight crew and told them he wanted them to take the plane up to Lake Tahoe that night. He was flying up there with other people, but he wanted to have the plane there in the morning. For them to just go ahead and take off, he was going to have a lot of valuables in the back of the plane. He wanted the rear cabin kept locked with no one going into it.

Uncle John Clemons then drove to a different Airport where he had a plane chartered to take him to the Cayman Islands. He had an appointment with a doctor there waiting to do a complete plastic surgery job on him as soon as he arrived.

The pilot and co-pilot we’re driving up from San Francisco to the small private airstrip near his Winery. The co-pilot asks, “did you file a flight plan?” The pilot acknowledged that he had although it wasn’t necessary for the fifty-minute flight up to Tahoe, he said it’s a good idea in case something happens the FAA knows we were in the air tonight. They were reminiscing stories about overseas flights as they drove along. The pilot said he never flew Clemons overseas, but he flew a lot of other private jets for different companies for many years. The T-Max Pharmaceutical outfit leases this airplane we’re flying for him they also lease us. If I had to fly this Clemons guy around myself in his own plane I don’t think I would do it. He is one creepy customer. We are all part of the lease agreement with his corporation.

There were a lot of stories going around about John Clemons, he had a lot of flights, almost regular trips to Bangkok, also to Hong Kong. The explanation was help and care for orphans. In many of the pilot lounges where those stories were exchanged a lot of snickers were overheard. It never went beyond that. Who is going to question a wealthy businessman with a big heart? There are very few people in this world out adopting young teenage boys who appear to have been living on the streets. He would stay in the back of the plane for the whole trip on some flights. This looked beyond bizarre or suspicious, more like criminal. Nobody questioned it, no investigation was done even during that time human trafficking was in the headlines. The boys were usually snatched off the streets in Bangkok and Hong Kong.

Well, here we are they keep this thing fueled all the time. I’ll give it a before flight inspection you check out the cockpit. That is something else that ticks me off; John said there were a lot of valuables in the aft compartment. The door would be locked, no entry allowed. He might as well just say he doesn’t trust us. I want to inspect every inch of the plane on my inspection. I want to check the back cabin and every other part of the aircraft. Locking up that cabin so I can’t see it, that’s just not right. I’m going to put in a complaint about that. I should have full access to the whole aircraft. The pilot made his walk around while the co-pilot was in checking instruments getting everything ready to go. It was always one their shorter flights. Usually, when they left that Airfield they were bound for across country sometimes to China or Thailand anymore.

They were soon in the air and almost to Sacramento. The flight was going just fine beautiful Starry Sky a slight chill in the air but nothing to worry about as far as icing on the wings. They were approaching Donner Summit close to the top of the Sierra Nevada mountains. The Pilot radioed the Lake Tahoe Airport Tower. T-Max 424 Requesting permission to land. T-Max 424 Runway number 1 clear for landing. Do you have any special landing instructions for me? Lake Tahoe Tower; to T- Max 424 you are clear to land on Runway number 1. Just at that time, there was a thunderous explosion in the rear of the plane. The pilot shouted “MAYDAY” “MAYDAY” We have an explosion in the aft section of the plane we’re going down that was the last the tower heard. T-Max 424 went down in a ball of Fire.

CHAPTER: 23 Plane Crash

The next day all of the news in the Bay Area was about the crash of a Learjet owned by John Clemons. He was part owner of T-Max Pharmaceuticals. It crashed in the Sierra Nevada mountains with no survivors. The FAA was sending up a search team to go through the wreckage. The plane came down in rugged terrain near Lake Tahoe, it was taking them a long time to get to the crash site.

The FAA had only been at the crash location for a few hours before they announced the plane came down due to an explosive device. There was no way they could have landed and survived. An explosive charge of some type detonated in the tail section blowing the plane into two pieces. The only bodies found in the wreckage were that of the pilot and copilot and John Clemons.

Alex called Richard, “have you heard the news yet” the threat to our lives has been neutralized if the reports are correct. Dick replied, “yes I heard that on the news this morning, they say Clemons body was in the wreckage. One newspaper headline in Hong Kong this morning was not very flattering to Old Uncle John. The newspaper story characterized him as a dreamer and a schemer. A white-collar criminal who had huge tastes for luxury but no money. He had no problem harming people or making them disappear. He was not trusted by very many people who did business with him.

Dick, remember what I said about John being mixed up with the Asian Mafia? I’m not a Gambling Man but I would bet the bomb that was put in that Learjet to kill him came over from Hong Kong in a shipment of fireworks. We will have to pay extra close attention, be watchful of the people who are going to be next in line trying to force a merger on us. You and I both understand a certain element hopes to shape the law to fit their needs.

Dear Mom and Dad,

I thought I would send you a quick letter here this morning you no doubt heard the news about a white- collar gangster dying in his plane crash up in the mountains of California. He is the guy who has been trying to kill me and Bobbie and everybody else who stood up to him. Now that he is gone the threat should be over. Bobbie and I have decided to come home and get married at the old church.

Mom, we would love and appreciate it if you would make most of the arrangements for the wedding. I understand this is very short notice and I apologize for that, but we are sure that you could do this better than us. We trust it will work out just great. Do not worry about the cost of a reception. My new employer offered to help there, he will give you a call. Don’t be afraid to get on the phone and talk to Bobbie. You two put your ideas together it should be fun for you both. She may want some different things than you. We will leave it mainly up to you if you are willing to help us do it. We will fly home next week and spend close to a week there on the farm with you. Then my job is going to be waiting for me. I will now be working for Noah Pharmaceuticals full-time my new boss Alex Noah Gaiakoski promised to keep me very busy as soon as we get home.

After the wedding, I hope the five of us can go up to the lake and spend a day or two together. We have many fond memories of camping at the lake. Talk it over and see what you think, we could stay at the lodge. You two can pull the old boat to the lake behind the new pickup, fry fish at the lake shore like we did when I was a kid. Dad, ‘I will never say anything to Mom about closets or living under the same roof.’ “Mom knows best.”

Love, Dick, Bobbie, and Stan

Richard and Bobbie had a beautiful wedding there were over 300 people attending everyone from their little Community turned out to see the happy young newlyweds. Two young successful business people from San Francisco come home to exchange their wedding vows in their grand-parents old church. Photographers from area newspapers were there for picture taking. They had a grand reception following the wedding, food was plentiful as were the happy guests greeting one another, many after a long absence. It turned into a wedding school reunion, classes from thirty prior years were in attendance and all the years in between it was a great excuse for everyone to get together.

After the wedding was over Stan and Martha Took Stan’s new pickup and pulled his old Boat and Motor up to the lake. Dick and Bobbie drove the rental car from the airport and they all met at the lodge at Spirit Lake. It was the end of June. but the water was still very cold for swimming but nice thing about the cool weather the mayflies were not all over the place. They don’t bite but they can be very bothersome when they hang around your face. Martha and Bobbie decided this was a vacation holiday wedding combination and they both refused to cook. The meals would be eaten in the restaurant at the lodge. They both said they felt the need to exercise their women’s rights. Stan and Dick both commented they were both doing very well already with their women’s rights.

On their second day at the lake, Martha and Bobbie spent most of the day together mainly getting to know each other, they were almost strangers when Richard and Bobbie left for San Francisco together. They didn’t feel like strangers after spending the day together and sharing with one another all their personal things. Stan decided it would be good if they all went fishing together the following day. The restaurant packed a picnic lunch for them and they planned to spend a good share of the day out in the boat trying to catch some fish. So, it was agreed-upon they got up early and went fishing.

Martha being familiar with a fishing pole had her line in the water and was already fishing before everyone else even got started. Bobbie confessed right away she hadn’t ever done much fishing and proceeded to get her line hopelessly tangled in Dick’s line. They could not get it untangled, about that time Martha caught a fish a nice walleye then Stan tried to untangle Bobbie’s line. He soon declared it was impossible and told Dick to cut off the lines close to the tangles and then tie the lures back on.

It wasn’t very long before all four had their lines in the water. They tried trolling but with four lines in a small boat that just invites more tangled fishing lines, so they decided to just drift, and they started to catch fish. They soon had some nice perch and a few walleyes and even a couple blue-gills they were very happy fisherman on a very successful outing.

The lodge even cleaned and froze the fish for them so they’re all ready to take back home and put in their home freezer. Richard decided he was going to get a bag of dry ice and bring some fish with him in his carry-on luggage going home. He said if I can sit out there in San Francisco and eat some fish I know we’re caught here in Iowa I’m going to be a very happy camper fisherman.

They all had a great time at the lake and it was sadly going to end far too soon. Dick had his job waiting for him and Alex already warned him he would be working his buns off when he got back. Bobbie hoped to make a few more flights as a stewardess and then go on maternity leave. She didn’t say to Martha one way or the other if she was going to stay at home after the baby was born she planned to for the first few months at least but Bobbie told them. She missed Ronda so badly the job didn’t mean that much anymore, it was full of many memories. Bobbie seemed to be trying to convince herself to become a stay-at-home mom. If she decided to do that she knew Dick would be all for it, they didn’t have any income worries which is one thing a lot of young people can’t say.

Richard and Bobbie returned home from Iowa and their wedding trip safe. They had a honeymoon while Richard worked at Noah Pharmaceuticals. Bobbie decided to make ten more flights and then go on maternity leave. They had been home for a couple of weeks when they got a call from Dick’s folks. Dick parents and Uncle Clyde and his new wife rented a large motor home and they were making a trip West with the plan of ending up in San Francisco and all going on an ocean fishing trip with Dick and Bobbie.

After Butch was killed his family had an estate sale and Richard bought his boat. He and Bobbie had been spending every weekend on the water. They loved that big boat and being out on the ocean enjoying the sunshine and the freedom. Alex kept his promise he was working Dick’s rear end off at Noah. He had been studying everything he could find about the Chinese pharmaceutical company and they sounded like a solid growing firm. There was a very good chance they would propose a merger with them sometime in the future. That meant Dick would have to make trips to China and possibly stay there for a while.

The newlyweds couldn’t stay at Noah for-ever, so they had been out shopping for a new home without much success at this point. They did not want to live in a high-rise apartment building but would rather have their own home somewhere in the suburbs where there was easy access to transportation to and from the city. Most of the people working in the city came in on some type of transit system and that’s something he would have to get used to doing. Either that or elect to move into a high-rise apartment, some of them were very spacious and luxurious. He was still enjoying a weekly golf game, but it was no longer with the same four players. Golf was something that he found to be very relaxing along with being great exercise.

Richard’s parents and Clyde and his wife started out through South Dakota on their trip and visited Mount Rushmore. They were amazed at the size it. They stayed in a very exciting campground not far away. The next day they motored on West through the Little Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming and then went on up through Yellowstone Park from the south. Spending a night at a campground in the park a beautiful place in the thin high mountain air. After leaving Yellowstone they went West through Idaho, to the lava fields of Utah and over to Reno Nevada. They spent two days in Reno enjoying the gambling casinos and the good food. The clubs served good meals and plenty of it they really enjoyed themselves. Before they decided to start out to San Francisco they spent a night at Yosemite then headed across the San Joaquin Valley and on to the Bay area.

They found a very nice Campground near the Golden Gate Bridge and decided to make that headquarters while they stayed in San Francisco. While Richard was at work Bobbie took the two families on a guided tour of San Francisco they rode the trolley cars went to Fisherman’s Wharf and enjoyed a variety of fancy Sea Foods. The many different museums wore them out. That next weekend they all went out in the boat and tried their luck at ocean fishing. To much disappointment never catching any large fish but they caught quite a few fish of different varieties sea-bass, mackerel, and Stan caught a barracuda he said, “glad there are no fish like this back in Iowa.” They all agreed.

Everyone enjoyed the outing on the ocean the boat had a little kitchen in it and the ladies fixed lunch, it was a great time. When the Savages and the Townsend’s decided to return to the Midwest they drove the full length of California south and then went back through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska and back to their home in Iowa. They had become traveling people after one trip that was decided when they arrived at home. It didn’t take very much convincing the decision was made to do it all over again in a few years.

Stan and Clyde were having coffee one morning after doing the farm chores. Stan said, “we’re not getting any younger.” We both got a lot of farming years left in us but right now farmland is Sky High. If we both sold our farms we could live the life of ease. Why work our rear ends off until we drop? If we work until we can’t go anymore they put us in the old folk’s home and the cost of that old folk’s home will drain off our money in a year or two. That just don’t make any sense to me. We could each buy a fancy motor home or just buy one. We seem to get along quite well together and go traveling and enjoy life. Instead of killing ourselves here. Clyde replied Stan that makes a lot of sense, but I’ve never thought of it I guess. We were born to do a life of hard work until you get old, It, sure doesn’t have to be that way. I think we better have a talk with the girls about this see what they say.

That day after dinner they were having their usual chat. Stan says to Clyde since you’ve been pretty good about asking questions lately, “I will have you ask the ladies what they think about our proposal. “Clyde went on to say, “We all seemed to have a pretty good time on that trip this year didn’t we?” Oh yes, “they totally agreed it was a great adventure.” Then Clyde said, “what if we did that as a regular day to day life?” Stan and I were talking about selling the farms and buying a big motor home or two smaller ones. Live the life of a nomad traveling all over the United States after we see everything in this country we can go overseas and snoop around and see what they got.

Martha and Sally looked at each other somewhat in shock. You guys are serious, aren’t you? Stan says yes, we are “I think it would be a great life.” Why kill ourselves here on the farm until we can’t go any further then go to the old folk’s home? Let’s get out there and enjoy our lives while we still can. Sure, we will all miss the farm life but if we get desperate to see a working farm just drive back here. I bet Sally’s son Tim might let us park our motor homes on his farm for a visit. What would be wrong with that? You two keep making this sound better and better I think we better sleep on it for a day or two. That fall two very nice, productive farms went on The Auction Block and two very great families became Trailblazers of the American campgrounds state and federal parks and every National Park they came to.

CHAPTER:24 Clemons’s Aftershocks

Richard was busy at work when he got an early morning call from Alex. Our security here at Noah has picked up some scuttlebutt that’s going on down there in LA. It appears that a Mrs. ET Bribery has reported her husband missing. She made a lengthy statement to authorities in Los Angeles. She said, her husband is an attorney that he represented various clients all over the nation and some might not be the most trustworthy clients in the world, but my husband would represent them to the best of his abilities. Frankly I am worried because he always calls home and checks in with me daily, recently he made a trip up to San Francisco he had a client there that he was deeply concerned about. He didn’t say whether he was worried about the client’s safety, or the person’s legal situation if he was in trouble or not. My husband was never about to share what was happening in his clients lives. At this point it has been three days I feel I must file a missing-person report and hope that he will be found somewhere healthy and in good spirits and condition.

We know old ET Bribery was up here and visited the two Jasper Brothers who are in jail and he also talked to David Dow the policeman in the 22nd Precinct that received a call from Clemons seeking information on who turned in the hit and run photos to the police. You just know when he got done in town here, he either went out to Napa or up to Lake Tahoe to visit Clemons. With the lawyer now missing it should be enough evidence to prompt the FAA to do DNA tests on the bodies from the plane wreckage.

He couldn’t get your old boss Thomas Yates bumped off in the hospital, it sounds like he’s on the road to recovery right now. Clemons knew it’s only a matter of time before he would be testifying against him in court. Thomas has no fear of Clemons now he would tell everything he ever knew about old Uncle John. The one Jasper brother went bonkers under interrogation confessing to everything he did. ET Bribery wasn’t going to hang around to get the policeman David Dow off the hook he wouldn’t gain anything by that anymore. I have a feeling Clemons lawyer was ready to quit, walk away, but John wouldn’t let him. Maybe Clemons beat him to the punch.

Mrs. Bribery was alone in her home she had no family, a kind police officer gave her regular reports, but they were finding absolutely no trace of her husband. He was traced through the use of his credit cards and his cell phone, they pinpointed the time that he had left Los Angeles. He flew to San Francisco and rented a car at the airport and proceeded to drive to the police station in the 22nd Precinct.

After ET Bribery had been missing for a week a messenger came to his wife’s door with a package. A very small package, she signed for it, there was an attached letter. It was from some Security Agency they had an order from her husband to deliver that to her if he had been missing for more than a week. ET had checked in with them every week for years. She had no idea what was going on, or why all the secrecy? She opened the little package and it had two keys in it. They were both safety deposit box keys from two smaller Banks in different parts of the city. Her curiosity was causing her blood pressure to go up dramatically. She quickly called a taxi after deciding she better go and find out what this was all about. She was all the way out of the door and then had the thought to bring along a briefcase, to carry papers in on the way back she found one of her husband’s old briefcases in the hall closet, so she grabbed it just as the cab honked its horn.

At the first bank, she found a very large safety deposit box. She emptied the contents into her case and it filled the old briefcase full to the top. She wondered what should she do now? So, she had the cab driver take her back to her home and planned to visit the other bank the next day. She paid the cab driver then almost ran into the house in anticipation of what was in that box. She dumped it all out on the kitchen table and sat down to do an inventory. There were thousands and thousands of dollars in cash. Also numerous stock certificates she knew absolutely nothing about, she would certainly need to find a broker to help her manage that part of the package.

She said to herself and the empty room. Damn you ET, you better come back home. I don’t know what to do without you. I can’t manage all this stuff if you’re gone. I do miss you, please come back wherever you’re at. Molly hadn’t had a decent night of sleep for the last three days. She decided to call her doctor and explain to him that her husband is missing, and she needed something, so she could go to sleep at night. He prescribed a light sedative and had the pharmacy deliver it. She made herself a lite snack took a pill and managed to go to sleep.

Molly was having a very fitful sleep. She was dreaming about her husbands, clients, and the different people that he had defended in his long career. He never mentioned the clients, names, he was very professional that way. There were some days when he would come home very agitated. He had one client in San Francisco that tested him to his limits I know he wanted to talk to me about this guy, but he never did. He mentioned from time to time he was evil personified! From the many different people, he had met in his career this was the most vicious and vile one he ever encountered and that he feared for his own safety when dealing with him.

She woke up during the night and stretched her arm out across the bed, patted his pillow but ET was not there. A terribly lonely, empty feeling swept over her. She was lost without her man being there beside her. The sedative helped her to sleep she felt a little fuzzy from the pill, but she had rested a little bit. She decided to get up and have a cup of coffee. Molly sensed something bad had happened he certainly would have checked in by now. As soon as the banks opened she would visit that other one.

Anxious she was waiting at the front door when the other bank opened in the morning. A young bank worker escorted Molly into the vault where she signed her name in the book and gave them her key. The keys both opened the drawer. The bank worker carried the drawer for her and set it on a table where she could sit down and freely examine the contents. Sitting right on top of everything else inside of the drawer was something about a GPS chip. Molly thought it looked important and it was set right on top with a note CHECK THIS OUT FIRST.

Molly, please read the following information about the GPS locators. ET had one installed in his belt buckle also had a small GPS locator implanted at the hairline on the back of his head. The note Said, Molly if I’m still missing and you’re reading this note follow the instructions in this book and have this security company trace my location with the use of their GPS equipment. It shouldn’t take very long, and they can tell you where I’m at and I pray I will be all right when they find me. This was a last resort effort I thought of if something bad would happen in my life. Since you’re reading this it appears that the worst has happened and I’m no longer alive. No matter what I want you to always know I loved you and I always will love you, my spirit will remain there with you, you will never be alone.

I want you to take this GPS information with you and leave the deposit box here at the bank for now. Just close the box back up and have one of the helpers put it back in the deposit box area. If you already have the other box at home I want, you to put what cash is in there into an account in your name at your bank. There are some different papers in that box regarding money deposited in the Cayman Islands, also a small Swiss bank accounts. I don’t expect you to be able to look after all these different details.

Contact Benjamin Greenway after a week or two when things start to get back in order if that’s possible after this. I want you to call Ben, his numbers are in this GPS information packet. He knows that you will be getting in touch with him if something happens to me. I know he will be fair to you and treat you right. In all financial dealings. he will charge you a substantial fee for his work but that is just fine, that is what his work is all about. After you get back home today follow the instructions that I have written down for you in this GPS packet. All I can tell you then is just sit back and relax say a prayer or two if you would like that they will find me okay someplace. As soon as you call them about me being missing they should go to work on it. That is about all I can tell you for right now I would like to say let’s keep in touch but that’s going to be hard to do All my love E T

It took less than a day and the GPS security company E T had hired pinpointed his location as being near Napa California. They zoomed in to get closer and it showed that he was in a Vineyard owned by one John Clemons. They called the FBI to send an investigation team to Napa with search warrants for every square inch of the Clemons Wineries. The team drove right to the marked spot and dug up ET Bribery. It was just a matter of minutes. He was buried in a very shallow grave as if it was done in a hurry.

The FBI was working in conjunction with Homeland Security on the investigation of the fire at Butch’s Nightclub in Oakland. They had a search warrant to look for a certain highly flammable chemical on that same property. They found a shed, containing agricultural chemicals and in that same building they located a highly flammable phosphorus material that was imported from Hong Kong. It even had shipping label still attached to it. This linked John Clemons to the killing of over one hundred people at the fire in Oakland. Clemons was part owner of the pharmaceutical company in Hong Kong that is why he had easy access to the phosphorus chemical with no questions asked.

During the FBI and Homeland Security investigation of the Clemons Winery, searchers found an old freezer. It was hidden in the back of one shed and covered with some tarps that they put over the grapevines to keep them from freezing. One of the investigators happened to move the tarps and look in the freezer. It had a very bad smell, it was still plugged in and had frost inside but after smelling the terrible odor they ran some tests on the freezer and found there had been a body stored in it. Tissue samples later confirmed a human body had been in that freezer for many years.

The FAA investigation got the results finished on their DNA testing of the burned bodies from the wreckage of Clemons Learjet. The report showed DNA of John Clemons, but it also showed DNA of an oriental person. That set off all kinds of warning sirens. They immediately called Interpol to get involved in the investigation. John Clemons had no Asian blood in him. The pilot and co-pilot had no Asian blood in them so there couldn’t be a mix-up in the samples taken. It’s starting to look a lot like John Clemons body was not the one on the plane that burned. The medical examiner thought about it for a short time and decided to take the tissue testing further and he concluded the person from the freezer was in their teens and was no doubt Asian and part English. It was the body of a younger person than John Clemons, much younger.

Hello Richard, Alex here there’s a lot of stuff going on, but it sounds like the game plan is to keep it all out of the newspapers. Start corralling some of these bad guys and putting them away. I believe they feel they are going to do a lot better without a lot of headlines alerting the wrong people. Not telling the public what’s going on is best. The FAA finished the autopsies it shows the DNA for the one they thought was John Clemons is the DNA of a teenage boy who was part Oriental and part English possibly a son of John Clemons. Our people are investigating it, we know John did some time in the Navy and spent a lot of time in Hong Kong he maybe had a son over there. Our people are going to see what they can uncover from that angle. Interpol has already stepped in to do an investigation on their own I presume.

Molly Bribery heard a knock on her front door it was her favorite policeman coming to give her the Daily Report, so she thought. This man had a very sad look on his face she immediately knew it was bad news, he looks so uncomfortable standing there she felt sorry for him to have to be the one doing this job. When she opened the door, he had tears in his eyes he said, “Mrs. Bribery they have found your husband he was dead and buried in a shallow grave at a winery near Napa California.” The property belongs to one of his clients who no doubt murdered your husband. They are doing an autopsy now. You have my heartfelt sympathy could we have someone come and stay with you at this time or is there anything we can do to help you? She said no, that’s okay. Molly quietly closed the door, staggered towards her chair, she barely made it before her legs gave out. Molly sobbed and cried for hours her husband was gone. She was going to be all alone from now on.

The investigators from Noah Pharmaceuticals sent a team to Hong Kong to check out court records. They went back to the years that John Clemons was in the military. They found that he was married to a Chinese woman and they had a baby boy. John was discharged from the Navy and stayed there in Hong Kong and went to work for a Chinese pharmaceutical company for close to ten years.

He and his wife ended up in court she was fighting for custody of the boy because John was abusive to him. He was accused of molesting the boy. The Chinese courts frown on that type of heinous crime. If convicted, he would have spent his life in a Chinese prison. Somehow John Clemons manage to leave the country with the boy and his wife either never fought to keep the boy or was silenced.

Noah’s investigating team in Hong Kong went through boxes and piles of missing person files from that time. When John and his wife were fighting for custody of their boy. They did find an unnamed, unclaimed body of a woman that age who drowned in Hong Kong Harbor. It is their belief John got the wife and the boy on a boat for some reason before the court date. He then promptly drowned her, went to the Airport and took the boy back to the USA.

Investigating at the Clemons Winery went on for several days it revealed the old shed where the freezer was found was like a prison. People trained to investigate torture chambers where people are kept confined all concluded the boy was held in that shed and abused possibly for several years before he died. No other people in that area could know what Clemons was doing in that shed. It was a private part of the property. He was the only one with access to it. After the young man died Clemons placed his body in the freezer with the full intent of using that body just as he did on the plane crash DNA testing. From everything that the investigation had revealed to this point. The decision was made to keep searchers there for an indefinite time and continue investigating for bodies. They were positive there would be more bodies found.

Molly Bribery had another visit from her friendly policeman. He said, Mrs. Bribery the autopsy is complete your husband died from poisoning. The coroner said, “he didn’t suffer the poison would have been very quick acting he would have been unconscious almost immediately upon drinking it.” They suspect it was mixed with Scotch whiskey. I know it is of very little consolation, that he died quickly without suffering and pain. It was a very good idea for him to have those GPS implants put in, without them there would have been no closure.

We no doubt would never have found the body and you would have spent your life wondering what did really happened to him at least now you know, and your husband had the foresight to plan that. He knew he was dealing with some unsavory characters and that one of them could turn on him and take his life. I suspect that is why he had the GPS locators implanted on himself. Again, I want to say, “you have our sympathy from everyone at the police station. We wish you all the best in the days ahead, peace and rest.

Molly sat alone a few days hesitant about it, but she decided she had to give Ben Greenway a call and tell him everything that was going on. She dialed the number that ET left for her to use. The phone rang about three times, and a man answered, she asked, “is this Mr. Benjamin Greenway?” He replied, “this is Ben, what can I help you with?” She said, “my name is Molly Bribery my husband was an attorney ET Bribery, and from what he wrote in a note to me he knew you very well. Mr. Greenway my husband is dead he was murdered by one of his clients a man named John Clemons. ET went through special precautions, so I could find his body of something like this ever happened to him I’m glad that he did it otherwise we would never have located him.

He was poisoned by this Clemons guy and buried right there on his property up at Napa California. Ben said, “you have my sincere sympathy Molly I feel so bad for you.” I had heard rumors about the story I guess. I did not want to believe that it was true and now that you called I must to face reality. I have lost a very dear friend he and I went to law school together we’ve known each other just about all our lives.

Mr. Greenway the reason I called “Molly, just called me Ben please” the purpose of this call is ET wanted me to contact you, there is still a safety deposit box at another bank, and he wanted you to be with me when I open it up. He told me you would know what to do with the different papers that are in it. My husband placed total trust in you, and leaves this in your hands and don’t be afraid to charge me whatever you’re, regular rates are for helping people with financial problems. ET even warned me don’t give Ben a hard time about what he charges you he’s not doing this work for the fun of it there are regular professional rates and just pay whatever his fees are. I know he’s a fair man and he won’t try to take advantage of the situation.

Then there are some papers at home from the first box that I opened. He did have boxes at two different banks, but the one at home has some certificates for money that is in the Cayman Islands. I think the best thing would be if you could pick me up and take me to that other bank and then we can return to my house, and you can go through that box too but there is money in the Cayman Islands, and I believe ET also said a small Swiss bank account.

Ben, I will have to trust you to maintain all of this for me there is no one else in my family that I can count on. We will do it whatever way you think is best. I could turn these things over to you, or if you want, I can rent a safety deposit box at my bank and store some of it that way. I’ll leave it up to you what you think is the best way to go about it as far as tax purposes and everything like that. It is all way over my head. I wouldn’t know where to begin. If there is money in these foreign accounts maybe it’s better to leave it there, I have no idea. You will be the one to make that decision Ben; I trust you to do what is right.

Molly, you said that this John Clemons murdered ET, he must have in his possession all of ET’s documents that he was carrying, identification, passports, personal credit cards all of his business credit cards. All of that must be under the control of John Clemons at this time. There’s an extreme possibility that this John guy is traveling somewhere in the world right now as ET Bribery, I wouldn’t doubt it one bit. The first thing we must do is Freeze all of his credit cards business and private. I will also call and report his passport was stolen.

Molly, what is your home address? Okay, that’s not very far from this part of town. I tell you what give me about a half an hour and I will come by and pick you up. How about if we have a light lunch and then go to that other bank. Molly said, “that would be just fine I will see you in a half hour forty-five minutes thank you.”

Ben spent a few seconds scanning his phone book log then dialed a number it was the local FBI office. He said I would like to speak to anyone in charge of an investigation involving John Clemons if there is anyone in there engaged in finding this man. I would be pleased to talk to them; they put someone on the phone who said he was investigating the one in question. Ben Greenway said “I would highly recommend you check out the Cayman Islands very quickly because I have a hunch this John Clemons is going there. There’s a high probability that he is in the Cayman Islands under the name of ET Bribery.  He just recently left California, on a flight from Justice. John Clemons, is wanted by the local authorities and I hope Interpol.

Ben picked Molly up at her residence and they stopped at a fancy little Italian restaurant for a late lunch. He asked if she would like to have a before lunch drink and she declined and said she would love to have a tall glass of iced tea, Ben said that sounds like a very good idea so they both had tea with their lunch. They sat back and tried to relax a little bit and enjoy the others company, they seemed to enjoy being with each other. After a lovely visit over lunch, they were off to the other bank to claim the contents of the other safety deposit box. Ben went on to say ET was a very good one to have documentation for everything. That is one thing if you need a paper about a certain job you’re doing, and that paper comes up missing. That’s when you start pulling your hair out. We used to joke at school the E in ET stands for efficiency.

They brought the contents from the other safety deposit box over to Molly’s house then went to work sorting through the whole pile. They were just getting a good start when Ben’s cell phone rang. He picked it up and answered yes who is this? That was the FBI calling him back, and they thanked him for the tip. They found a plastic surgery doctor dead at his villa outside of the city. The report stated Clemons had been there for approximately four days, had his plastic surgery completed then he murdered the doctor and fled the country. That poor doctor made the mistake of living alone in his Villa. If there had been others present in the house at that time, Clemons would have no doubt just left, and he would still be alive.

Molly, I think what we should do right now is get the numbers for the banks in the Cayman Islands We better make sure John didn’t beat us to the bank, he could be very persuasive he may not look very trustworthy, but he could sell refrigerators to the Eskimos.

What would you like to do Molly leave the money in those banks or have a big part of it sent back to the US to your local bank that is your call whatever you feel you want to do. Molly said, Ben, I don’t know, you handle this, go about it in whatever way works out the best income tax wise. I hate to bring that money back here and pay it all it income tax in one year or something like that.

Ben called the first bank in the Cayman Islands, and he found out it had $750,000 in it and it was drawing a reasonable rate of interest. He told the bank that he was going to leave it alone at this time and let it continue to build interest. Then he found the pin numbers for the other bank and called it and gave them the account number. They told him the account balance is 1.1 million dollars. The interest on it was ready to roll over in about a month. He would have a small loss if he decided to withdraw it at this time none if leaving it until it’s anniversary date. If he wished he could just not touch it for another year, they wanted activity done with it during the year, or it would become an inactive account.

Molly, it appears your husband has left you a wealthy woman you shouldn’t have too many worries about money for the rest of your days. I think that is very commendable of him I always knew he was a gentleman. Ben, he did say something about money in Switzerland did you see any papers here? He dug around a little farther, and there was a paper showing an account in a Swiss bank. The account number and everything looked up to date and the PIN numbers, so he thought we better give them a call too.

Ben’s phone rang and the fellow on the phone asked, “Did you just contact me about the balance in an account here at our bank in the Cayman Islands?” Ben said, “I talked to a banker in the Cayman Islands a few minutes ago.” The guy went on to ask, “who are you then?” Ben replied, “I am an attorney, my name is Ben Greenway. I represent the wife of the man whose account I was checking on. Would that be the account of Mr. ET bribery?” Ben replied that was my client’s husband’s name.

There was someone in the bank two days ago trying to access that account. He had all kinds of credentials and identifications, but he did not have the PIN numbers. We questioned him thoroughly; he claimed he was ET Bribery, but his face did not match Mr. Bribery’s picture on his passport or any of his other identification. We refused to give him access to the account, and he became very agitated and stormed out of the bank. Ben quickly interrupted the banker and suggested he contact Interpol immediately and report that this man had been in the bank trying to get money out of Mr. Bribery’s account. This information should be given to all Interpol agencies around the world immediately. He killed Mr. Bribery and stole his identification and his other credentials; his name is John Clemons. His home was at Napa California.

Ben was finally able to make his call to the bank in Switzerland they luckily had the right timing, never giving the time difference a thought. The banks there were just opening for business in the morning. Ben asked to talk to someone about his account and that he lived in the United States. They connected him with someone Ben then went on to explain he was calling on behalf of his client about her late husband’s account his name was ET Bribery.

The fellow on the line in Switzerland replied Sir, are you playing some joke game on me? Ben asked, “what do you mean.” A man who claims to be ET Bribery is talking to one of our employees in another room; he just came to the bank a few minutes ago. Ben hurriedly went on to tell this guy, “take a very good look at this fellow, he does not match the identification he’s carrying, his name is John Clemons. He murdered ET Bribery he’s traveling with ET Bribery’s passport and now he’s trying to get money out of Mr. Bribery’s account.

I would advise you to quietly call your local police and call Interpol don’t Panic this guy he is very dangerous. Please tell the police to come to the bank and arrest this man quietly; this is no joke. I’m telling you the truth I’m sitting with his wife right now it just so happened we called to see what the account balance is! The same one he is trying to get money from, do not let him take money out of or transfer funds from that account. Ben gave him the account number and told him that he has the PIN numbers. He doesn’t think the other guy has any PIN numbers for sure. Don’t give him any money without the PIN numbers, please.

Ben and Molly, we’re so excited about Clemons being in that bank at the same time Ben called they weren’t even thinking about the account balance now. Their primary concern was trying to find out if Clemons got arrested in the bank or if he got away again. They were going nuts without knowing this. Ben told her I would start calling the FBI, but they’re not going to let me know anything at this point every country in the world is going to be fighting for extradition on that guy.

Ben, asked Molly if she believed in spiritual powers, where people who have died create situations or cause things to happen? Molly replied, “I guess I really never gave it any thought.” Ben went on to say, with a grin “I can’t help but think ET had his hand in this situation at the bank. I think he steered old John from the Cayman Islands to Switzerland and had him go to the bank just before we made our call. I can see a great big smile on his face as he pulled it off. For the rest of my life now I’m going to be wondering, did ET recently have those PIN numbers changed?

Ben then called the bank in Switzerland back and asked what the balance was on that specific account. He also asked the banker if ET Bribery had any other funds there? The bank employee replied that was the only account in that name. Then he asked Ben for the PIN numbers. He told Ben the balance of 1.6 million dollars remains in that bank. He then asked Ben what his intentions were if he wanted to leave it there or move it. He told them, do nothing with the account at present. Have there been any withdrawals from that account recently? The banker said no there had been no other withdrawals made. Do you know if a man named John Clemons was arrested there in the bank this morning or outside of the bank? Yes, he was, the man said, “we refused to give him access to that account without the PIN numbers the Geneva police met him as he left the bank and took him away.” Ben told Molly, “well that makes me feel better they didn’t let Clemons get his fingers on any of that money and he is in jail there now.

His wife died of cancer at a young age; he had lived alone for many years. Ben and Molly started dating. Molly said to Ben one day I never dreamed I would ever date anyone again. I can’t believe this is happening. Ben replied neither can I, “not at my age not set in my ways the way I am.” Molly said, “well so am I, I do things my way.” Ben went on to say, “the part I like best we both seem to be very flexible we don’t make too many waves if there is a slight disagreement we just kind of bend with the Wind, go with the flow.” The following year they were married. They decided to spend the rest of their lives honeymooning around the world.

John Clemons’s life of crime ended in Switzerland by the Geneva Police. He tried to withdraw funds from a bank account belonging to a different person. He had that person’s identification papers passports and all of his credentials, but he lacked the PIN numbers to access the bank accounts.

The Swiss Bankers refused to give him any of the funds without the PIN numbers. The man became outraged, then pulled out a gun as he was leaving the bank. He thought a taxi cab was waiting for him to take him away. When the cab driver saw the gun in his hand he just drove off and left the man standing on the curb. At that point, Geneva police drove up in several vehicles and arrested him. He placed the gun on the sidewalk as the police cars approached. His plan must have been to retire in Cuba; he had an airplane ticket in his pocket to fly from Geneva to Havana Cuba. The police informed him he would have to postpone his trip to Havana until after he answered a lot of questions for Interpol and other police agencies who wish to speak to him.

The FBI headquarters in Washington DC received a phone call from the Geneva Police Department informing them that a man named John Clemons had been arrested in Geneva that day. They would be glad to turn him over to the United States authorities as soon as they send someone to bring him back for trial in the United States. The FBI sent a plane to Geneva to pick him up before some other country decided they wanted to claim him first. They returned John Clemons to the United States soil then he was taken to San Francisco California.

Chapter: 24 Clemons After Shocks

Dick, Alex here, I was going to send you over to Hong Kong to check out the possibilities of a merger with a popular Chinese pharmaceutical company based there. I’m not saying a merger with this company is completely out of the question. They have a proactive, growing reputation that’s why I would like to have you study every angle every bit of information you can accumulate about the company. The name is Beijing X21. With our modern technology, I imagine you can do a lot of digging from your office right here. For the present time that’s what we will do. I want you to start working on it right away find out everything possible thing about the company. I was going to send you over there, but the way things look right now John Clemons may still be alive and if he is, that’s possibly where he’s at.

I don’t know if you have received the DNA information from the bodies found in the wreckage of his Learjet or not? The report we got sent to us shows it was a body with John Clemons DNA, but it also had DNA of an Asian person. The corner got the body to the lab it did further testing it turns out the body belongs to that of an Asian teenage boy. He had a boy over in Hong Kong. He was in trouble with the courts for molesting the boy, so he skipped the country and brought the kid back here to the United States they were living out at the Clemons Winery.

His wife was found conveniently drowned shortly before they were due to appear in court he immediately left Hong Kong. Interpol is checking into what angle a juvenile pornography and child molesters network he was involved in. There has been a lucrative market for human slaves for a long time using Asian children sold worldwide. Investigators going through Clemons Winery and the house found many shocking unbelievable things. There were hundreds of movie films of child pornography and a lot of these pictures were taken at Clemons own home. A room was discovered in the back of the house.

Investigators feel John kept his boy a Prisoner in that back room for a long time. There were pictures of several different young boys in those movies that were taken there. It looks like a possibility when his son died he replaced him with other young boys. Interpol is sending a team in with dogs who are trained to find bodies even those that are buried in the ground for a long time. These dogs will find them, and the search teams will dig them up. The remains will be sent to a laboratory somewhere in the United States probably right here in San Francisco.

It looks like John had a long-range plan conceived for his own disappearance he must have taken the boys body out of the freezer. Drove it out to the airport, put it in the back of his plane along with an explosive device that he later detonated. Either that or a timing device that would explode after his Pilots had the plane somewhere over the Sierra Nevada mountains. Can you imagine he sacrificed the pilot and co-pilot to give himself some more time to do his disappearing act? I don’t think he has any idea that Interpol has figured out that he still alive. I would imagine he’s walking around cocky and free somewhere that is why I will not let you go to Hong Kong right now. That is why there are no news headlines whatsoever being printed at this time.

They have already found ET Bribery’s body. In a shallow grave among the grapevines. John poisoned E T with some of his best scotch. At least he had the decency to use a fast-acting acting poison Mr. Bribery had no idea what was happening to him. He would have died almost instantly according to the coroner. Richard, Ralph Jasper wrote in his confession that John Clemons himself was at Butches Club in Oakland the night of the fire. He is the one who held the electronic device to detonate each explosion and Fire. Ralph recalls John telling him he was going to kill two birds with one stone and it was laughing about it. He was going to get you and Butch at the same time.

Well, it just so happens he saw you and Bobbie leave the nightclub just before he was going to hit the first switch to start the first fire. He saw you two leave, but he still went through with his evil Act. The way Ralph describes it, he was in the Navy with John they had only been home a short time they went over to Oakland to that bar it was a dirty, wild, dumpy place where all the gays and drug addicts were hanging out. He said they went in and started their regular Saturday night fighting and Hell raising. He said, “this big guy came over and picked them both up by the Scruff of the neck.” He took them both outside and scared the hell out of them he wasn’t going to put up with any more from people like them. Then he proceeded to tell them never set foot in his Club again.

He killed Butch, but he got so mad when he saw you and Bobby leave the club he called Ralph and Randy that night and told them to go kill Bobbie the next day, run over and get rid of her. Well we all know what happened after that. Dick, I know you were wondering why he would go through with doing that terrible thing now you know.

Interpol says there is a real possibility that Clemons will try to use E T Bribery’s identification, credit cards, etc. If he has no idea that Interpol is on to him he is probably going to be freely traveling around the world. I’m quite sure he always thought E T was single. He possibly had the idea if he was single he would be blackmail material. One of the Jasper Brothers talks about serving in the Navy with John in his confession. He claims he feels some remorse I could see him trying to get sympathy from the jury. He said he didn’t realize that Clemons was a child molester, into pornography and things like that. He said he would have killed him with his own bare hands if he had known it.

The Jasper who was in the Navy with John recalls hearing that his family all died from food poisoning, his mother, father, and brother shortly before he entered the Navy. They should do some checking there too. Interpol found no funerals had taken place or no death certificates ever filled out for anyone in the Clemons family. That set off a whole lot more alarm bells and whistles. When people are killed anywhere in this world the local authorities will always send information back to the place they were from. Sending exact details of what happened they have found no evidence of information coming back to Napa about the parents or the brother being lost or killed anywhere traveling in the world it sure looks like they’re going to find three more bodies. Out among the Grape Vines.

Dick, here is a new one that I have never thought of, but it sounds like a very good idea Mr. bribery had GPS locator chips implanted one was at the back of his head at the hairline the other one was built into his belt buckle. He had an agreement with a security company if he failed to check in with them within a ten-day period. They had permission to call his wife and tell her the situation that he was missing well they did that and it was just a few days later they discovered his body. But if you think about it if he had never had that done Clemons would have buried ET in the backyard no one would have ever known about it E T Bribery was a pretty sharp cookie I could see why he didn’t trust Mr. Clemons after working for him that long. I expected him to tell him to shove it a long time ago but then I thought about it later there’s no way he would ever let him walk away with all the knowledge that he had it in his head about Clemons operation.

Ralph Jasper also wrote in his confession they were ordered as soon as they killed Bobbie they were to drive the car directly to the wharf load it on a ship and it would be taken out and dumped in the ocean and that is exactly what they did. If Clemons hadn’t been so greedy and dumb to have those two watching for you a few days later over at the Noah Compound they probably never would have caught them but there they sat in another big black Cadillac waiting for the police to come and cuff him. I’ll let you get to work now Dick, sorry about digging up some of these old bad memories.

My memory is not very hot, but it was little over 10 years ago when John asked me and my brother to come out here and go to work for him. I know before we left Tennessee we wouldn’t be hanging wallpaper or doing drywall or anything like that when we got here. I didn’t think he was ever going to change from what he was, so I expected we would be doing illegal activities for him and that’s exactly what it was. I’m ashamed of myself now and I realize I’m going to be spending the rest of my life in prison if I don’t get the death penalty.

Detective Roberts, shared all the information in Ralph’s confession with the FBI and Interpol they followed up on it in China. They visited his wife’s family and started piecing together the time frame from when John Clemons left the Navy and Hong Kong and returned to the United States with his son.

The FBI sent two men back to San Francisco to question Ralph Jasper further. Ralph in your confession you make a statement that John sold drugs to Navy men while they were on shore leave is that true? Ralph replied sure it was true that’s the way he made his living at that time. That was a before toying around with starting at import-export business, Nobody, in their right mind would loan him money for a venture like that. There were businesses like that on every street corner and most of them were considered Smugglers for other items such as drugs. That, is why he wanted to start the business as a cover for smuggling drugs into the country. He was Nobody’s Fool where there was an easy profit to be made he would make it one way or the other.
What was his son’s name? That’s funny I’m not sure I believe they called him Chisana that is Japanese for tiny. Yes, that’s what it was, his wife named the kid that. He was a tiny little fart and he wasn’t very healthy. When he was little he had a problem speaking and couldn’t put words together right. I can’t understand why John became mean to the kid, his wife was accusing him of being mean to the kid and then later molesting him.

They were madly in love at first. I don’t know how they run into each other, he probably bought her something to eat it was a large family and they were always hungry. Food was something they prized, and they never had enough. His wife’s name was Chen, I think that meant morning but don’t quote me on that one. Her brother’s name was Cheng. I seriously doubt if she was turning tricks downtown but to keep that family fed it is a possibility. I never really thought about it that much, by gosh I bet that is how they ended up getting together. I know she didn’t work in the bars because we went to quite a few different drinking places and she never worked any of them.

Did John ever talk to you about his family? Not very much he made a mention of his mother father and his brother all dying from food poisoning shortly before he left for the Navy. He didn’t say if it was at their home or if they were on a trip somewhere around the world. It sounded like they did a lot of traveling. The way he talked they all worked the winery business from morning to night. They started out when they were very poor and slowly built It into a very successful famous winery. They had a vintage wine in their name.

John said his dad was a no-nonsense guy if you borrowed money from him you had to pay it back he didn’t charge you any interest, but he kept track of every penny borrowed and when you borrowed it the expected it to be repaid when you were able to repay it. He said his dad was famous for saying, “We started out here in a one-room house now we own a three-story Chateau with 60 rooms in it.

There was one other thing John said his dad required, that really ticked him off. Every time they sat at the table together his dad wanted each one of them to say something about what they did that day or what they learned or something important in their life. He said, “I didn’t really give a damn about reporting to anybody about my daily activities, maybe I wasn’t very proud of my day. My dad knew I hated it!

John did finally get a lender there in Hong Kong, I don’t remember the guys’ name, but he was a well-known moneylender and he gave John the loan to start his import-export business he could never put any money away for any length of time, so he would have a bundle to buy something big with. That was when he left Hong Kong and came back to the winery. I suppose that was around 14 years ago a year after we come back his brother-in-law came over and went to work for him. He was a real good guy he sent the family money every month, not many kids in this world will do that.

There was one other thing maybe it’ll help you catch John when you finally corner him someplace. When we first went in the Navy we were both green kids, first time away from home. I think it even was on our first Shore leave. We both got drunker than skunks stumbling down the street and ended up in a back-alley District which was off limits and very stupid. There was a dirty old tattoo parlor off to one side.

We staggered in there and started daring each other to get a tattoo. I said something that really pissed him off, he said I’ll show you, I’ll get my damn tattoo. He got a big old red snake tattooed on his left forearm. I thought it looked terrible, he ended up being proud of his snake. Then he asked me what kind I was getting? I said, “I’m not going to get one.” The bastard hauled off and hit me right in the nose, damn near broke my nose. That’s the kind of guy he was, I hope the description of that tattoo helps catch him. Wouldn’t it be ironic as hell if he ended up in the cell next to me?

On Dec 26, 2014, a magnitude 9.1 earthquake struck beneath the Indian Ocean near Indonesia, generating a massive tsunami that claimed more than 230,000 lives in fourteen different countries, one of the deadliest natural disasters ever recorded. That huge tidal wave sent thousands of survivors seeking shelter, a place to live, many of them ended up in Bangkok.

The streets were filled with children who had lost their families. These children were in a miserable condition most half starved to death. In desperation, they would do anything for money to get food. Human nature has many defects sex deviates and perverts were quick to take advantage of these poor wayward kids. They converged on Bangkok from every country in the world the dregs of society, child abusers, and pornography makers all coming to harvest a bumper crop of starving kids.

John Clemons traveled regularly to Bangkok in those days with his import-export business he made a lot of money selling star sapphires, fancy cloth and the local gold tableware the Thais were famous for. John was always one to recognize windfall opportunities right before his eyes. There’s no way he would miss this one about getting some of those kids out of the country. He soon found himself in the slave trade. He didn’t print any business cards for his new sideline it would all be through word-of-mouth advertising. In his travels, he met many potential customers willing to pay big money for their twisted perverted pleasures.

Interpol started there instigation as soon as they landed at Don Mueang International Airport just a short distance from Bangkok. They questioned maintenance people baggage people the airport manager and anyone he might suggest they talk to. Their main interest was to learn how many times a month John Clemons Learjet was landing there. They determine he was coming in there about three times a month up until two years ago he rarely came down there anymore. The Interpol police canvassed Bangkok’s import-export houses. They found a couple owners who were familiar with the name John Clemons, but they didn’t know very much about him.

The last place they went into knew Clemons very well and said he was someone that could not be trusted. He was in and out of the city constantly for many years, but his business changed from star sapphires and fancy cloth to smuggling children. He hired a local gang of teenage thugs, they were very dangerous, could kill someone for a $5 bill, nothing bothered them. John would put in a request to the gang for a 12-year-old girl they would deliver what he wanted that hour. These miserable low lives didn’t even own an automobile, so he bought the gang a vehicle, so they could deliver the children right to his airplane. The airport security was very relaxed a vehicle could drive up to an airplane parked on the side ramp. Vehicles can come and go, no one checks who is in them.

There’s a small village just out of the city with their own local artist he will make papers for any age person with instant photography you could have a picture on a new Visa or Passport in minutes. John did not have to take a chance on himself getting in trouble transporting them on the ground. The gang did his dirty work, he would fly away with these kids in his Learjet with no one ever knowing, or caring where they went or what happened to them.

On some flights, he left the country with two or three kids. You would have to think the flight crew had to know something was going on there’s no way people around the world are adopting that many older children it just looks very suspicious. It’s a remote possibility but he may have had the children loaded on the plane before the flight crew came to take off. He could have kept them locked in the back of the plane and kept them quiet, possibly with knock out drugs.

Interpol shared what they had with other police investigators worldwide FBI, missing person organizations everywhere shared their information and they all concluded there’s no way he was on his own. John Clemons could not have been using those young kids for his own purposes back in California. They put out feelers to other countries. It was in just a few days word started coming back. John Clemons Learjet had been Landing in Indonesia at Jakarta, Buenos Aires, Argentina Paris France and two or three different airports in the United States.

They then figured it out John Clemons was running the slavery ring. He had to have a lot more people working for him than just his brother-in-law the local authorities in these countries would have to ferret out who his helpers were and where they kept the young people hostage in each city. They all had a huge task before them and it was a cycle that was slowly winding down it reached a fever pitch for years prior to that time. Authorities all agreed there were many other airplanes doing the same thing.

His brother-in-law who was his helper at the winery there at Napa had died about a year ago either that or they had a falling-out and Clemons killed him, but his body still hasn’t turned up in the digging. So, about a year ago would have been the time his child business started winding down in a hurry. That was when he started to get involved more in the merger of T-Max with Noah Pharmaceuticals, so he probably gave up his slave trade at that time. He had to have realized that law enforcement of every nature was closing in on him for many different reasons from many different countries.

Interpol got a break in Hong Kong they had been looking for information under John Clemons. They started searching under T-Max Pharmaceuticals BINGO they got a hit. T-Max claimed big write offs on their taxes calling it support for orphans and underprivileged youth. Claiming millions of dollars in donations to various orphanages in and around Hong Kong. As Interpol continued investigating they found very little support was ever given from T-Max. There were only a few orphanages that had even heard of T-Max and that was through pharmaceutical products they had purchased. Interpol’s next move was to begin checking on addresses associated with these T-Max claims. Most of the addresses ended up being vacant lots. By using the name orphanage on tax forms, they would easily get their hands on, Street kids, offer to help them, shortly after that they were being smuggled out of the country with phony papers.

They did find one with a business, but it was not an orphanage it was a pornographic movie theater. They continued checking out that movie theater and learned the owner and recently gone to prison because his benefactor in the United States had discontinued funding for the operations. He was doing money laundering for John Clemons through pornographic movie houses. The owner of the movie theaters had been exploiting children in his dirty movie houses. Moviegoers who bought a special ticket in advance also got a child to sit with them and eat popcorn while they watched the pornographic movies. The authorities frowned on this vigorously and quickly put the guy in prison for the rest of his life.

Clemons left many films and pictures behind when he made his hasty exit. Interpol traced two of these pictures to Hong Kong. The identities revealed two businessmen who were both very wealthy and well-known in that City. Two Interpol agents went to the first one and the secretary told them they could go into his office and visit with him. He asked what the reason was for the visit if they were planning on opening a business in Hong Kong he was in The Lending business and would be glad to talk to them about startup money.

They said no they were law enforcement officials working for Interpol their main office was in Europe, but they were called in to help local authorities investigate this current situation because it was so large had had ramifications that extended around the globe. They continued to tell him the main thing that brought them to Hong Kong. They were investigating a man named John Clemons from San Francisco.

One of the Interpol agents took out the picture and showed it to him and ask him is this you in this photograph? He said that it looks like him then he asked them where they got the picture from. They told him they found it in the home of a man named John Clemons. One of the Interpol agents asked the man did Clemons ever try to blackmail you? He replied he had been paying blackmail payments for eight years now. He kept threatening to tell the police that I was a child molester and I would go to prison here in China for life for that offense, he had me living in total fear for the past eight years. I haven’t heard anything from him this month about my payment. Do you have any idea where he is or what happened to him? We believe this guy is dead, but we can’t be sure he may have faked his death and is taking on a new identity.

This guy came to me close to twenty years ago to borrow money to start a business he called it T-Max Pharmaceuticals. He bent down close to my desk and said with a Sly grin, he needed a way to smuggle drugs into the United States. And I told him I didn’t fund, any operations for smuggling drugs then he laughed and said, “I was only joking with you, can’t you take a joke?” If the truth is known that is what he wanted the money for. That company never grew much, and it was always considered a front for smuggling into the USA.

Clemons was living here at that time he married a woman whose family lived on a boat down at the harbor. After he left this country his wife’s brother Chen left and went to the United States to work for him. I’m not sure what kind of work he was doing I have to give the boy credit he faithfully sent money home to his family. Every month they got a check from him without that check they would have probably starved to death if you want to live on charity in Hong Kong you will have ribs showing very soon they do not have very good welfare programs nothing like the United States.

I first loaned John Clemons money shortly after he got out of the Navy. He was going to start an import-export business here and he got that started before he left. That was going to be his smuggling card, but it never went over that great. It was shortly after that he came back to borrow money to start this company called T-Max. His brother-in-law Chen stopped sending a check to the family almost a year ago. They are in very poor shape always hungry it is so sad.

Interpol traced the next picture to the owner of a very big import-export business. They showed him the picture and asked him when he had been to visit John Clemons home at Napa California? He said he had been there approximately five years ago he was staying in San Francisco at an import-export seminar and he ran into John Clemons. John invited him to stay at his home out at Napa. He said he was quite surprised when he saw that it was almost like a hotel itself.

Then John asked if I desired companionship while I stayed there, and he offered a choice of either male or female. And I asked him what he meant by female and he said well there are two very attractive young ladies staying here, they would make sure that I was happy. I told him I had no desire to have companionship with a child when he brought out these two children. I left shortly after that and what I should have done is reported it to the police. It seems very surprising why he would invite someone like me a stranger to come out to his house under circumstances like that. I’m sure he had me confused with someone else from here in Hong Kong. He had to nave me mixed up with a different person in the import export business.

He got very huffy when I left. He had to be more than a little concerned I would report him. That is what I should have done turned him in to the local police. You are very fortunate you made the choice that you did and left. Clemons used that same ploy on business people from around the world. Then he simply sat back and blackmailed them. He must have had money rolling into his bank accounts from every continent. He was a very slippery operator, he had no fear of the law and no respect for human beings. When he is gone from this Earth I am sure there will not be many people missing him.

CHAPTER: 25 Gruesome Graveyard

The discovery that was going on at the Clemons Winery near Napa California would go down in history as one of the biggest since the Gold Rush of 1849. This time it was a Grizzly discovery of numerous bodies buried in a helter-skelter fashion and different stages of decomposition as if they were garbage.

The Clemons’s Winery was a short distance off a major highway. Everything there was hidden from View buy eucalyptus trees and other old trees in that neighborhood. It made an excellent canopy and surrounding wall. The grapevines were farther off growing in open country it was all gently rolling hills perfect for growing grapes. The traffic zooming past on the freeway didn’t notice the place was there. Without the old CLEMONS WINERY billboard, you had no idea that a winery was just off the road. The traffic continued roaring on passed oblivious to the investigation that was going on just off the highway. The enormous old home was in a slight valley.

The house sitting on the winery property resembled a three-story Swiss Chalet it was a beautiful home with approximately 60 rooms in it. The Clemons family we’re always famous entrepreneurs. They rented rooms by the week or by the day they had Winery tours and wine tasting, with buses coming and going around the clock for many years. It was one of the most famous wineries in that area, and they produced an excellent wine it was in demand worldwide. The home stood on a north to south direction. When the winery first started in the late 1800s, the house was a one-room building. It had a small Cellar beneath it because that was long before refrigeration. The deep cellar was ideal for storing wine and food items. The crime scene people set up their Command Post in the massive kitchen of the Chalet.

Missing person search groups were digging in search of bodies in several different areas of the property. It resembled an archaeology dig on a grand scale. They didn’t have to dig with the slow Precision of an archaeology dig, but they moved earth with vigor yet respect for the bodies that they might encounter during their digging. They’d only been at it for a few days, and the bones had already turned up or two or three different bodies everything had to be marked the sites all numbered in preparation for DNA testing that would all be part of the operation at the end. Each day brought new shock to the investigators they felt there had been no respect for these young people’s bodies that were kept captive there and treated so terribly.

Unsolved crime investigators from around the world we’re all quietly converging on the Clemons Winery near Napa California. There was no mention of it in the newspaper headlines. Law enforcement wanted a complete blackout on it for the present time. News media hadn’t received any of the information on what’s going on about the hunt for bodies. Interpol, International slavery ring investigators, child pornography investigators from around the world were all interested in or involved with what was going on at the winery.

As the story became pieced together more every day, it sounded like a worldwide famous child pornography and child for sex Resort Hotel. Prepared exclusively for the wealthy perverted people around the world. It was a very carefully chosen clientele, for the right price, they could spend the weekend with a child of their choice. The shocking part it had been going on for close to twenty years with no one finding out about it. They had to have their own tight security and screening system set up.

One of the men involved in the search was also an architect he was in awe of the construction of the enormous, majestic home. He studied it from many different angles. There was something about it that he just couldn’t put his finger on it was sort of a puzzle to him. He looked at the impressive structure from every direction every angle. Then he realized the outside windows did not match the inside measurements of the house. He got a helper to assist him taking measurements they measured inside; outside and all around.

He finally decided all the rooms on the lower floor on the west side had hidden rooms added on to them. This remodeling had been done decades after the original House was first built. It was done by a Professional craftsman who made them completely unseen. The doors were designed to disappear into the woodwork, very technical engineering work involved in setting it up. He reasoned that John Clemons needed the full confidence of the people doing the job he no doubt had to pay them large sums of money. Anyone doing work like that had to know it was for unlawful reasons. The rooms could be used almost as prison cells.

That solved the problem with the windows not matching the inside measurements. Under further investigation, it was concluded the only way into these rooms was through a concealed door from the adjoining room. If you didn’t know the concealed door was there, you would never look for it. These hidden rooms we’re all soundproof and had no windows in them. He wondered how many young people had been kept prisoner in them?

Each room contained a little refrigerator for water and pop. A small cabinet was well-stocked with junk food of every kind that kids would like to have. There was also a toilet and a sink. All of the latest electronic toys and games were in each room. There was no evidence of regular meals being cooked maybe one hot meal a day from the kitchen.

The command post meetings decided this John Clemons fellow could not have been
doing this operation by himself. He had to have help from someone. He was gone a lot which means someone had to be watching the place and those being held here to make sure they didn’t escape or send out any alarms. The FBI canvased everyone in the community for clues. A small town, supermarket, gas station, Deli combination said they had a middle-aged Oriental fellow coming in regularly until a year ago; he sent money back to Macau to his family. From what they understood his family was boat people living near Hong Kong.

That was the first real clue leading to John’s time back in Hong Kong he married a boatwoman. Some of this Man’s family were still living there. They wanted to know why the money had stopped coming. Interpol questioned them more and learned the young man in question went to the United States a year after John Clemons got out of the Navy. So, he would have been here in John’s early years as he started his vile business of selling children too sexual deviants. Upon further investigation, Interpol learned through bank transfers wealthy business people worldwide had been blackmailed by Clemons. They were threatened to pay or be turned in to their local governments as child molesters.

At one of the early command post meetings, they discussed how unusual that it was to find these movies and still pictures stored in cabinets in this guy’s office. Most investigators decided these photos were for blackmail purposes, Interpol made copies of them and sent them worldwide to see what they could turn up. They were confident most where wealthy business people who had no idea they were being photographed or put on movie film.

It was as if they were his trophies he could have quickly gotten rid of them. His mind for reasoning was slipping, or he may have just left in a hurry and not thought about destroying the evidence. Interpol searched World Wide for his family if they got lost on a safari, plane crash, sinking ship, they checked everything possible there was no evidence of his family anywhere. This made the investigators more intent on the search there on the property for his mother father and brother. They were almost positive the bodies would turn up on Winery property. They checked all the genealogy charts, but they could find no trace of any other family, cousins, second cousins or third cousins as you see in every other family.

They brought in the best search dogs in the world for finding deceased human bodies they had some that could even locate a body submerged in the water, these dogs were outstanding in the training that they had received. All the victims recovered so far were from the dogs determining the spot to dig.

The FBI had done a lot of investigating with local neighbors, other business people in the vicinity. It was learned that one other Winery in the area operated part of the Clemons Vineyards. They paid John cash for his share of the grapes they harvested on that ground. John got a sizable check from vines that were growing on the winery by hiring this other company to come in and do the work for him. That also helped to decrease the size of the search area. The investigators felt quite sure John would never allow other people access, to any land that he hid a body on. He wouldn’t take a chance of accidentally having one be discovered. So, they went ahead and ruled out searching anymore on any of the land that had been rented out. That still left many acres to explore.

There was a creek bed that was dry crossing the property. Part of that Creek bed was very close to the house. They sent a Dog Handler in there right near the wall the dog smelled something and started talking to the handler they knew something was there. Two people began digging moving the dirt and sand away. About two feet down there was a body. They removed the earth from all around it got it into a bag it didn’t appear to have been under the ground very many years. They had set up a laboratory right at the winery instead of transporting bodies out for the present time. The reasoning being the less traffic in and out the better off they would be. If the media got wind of this, it would be wall to wall reporters they would be hanging from the tree branches.

The day after the creek body was discovered pathologist determined the body was that of John’s brother-in-law Cheng. The time of death seems to fit in with the date the money quit going back to his family in China or Mr. Cheng had been dead for about a year now. Some of them suggested a decent side of him may have buried him in the creek bottom because he was a boat person? He would be a little nearer to his precious water. Someone replied they didn’t see John as being a very sentimental type person. The autopsy further revealed Mr. Cheng died from blunt-force trauma. Prior to Mr. Cheng the body count was 13 boys and four girls. Almost all the Searchers felt they were going to find more bodies, but they decided on doing a different type of a search pattern and they planned on a meeting about that very soon. The idea being they were going to try a grid pattern that would cover the ground more efficiently.

The FBI agent who had previously questioned the convenience store owner at the nearby village returned when they found Cheng’s body. The time of his death coincided perfectly with the time Cheng brought someone to the store. The owner remembered it was an unusual incident as Cheng usually only came in once a month and got the money draft to send back to Hong Kong, had a bottle of pop and left.

That night he sent no money home, he had a young lady with him who was maybe a teenager. He bought two pops and got her a bus ticket that would take her directly from there to Chinatown in San Francisco. She stayed out in the vehicle with him until the bus came and he helped her get on the bus and said goodbye to her. That is the only time we ever saw anything like that take place with Mr. Cheng. I guess that’s why I remembered it and thought it was a little unusual. That is no doubt why Mr. Cheng died from a Blow To, The Head.

The search and recovery teams decided to have a special meeting of the minds to discuss a new grid search pattern. The way they had been searching could miss an area. The idea was to work a grid pattern of smaller areas that would have a design to it. That way each grid would be signed off, so it would not be gone over twice. A large group of the men and women gathered in the kitchen for this meeting. Many different ideas got tossed around, but it was the primary plan to break up and divide the Vineyard area into a smaller bunch of grids.

It would be easier to check and then a daily log would be kept of the ones that had been searched. One of the Dog Handlers was sitting at the table with his dog at his feet. The dog continued to communicate with his master all through the meeting he was giving his master the signal that there was a body there. The Handler got the idea sure all our shoes are under the table it’s messing up the dog’s nose, so he never gave it any more thought. The meeting went on for over an hour, and the dog seemed to be very agitated with him. When the session ended, and everyone started filing out of the kitchen. The dog returned to the table and made his master come back there and kept communicating a dead body was under the table.

The dog handler asked a few of the guys to come back into the room. My dog is determined there’s something underneath the floor here, he has been telling me all through the meeting. If you all give me a hand, we’ll move this table and see what we can find. It was a long big massive table about 10 feet long they slid it off to one side. There was a rug they rolled it up, and beneath the that was a trapdoor. That was the door the original cellar when this one-room house put together over a hundred years ago.

Somebody lifted the door and the first person went down the steps. He said this is modern I see a light switch here. He turned on the light switch and said, ‘Oh my God,’ “Somebody better bring some cameras down here.” We have found the missing family members. He sent the camera crew downstairs they wanted photographs of every inch of that cellar this discovery with something unbelievable. They wanted it all photographed for the record books. John no doubt poisoned the family shortly before he was scheduled to report to the Navy for Duty. After killing them, he dragged the bodies down into the basement.

He had his father tied to his chair with linen wrapping like a mummy at the head of the table. His mother in her chair bound the same way to his father’s left. His brother was wrapped in his chair to his father’s right. They were all tightly wound up in many yards of linen cloth, as you would wrap a mummy. The basement was not a dry environment to keep a body in, that is no doubt why he covered them all so heavily in linen wrapping. He knew he was going to be leaving for the Navy, so they had a long time to dry up. The fumes must have been overwhelming at first, but after so many years it would have started to clear out.

While he was in the Navy, the whole Winery was off-limits to everyone. He must have put in a change of address at the post office as if his parents were moving overseas or something otherwise you would think the post office would have been alerted to the fact that the mail wasn’t being picked up. There was an empty chair at the opposite end of the table from the father. It would appear as if John would go down there periodically and sit with his family. That is one issue that will no doubt be a topic for many future discussions for some time by those dealing with Unsolved Mysteries.

One of the doctors remembered reading the confession statement from Ralph Jasper. A comment about something that ticked John off was his father’s request to have everyone share something about their day with the rest of the family at mealtime. The doctor said that is the reason that chair is sitting across the table from his father. John would come down here at different times strictly to mock his father’s actions when he was alive. John would go to the basement and sit across from his dad and say things like Hey father I am late for dinner again. I didn’t do a damn thing today I want to share with you about so what do you think of that? Are you going to do anything about it? It doesn’t look like it bothers you one bit that I didn’t do anything worthwhile today. The doctor went on to say these are no doubt conversations he would have while sitting across the table from his dad.

The autopsy report indicated all three family members had died from cyanide poisoning. Tissue samples from different parts of the body concluded it wasn’t a lethal dose at once. That was given it first but smaller doses to disable them, then the dose was increased until they died. There is a possibility the family was sick with some type of flu. The loving son John decided to be the one in charge of their medical attention. That would have been an easy way to carry out his evil deed.

The family was found dead in the cellar of the main house, after that the search for bodies outside continued for another week. The new grid pattern covered virtually all of the vineyard areas that had been under cultivation plus the full length of the creek bottom. The creek bottom being Sandy appeared to be a better place to bury bodies. They did find two more young boys in the creek bottom. They doubled the number of search dogs to speed up the recovery process, and it helped considerably.

Someone leaked the discovery of the dead family to the Press. The next day a hundred reporters were converging on the property from every direction. They had strict orders not to trespass anywhere on the property, but they pushed the property limits in further each day. They had every type of photographic lens ever made. A picture from an orbiting satellite got added to the late news hour.

The FBI headquarters in Washington DC received a phone call from the Geneva Police Department informing them that a man named John Clemons got arrested in Geneva. They would be glad to turn him over to the United States authorities as soon as they send someone to bring him back for trial. The FBI sent a plane to Geneva to pick him up before some other country decided they wanted to claim him first. They returned John Clemons to the United States soil then he was taken to San Francisco California. His greed and haste poisoned his best chance of avoiding life in prison.

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