Space Dancer Beware



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Space Dancer Beware

I have a rather thorny issue, it finds me on the horns of a dilemma so to speak. Do I expound on my comment of last week or should I let it slide into the abyss as if it did not happen? I must say it has really created a very sticky wicket, a serious quandary.

I made a comment last week on someone’s blog post, this is the following comment. Olivia, I have found my historical romances to be rather fleeting, maybe I should consider a paranormal romance? Followed by….”I had a fairly rewarding out of body experience in the middle of the night Friday. I traveled to a different galaxy and met a very intriguing young thing but she didn’t resemble anything I have seen in any of my travels before, beautiful yet animal-like. I’m not really sure I was alive during the whole trip, that does put a fateful crimp on it I should say. I was completely spent all day Saturday, drained of most bodily fluids.”

My quandary, I must confess, I was not the person in the story, it was a friend, ‘Romeo’ Ron, who related another one of his adventures to me. He was seeking some excitement on a small star just beyond the Milky Way. On this earth, if you’re dancing under the stars with a female, she usually has four limbs and two breasts all attached in proper order to a firm, sexy body with a cover girl face.

Dancing out on a star, on the one Ron was visiting, he found himself dancing with someone who had a beautiful face. She also had several appendages, none resembling arms or legs, a few tentacles, and numerous large, armor-like scales, her name was Xzella. During her touchy-feely, sordid dance with Ron, Xzella’s friend tried to cut in, which prompted a very heated exchange of high-pitched, threatening sounds followed by a serious fight, the confrontation left scales and parts of tentacles all over Ron, no hair or fingernails though.

Ron described Xzella’s tentacles as being very soft and padded on the ends, they had a fragrance that was slowly hypnotizing him. He described it as a feeling of sheer ecstasy, overpowering like he had never experienced before. While they danced, Xzella’s tentacles were all over him, wrapped tightly around his body, caressing, while sucking on him. Ron started to realize, her tentacles were draining his body. It was his time to make a break. He had to get out of there soon, or all that would be left of him would be his dry skin, yes, that skin scattered on a dusty star. He broke away from the fight and ran.
Ron knew he must act quickly in order to survive the wild ordeal on that small star. Through mental telepathy, he quickly contacted a cousin who had the same identical genes as his. He knew it was his only chance. Together with their supernatural, combined, telepathic powers, Ron’s body fluids were restored, almost at the speed of light. The neurons in his cousin’s nervous system and brain, locked onto Ron’s, the transfer, was almost at light speed, as his body replenish the lost fluids almost instantly. He was gone, from Xzella’s star in an instant!

The next time Ron decides to take a trip to another star, he claims he will do his travel plans better. The lack of travel brochures, add mystery to a trip away from earth. Unknown types of entertainment, facilities available and if the type of inhabitants abiding there are somewhere close to human form. There are many Universal travel questions yet, being of human form surely isn’t the answer to all romantic adventures but most travelers seeking romance tend to go for the type of creature residing on their own planet. That too might become a thing of the past as travel agencies spread their wings to other galaxies.

When traveling at the speed of light, time and distance become irrelevant. Try to study, plan and practice or end up on the wrong star in a different galaxy. Maybe beyond the beyond, trial and error could get you there, but you may want to return. I warned Ron to be aware of the thorny black hole, better to land on a dwarf, cool star than to be sucked into a black hole.

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