Circle Dancing Roosters



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Circle Dancing Roosters

Rooster chickens became a topic of the conversation recently. My older sister had a bond or fondness, some type of closeness to rooster chickens. Her daughter said,”Mom even had one stuffed by a taxidermist in her house.” I think some of these links, to other critters, like the one she had with roosters dates back to early childhood. I know Sister Marla also circle danced with a rooster or two just about the time she was learning to walk, just like the rest of the kids. Walking in the chicken yard barefoot, taught a lot of new, delicate dance steps, even to the very young.

Our grandmother raised Rhode Island Red chickens, she had the biggest Red roosters I have ever seen in my life. As I said, ‘we were just kids learning to walk,’ but my memory banks also stored some fowl information, such as a big red rooster standing in front of me, looking at me, eye level to-eye level. I should have been able to smell the corn on his breath. I was sure those tall boys sensed fear in me and took advantage of it. You couldn’t outrun them, they seemed to stay on your heals like an ankle-biting Chiwawa.

When we came outside of the house to play it seemed as though one of these big roosters would come running across the yard as if to challenge one of us to a staring match. They loved to stand in front of you as if they were going to put you in a trance by staring into your soul, with some hypnotic power. My main fears and concerns were in losing an eyeball.

The staring game was bad enough but sometimes an old rooster would start doing a little circle war dance in front of you to throw you off guard, then dance around behind you. Usually, when he did this you had no idea what his next move was going to be. He may try to hop right on top of your back as if you were the little red hen. They didn’t do this very often but when they did, you could be fairly sure it was time to make a trip to the house to get your britches changed.



Some older Rooster Dancers

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