Gratitude Show and Tell



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Gratitude Show and Tell

Rejoice, give thanks for your life and stuff, for crying out loud be “GRATEFUL” find out what it’s all about, show some GRATITUDE.


“Gratitude, thankfulness, or gratefulness, from the Latin gratus ‘pleasing, thankful’, a feeling of appreciation felt and/or similar positive response shown by the recipient of kindness, gifts, help, favors, or other types of generosity, towards the giver of such gifts. The experience of gratitude has historically been a focus of several world religions It has also been a topic of interest to ancient, medieval and modern philosophers, and continues to engage contemporary western philosophers.The systematic study of gratitude within psychology only began around the year 2000, possibly because psychology traditionally focused more on understanding distress than on understanding positive emotions.” Gratitude

…. = Assorted F Swear Words

Air 101


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…. = Assorted F Swear Words

In the 1950’s the United States Air Force had recruiting officers visit schools all over the nation. They were there to enlighten Young Folks on growing up, to be truly enlightened in the ways of the world, patriotism, and service to their country. Their job was to sell a lifestyle of romantic and exotic, exciting World Travel. Recruiters were very well trained in the Art of recruiting young Folks eager to become men and leaders.

When they got enough Young Folks to sign up they would bring them all into a place like the YMCA. They had them line up along the wall in a big room, stripped down naked to see if they were fit for duty in the Air Force. One doctor had the job of doing all these physicals while everyone stood around freezing their rear ends and everything else. I don’t recall if the doctor even had a rubber glove on! Most of the time a cold penis goes inside, smart critters that way, just so it remembers to come back out. That big meeting place was so cold, it appeared to be half females in there before the exam was over.

Each new recruit was given a few days to get their business in order and then they got on an airplane and flew to Lackland Air Force Base in Texas. We flew on an old DC-3, through a thunderstorm, like flying on a kite. The young lady sitting beside me got airsick, I held the barf bag for her it seemed like the thing to do at the time.

Drill instructors welcome these young recruits as they got off the bus from the airport. The new arrivals do not meet volleys of bullets but they are attacked by volleys of swear words. An almost constant barrage shouted explosively, directly into their faces it was a very demoralizing change for most of these young people. No matter what kind of a home they had come from, they were now going to be exposed to working under fear and degrading conditions.

Sergeant here comes another busload of …. new recruits. I will escort these green …. kids to the barber shop for GI haircuts. You can have the next one. The bus stopped and picked up A/1c Johnson. He yelled in his loudest voice, “Welcome to …. Lackland Air Force Base.” I’m going to enlighten you lucky …. girls to the fact that I’m your drill instructor for the time you spend here. I don’t see any girls here but you all have hair longer than girls. We are going to stop right down here at the …. barbershop and give you all a GI Haircut, it’s not going to cost you one quarter, not one red Cent. Your Uncle Sam’s going to give you a free …. haircut.
I want to enlighten you all, make it very clear I’m your leader, you will …. obey all of my orders, you will not question me, if you disobey any of my orders you’ll be placed on very unpleasant extra …. detail duties.
You young lives are going to be enlightened more at our next stop, that will be the …. supply room, you will be issued a full set of clothing and two pairs of shoes. You will put them all in your new …. duffle bag. When you get your duffel bags full you will march in a orderly …. manner back to your barracks. That is when you realize you can’t lift the duffle bag let alone march with it on your shoulder. You are scared, ‘your inner voice says’ ‘I’m here to become a leader, a man, while being degraded by …. and more ….!’ “Somehow you carry that bag and march to the barracks.”
Your next order, take all of the clothes out of the duffle bag and place everything in your new …. Footlocker. You’ll be given a instruction sheet on how to fold each piece of clothing and how to roll each pair of socks so they go in the exact order in the …. damn…. Foot Locker that they are supposed to be in, they better be right or your ass is mine …. get it?
You better …. double-time it with those Foot Lockers you’re all due at the dispensary at 14:00 Hour for all of your inoculation. It is …. hard to say what kind of bugs you are all carrying, you will get every shot the Air Force feels you need to have at this stage of your life, if you ship out for overseas you’ll get a few dozen more …. inoculations at that time.
You will march to the evening mess hall at 1700 hours, in …. close order formation. By the time you march in the morning formation to the breakfast Mess Hall at 0600 I want to see shiny boots on everyone’s feet, and when I say …. shiny I mean I want to see my face reflected in the toe of each shoe. You little …. pusses now see what you will be doing all night long.

Revile was at 05:30. Everyone fell out at a …. slow pace for formation to march to the mess hall. It was about a half a mile march, there were young Airmen dropping like …. flies. Many were sick from the smallpox vaccinations. The mess hall was a real ‘mess’ that morning. The drill instructor was screaming his …. head off to no avail, he had sick troops scattered all over the quadrangle.

The lights in the barracks came on 15 minutes early the following day. A big tall elderly fellow was hollering in his southern drawl, out of your…. bunks, drop your Cocks and grab your socks. My name is Tech Sergeant Pyle, you will all call me SIR. The first wise ass commenting about a relationship to Gomer Pyle will be doing 50 push-ups. I’m about a month from retirement, any of you screw that up for me and I will haunt you for the rest of your life.

You can all see that I’m a calm easygoing fellow with a very kindly manner about me, ya all are going to think I’m your daddy before you ship out. I don’t know if you have seen the White Corners in the barracks? They go along good with my white gloves if I find any dust in those white corners or anywhere else you will all stay in that barracks and clean it from top to bottom. Another thing, “I do not want to see any …. Yeller Assed drawers around this barracks!” I don’t give a damn if you lived so far back up the holler you only took a bath once a year, you’re going to take a …. shower here every day and keep your asses clean so we don’t have to look at them damn….yeller assed drawers with hash marks. I hates it!

Ya, all are going on a 20-mile forced march at 18:00. I want all of you to get your gear packed, mess kits, ponchos, two changes of clothes, and extra shoes. Halfway through the march, you will find a partner to set up your tent half with. We will take a 1-hour break and then return to the barracks. We’re going on a 20-mile march, it is raining fairly hard. We’ve been very fortunate to have a weatherman who gives us rainy weather for these delightful …. forced marches. Everyone will finish, unassisted. There sure was a lot of mud got tracked back into that perfectly clean barracks with all the corners painted white.

Sergeant Pyle finished his job of enlightening all of us in the ways of the United States Air Force. We were all soon off to school to learn what part of service we would serve our time in. I felt fortunate to have become a jet aircraft mechanic and crew chief. The pilots counted on my abilities to perform proper maintenance. I was in charge of everything in the log book and all maintenance scheduled for RF-101c 56-080 until I left.

All the branches of the United States military services have what they call Boot Camps where new recruits find out what the military is all about. Many of the training methods that are practiced at these facilities are very questionable. I’m sure changes have been made on some of them in later years. Treating recruits almost worse than the enemy is supposed to train them to do their jobs correctly? That makes no sense to many people.

Loyal Is A Dog

loyal - Copy


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Definition of LOYAL
1: unswerving in allegiance: such as
a : faithful in allegiance to one’s lawful sovereign or government
• were loyal to the king
b : faithful to a private person to whom faithfulness is due
• a loyal husband
c : faithful to a cause, ideal, custom, institution, or product
• a loyal churchgoer

A group of soldiers or Marines is loyal to each other. They must be loyal and united to protect each other from all enemies.

Dogs in warfare have a long history starting in ancient times. From war dogs trained in combat to their use as scouts, sentries, and trackers. The United States Navy SEALs used a Belgian Malinois military working dog named Cairo in Operation Neptune Spear, in which Osama bin Laden was killed. Search Results

The remaining canines were euthanized or left behind. “I would have to disagree strongly with that decision. If they have the means to get all the men out they surely can get the canines out also.”

When it comes to being loyal I don’t think any creature could be more loyal than a dog is to its master. There are countless stories of a dog becoming lost yet loyally finding the way home. I knew an old fellow who left his dog with a relative in North Dakota in the Summertime. That Fall the dog arrived back at home. I would imagine it looked into his Master’s face and asked, “Why did you leave me in North Dakota?” “I did not need all of this exercise walking home.”


Famous Dog Quotes

  1. “The greatest fear dogs know is the fear that you will not come back when you go out the door without them.”
    ― Stanley Coren
  2. Dogs are loyal, patient, fearless, forgiving, and capable of pure love. Virtues that few people get through life without abandoning, at least once.”
    ― M.K. Clinton, The Returns


I have a bed, my very own.
It’s just my size.
And sometimes I like to sleep alone
with dreams inside my eyes.

But sometimes dreams are dark and wild and creepy
and I wake and am afraid, though I don’t know why.
But I’m no longer sleepy
and too slowly the hours go by.

So I climb on the bed where the light of the moon
is shining on your face
and I know it will be morning soon.

Everybody needs a safe place.”
― Mary Oliver, Dog Songs

Service dogs are dogs that have been individually trained to perform a specific task for individuals who have disabilities. The disabilities can vary greatly, and so do the tas

Fly On You Risky Rascal



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Fly On You Risky Rascal

Being a fly has many risks. “You spend a large share of your life dodging fly swatters, it actually becomes quite a sport.” I did find it was easier to do all the time because all you have to do is watch the person with the swatter ‘they always give away  what their intentions are.’ Summers are great, “I try to get to it as many picnics as I possibly can” “always put on a lot of weight every summer.” We have to be careful crawling inside of pop cans for shade, one chug-a lug could end it all.

One time, “I was just minding my own business.” ‘If you can believe that.’ I happened to land in the back of a truck, the driver closed the door on me. I ended up traveling all the way to California. I must admit I enjoyed the warm sunshine there because I got on the truck in Chicago. Winter was approaching rapidly and ‘I knew my days would have been numbered’ I sure didn’t want to sleep somewhere along the lakefront, “it gets awful cold there.” I was almost a barfly in the “Windy City.”

One day at the surfing beach, I got chased away from the bikini bunnies so I flew inside of a car and was resting comfortably on the dashboard, ‘these people took off down the road 80 miles an hour.’ I can’t believe it, the driver was trying to shoo me out of the window, ‘as sure as sweet sugar on a cookie,’ out I went end over end and crashed somewhere along the roadside. I thought for sure I was dead but somehow I got up on all of my shaky legs. I ‘instantly realized’ I was close to a dairy farm. I enjoyed the sweet smell for awhile, then made a beeline for the place. ‘bad term’

I had a good life for a long time, raised lots of young ones there. We didn’t cry over spilled milk, we swam in it. Manure was a plentiful commodity, there was molasses in the feed. It was almost as if I was killed in the highspeed exit out the window and it sent me to fly heaven. The dairy farm used those old sticky fly strips in some areas, it was a lot of fun to watch people get them caught in their hair nets, “pulled them right off.”

“All good things must end,” ‘one day all of my dreams came crashing down as they sprayed the cow barn with ‘all the doors and windows closed.’ I was trapped there, unable to find the smallest escape hole. ‘These were my last words I wrote as a fly.’ My life passed before my eyes in a flash. I recall Grandpa talking about living in an outhouse. I don’t think I would like that, “No I wouldn’t have liked that at all.”


Going To Hell In A Handbasket




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Going To Hell In A Handbasket

I shall not succumb to the evil forces of this world. They are not only lurking in the dark alleys they control the brightest lit streets and Broadway plays. Evil has taken over most of the entertainment industry. At one time there was censorship to control pornography, today you cannot find family rated television programs unless you buy your own on tapes. I will not capitulate. I will simply leave the television set turned off and not waste money on movie tickets.

Illegal drug traffic is one of the biggest businesses in the world today. Now legal drug sales are taking control of millions of people’s lives as they become addicted to the over-the-counter and prescription medication. People in all walks of life fall for these easy drugs that seemed harmless at first but end up ruining their lives along with the lives of the family.

It is up to hospitals and doctors to control these drugs. They must not succumb, cave into the drug companies any longer. People of the last generation went through their whole lives without tables covered with pill bottles. Many lived to be 90 years old and all they ever took was an aspirin. Today we need a handful of pills to start every day, something is very wrong with this picture.

Young people by the millions have succumbed to the use of alcohol and tobacco, lung cancer is showing up in younger and younger people. Alcohol consumption continues to grow and is a problem in many schools, even the elementary schools have kids coming to class who have been drinking at home. That paints a very poor picture of their home life.

When the whole nation continues to succumb to evil of all types the future looks like hell. Going to hell in a handbasket. This is the defination.

To be ‘going to hell in a handbasket’ is to be rapidly deteriorating – on course for disaster.

There have been many movies and docudramas depicting the Pearl Harbor attack December 7, 1941…”A Day That Will Live In Infamy”…!!!

Most of the films, particularly the ones supposedly based on fact, showed short quips of a couple of P-40 pilots getting airborne and shooting down Jap planes.  But I, for one, never had seen the true story and more detailed info on who these two pilots were and their actions and associated events while airborne.  The “YouTube” site below contains a superb video of that story. Hope you’ll pass it on to say that history matters.

A short video about two American P-40 pilots who were able to get Off the ground at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

Popular or Prudent

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Popular or Prudent

The popular thing to do most of the time is to take the easy unknown road, it is about 6 Lanes wide, bumper to bumper traffic, speed is no problem. The prudent road is under construction in places, it has a few potholes but it is safest, few take this road today.

I attended a funeral yesterday. It was more of a celebration of a complete and well-lived life. He was 98 years old. His prudent generation is the reason America has become so great and is such a leading world power. His age group stood for many things, family, faith, hard work, and service to the church, community, and country. I will not write his name here as that would be against what he believed in. He would never want accolades for himself. I wish I could say the same thing for the majority of the people today but, Individualism, inflated egos, fortune seekers and just plain refusal to work together is destroying the hard, dedicated work of past generations in this Democracy. The popular hot button issues rule government today while citizens watch in awe.

Obituary Of A U.S. Citizen

He was 98 years old and passed away on October 1st, 2017. He was born on September 11th, 1919 on a farm, went to Country School until the fourth grade when his family moved to a different farm. He completed his grade school and high school education graduating in 1937. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1941 and was discharged in October 1945. During World War II he was assigned to the USS Charles Carroll. The ship participated in six major campaigns to include D-Day at Normandy Beach.

He married his wife Ruth on April 3rd, 1947 they operated a grocery store until May of 1948. They then bought the City Cafe in another town. The restaurant was a true family business where all his children learned the value of hard work. In 1984 he sold the cafe to one of his sons.

He was a rural mail carrier for many years. He loved the sport of baseball and played as an amateur for many years. In 1970 he and a teammate were inducted into the South Dakota Baseball Hall of Fame.

He had a strong sense of community and served on church council, Commercial Club, volunteer fire department, and Meals on Wheels. He was a member of Trinity Lutheran Church, the National Association of retired federal employees. The men’s chorus and various committees. He was a past American Legion Post Commander and a member for 70 years. The area Chamber of Commerce presented him with a lifetime recognition award in 2012.

Grateful for having shared his life and blessed by his memory are his children, three sons, two daughters sixteen grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren had a host of nieces and nephews he was preceded in death by his wife, his parents, one sister. one grandson, four sisters-in-law seven brothers-in-law.

All of his children finished college and grew up to become outstanding citizens and bright lights shining in their own communities. Dad and Mom’s prudent lifestyles made them all popular. This should still be the American family way. It certainly doesn’t happen by accident or by chance, it happens because of right decisions, dedicated living, with purposeful goals in mind.

Irrelevant Politicians


Silver city_edited.jpg

New meeting hall for old crooked politicians



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Irrelevant Politicians

The do-nothing politicians always seem to be slightly behind the curve. They see Grassroots voters as being Irrelevant, meeting in buildings such as the one at the top of this story. Grassroots voters are alive and well and their numbers are growing rapidly. The working people are sick and tired of Irrelevant politicians who get nothing done for the progress of the nation.