Economics By The Crumb

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Economics By The Crumb

A crumb is what is left for the lowly working man in our Great Society. A crumb is what is left after Political Interests, use their self-designed trickle-down economics. The total wealth is filtered down through a special investment machine. Very few crumbs fall out of the bottom. The man working for minimum wages must hurry and scurry around, with the poor little Sparrow scratching in the crumbs.

Space Dancer Beware



Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

Space Dancer Beware

I have a rather thorny issue, it finds me on the horns of a dilemma so to speak. Do I expound on my comment of last week or should I let it slide into the abyss as if it did not happen? I must say it has really created a very sticky wicket, a serious quandary.

I made a comment last week on someone’s blog post, this is the following comment. Olivia, I have found my historical romances to be rather fleeting, maybe I should consider a paranormal romance? Followed by….”I had a fairly rewarding out of body experience in the middle of the night Friday. I traveled to a different galaxy and met a very intriguing young thing but she didn’t resemble anything I have seen in any of my travels before, beautiful yet animal-like. I’m not really sure I was alive during the whole trip, that does put a fateful crimp on it I should say. I was completely spent all day Saturday, drained of most bodily fluids.”

My quandary, I must confess, I was not the person in the story, it was a friend, ‘Romeo’ Ron, who related another one of his adventures to me. He was seeking some excitement on a small star just beyond the Milky Way. On this earth, if you’re dancing under the stars with a female, she usually has four limbs and two breasts all attached in proper order to a firm, sexy body with a cover girl face.

Dancing out on a star, on the one Ron was visiting, he found himself dancing with someone who had a beautiful face. She also had several appendages, none resembling arms or legs, a few tentacles, and numerous large, armor-like scales, her name was Xzella. During her touchy-feely, sordid dance with Ron, Xzella’s friend tried to cut in, which prompted a very heated exchange of high-pitched, threatening sounds followed by a serious fight, the confrontation left scales and parts of tentacles all over Ron, no hair or fingernails though.

Ron described Xzella’s tentacles as being very soft and padded on the ends, they had a fragrance that was slowly hypnotizing him. He described it as a feeling of sheer ecstasy, overpowering like he had never experienced before. While they danced, Xzella’s tentacles were all over him, wrapped tightly around his body, caressing, while sucking on him. Ron started to realize, her tentacles were draining his body. It was his time to make a break. He had to get out of there soon, or all that would be left of him would be his dry skin, yes, that skin scattered on a dusty star. He broke away from the fight and ran.
Ron knew he must act quickly in order to survive the wild ordeal on that small star. Through mental telepathy, he quickly contacted a cousin who had the same identical genes as his. He knew it was his only chance. Together with their supernatural, combined, telepathic powers, Ron’s body fluids were restored, almost at the speed of light. The neurons in his cousin’s nervous system and brain, locked onto Ron’s, the transfer, was almost at light speed, as his body replenish the lost fluids almost instantly. He was gone, from Xzella’s star in an instant!

The next time Ron decides to take a trip to another star, he claims he will do his travel plans better. The lack of travel brochures, add mystery to a trip away from earth. Unknown types of entertainment, facilities available and if the type of inhabitants abiding there are somewhere close to human form. There are many Universal travel questions yet, being of human form surely isn’t the answer to all romantic adventures but most travelers seeking romance tend to go for the type of creature residing on their own planet. That too might become a thing of the past as travel agencies spread their wings to other galaxies.

When traveling at the speed of light, time and distance become irrelevant. Try to study, plan and practice or end up on the wrong star in a different galaxy. Maybe beyond the beyond, trial and error could get you there, but you may want to return. I warned Ron to be aware of the thorny black hole, better to land on a dwarf, cool star than to be sucked into a black hole.

Saved By A Fly


Saved By A Fly

Yesterday was one of those days when you tell yourself nothing else can go wrong. This too shall pass; only something else gets worse. My wife had a doctor’s appointment at 4:45 PM, and Lab was scheduled for 3:00 PM. This appointment was made on a computer over three months ago, but we decided not to change it. At least it was not a fasting lab; modern health care! I was easygoing at one time; health care is turning us all into high blood pressure patients. Rose did not have to starve herself. It would’ve been a different story if she had fasted for it. A 50-mile drive with a Hungry Mother Bear in the seat next to you could be a trip to write a story about.

We usually have to go early for fasting. We never have that much time to kill; going anywhere is a significant undertaking because she has two oxygen tanks in her walker. I have to always use my walker with four wheels; if I  have a long day somewhere, I use an electric wheelchair to unload. Usually, our appointments are early in the morning because she has fasting lab and prefers that time. Well, yesterday we had a whole day to kill. We got there a half hour early. She had to wait to see the doctor a lot longer than usual.

We leave the windows cracked open on our Van in case of a quick temperature change from a passing thunderstorm that can make a windshield blow right out. The windows were cracked open very slightly, yes. Just enough for hoards of flies to come in; thank the Lord they were not huge Blue Bottle flies. Fall is approaching, and the flies are all looking for a new home for the winter. My wife started killing flies as soon as she got in the van; after she went into the doctor’s office, I smashed their little bodies awhile longer.

I drove to the local market and got my trusty small walker out to get in the store. Then used their electric scooters with a big basket on the front. The basket was running over on four sides; I was there for about an hour. I headed back up to the hospital/clinic. I sat there for about an hour, killing more pesky, slow-moving, dirty-footed flies.

I started getting worried. Something has to be wrong with her. They were going to keep her in the hospital! I go into a hurry-up panic mode, getting my walker unloaded; I almost fell over backward, starting to realize that no hurry-up is left in me. At my fastest pace, I started for the front door to the clinic, only about a hundred yards away. Several people offered assistance, but I said I will be just fine. People are sure good when they see an old geezer on the verge of falling down.

I get to the front desk and ask the nurse, “is my wife Rose Marie still in the doctor’s office?” She gives me a puzzled look, ‘more instant panic’ “yes, I guess so.” As I started down the hall. We met head-on as she turned the corner coming out. I was very relieved until she said, “I’m ready to go out to the casino for a while.” An Indian Casino is 8 miles out of town.

I knew she meant it; I cannot stand to have an 83-year-old woman pouting, having tantrums, and making my life miserable now and for days to come. I said, “okay but only for a little while.” “I refuse to drive after dark, staring into blazing blue, bright, arc welder headlights. Our days get shorter and faster until December 21, which means we’ll be coming home earlier every day for quite a while.

When we got out to the casino. I should have just stayed in the van and called for her to come out when she thought the time was right, although it never is. By that hour, I was so worn down and knackered out, almost to the crashing point. My arms screamed at me; steering that van around in all the parking lots is hard work. I got the wheelchair unloaded and rode into the casino in style. I donated my tightwad share; after an hour, I told her I would go load up. I could not believe my eyes; she was outside before I had the electric wheelchair loaded. It might be a new chapter. I certainly hope so.

We headed home and pulled up in front of our apartment just as it was getting dark. She asks, “what needs to go in the house.” “I said only the milk and the other cold stuff. Leave the potatoes until morning.” So she brought in the potatoes; I brought in the rest after plugging in the charger on my chair; at this time, it was dark. I barely got into the apartment from being weak, sapped out, and drained. We better start planning our outings better, I tell her.

At bedtime, I needed pain relief terrible bad. I was at 9.99 on the 1 to 10 pain scale. My neurology doctor tripled my dose of Gabapentin for neuropathic pain. I took the increased Gabapentin as he told me, but I was feeling so bad I also took a Tylenol PM. My right arm didn’t even want to move; I could barely get into bed at 11:30 PM.

The last thing I recall is praying for my cousin down in Tulsa. He is in the hospital for tests, having a bad time with his lungs, and having a lot of heart trouble. He worked on many of the big pipeline jobs. I believe he was over in the Gulf Region in Oman when the term was coined, “that guy is big enough to eat hay.” Well, my cousin Lynn, actually my brother, grew up together. He is like “Big John,” the guy who would stay down in the mine to keep the thing from caving in on everyone else. He could use a prayer or two from anyone else who is into saying prayers from time to time.

I wish there had been monitors on me last night. It was a lost night; I usually remember some dreams, something. Did I have an out-of-body trip to another galaxy? Was it only one? Were there more ravishing young damsels of noble birth on some distant star? Time and distance mean nothing to us in out-of-body mode. Maybe I was looking for a ship from Venus to return and pick me up. That night was, but it wasn’t?

I woke to what I thought was a hearing aid buzzing; maybe I forgot to remove it in my condition at bedtime. It was a fly. He kept up his same song and dance routine until I opened my eyes. I did not want to open them. I finally did after 12 hours in bed! I sat on the edge of the bed for a long time, trying to piece together the night that had just ended. That fly might have saved my life. Later on, out in the kitchen, I killed a fly, then it dawned on me that it might have been the fly from the bedroom. Tonight, no Tylenol PM please.

My New Norway Linkage

I have learned through a dedicated group of very talented writers and historians that my links to Norway go back, much farther than I thought. I would like to share some of that information with you. My great-great-grandfather was born near Trondheim in 1816, much of this history was long before that.

I find it very interesting, delving into old history from centuries ago. To read how some people with very little felt blessed. Many sacrificed and suffered just for their daily existence. It shows that humans continue to strive, in spite of obstacles. To pursue better, press on to make life better. Some found they could claw their way out of a hot, stinky, copper mine only to crawl onto a sailing ship and become a fisherman. Their reward was unlimited fresh air. Maybe walk out into the forest with ax in hand a hard but honest living. Many traveled across the ocean to mine copper in a new country. In 1670 Sir William Davidson was allowed to start mining for copper in Klaebu, south of Trondheim where he first met some of my family. He didn’t make many friends with working people.


Husband of Christina Hohendorf
Catrine Richte, Father of Brostrup Jacobsen Tax and Mette Richter Father of Brostrup Jacobsen Tax and Mette Hernes


Gender: Male

Birth:   1630  Freiberg, Sachsen, Germany Death:   1698, Trøndelag, Norway.



Christina Hohendorf

You → Frank Olson your father → show 6 relatives → Brostrup  Jacobsen Tax her father → Christina Hohendorf his mother share this path.


Sir w

           Sir William Davidson of Curriehill

“In 1670 he was allowed to start mining for copper in Klaebu, south of Trondheim. His note from King Kristian IV of Denmark was given to him October 14. 1670. The date is in references from letters sent to and from the king Kristian IV of Denmark. He started Ulrichsdal Mining Company, and build a melting-cabin at Hyttefossen in Klaebu. There are still rest of his building there. He also mined for iron at Mostadmark in Malvik east of Trondheim. The rest of buildings are still there. He became broke and owed the king a lot of money, and suddenly he was gone from Trondheim, but his history still lives, and so do his buildings.”

I have seen it written somewhere that he left Norway with a gun pointing at him, the gun was being held by one of the Tax Brothers. Sir William Davidson’s welcome had run out.

The book Bergmannsslekten TAX was written depicting early copper mining in Norway.
“… an impressive family history work … Through the general mining history story and the long and detailed biographies of rockers at different levels, this book is not only interesting for the descendants of the Tax Brothers, but also for others who are interested in mountaineering or mining history in general. ” (Knut Bryn in Genealogue No. 2/2010) Read more
“… a family history research … impressive wide source material” (Finn Karlsen) Read more
“… as well as young people as well as well-behaved are mentioned as far as the sources are coming. And it has become a lot of nice social history.” (Odd-Arne Helleberg) Read more
“Unique about mines, general and local history” (Eastern Norway, 24.11.2009) Read more
“… a rare booklet … a link of family history and Norwegian and local mining history” (Labor Court, 25.11.20


Blue Angels Video

Scroll down to Blue Angels video.

f 89




100 s





F-101 A



f 102



f 104



I have to think the following videos would make any a young, red blooded American consider a career as a jet aircraft pilot or mechanic. These are exciting videos to watch as they do some very serious, very close, formation flying. A Split Second error could cause a catastrophe and they could all come tumbling out of the sky. These young Pilots demonstrate nerves of Steel. These nerves of Steel have to be necessary if they are ever flying into a war zone.

When you watch these videos, be sure to set your display to full screen and turn up your volume, then sit back and relax, you might feel your rear end trying to take a bite out of your seat cushion on a few occasions. I hope you enjoy them very much.

Did not know gum chewing was required of the pilots?
Blue Angels..check out the pilot chewing gum and his facial expressions!
Footage courtesy of the U.S. Navy & the Blue Angels
Ever wonder what “Pure Awesome” looks like? Wonder No More.
This may be one of the best…

Video runs 3:44. For Sure Go Full Screen….Guys…this footage is of the “slot man” in the Diamond formation…toughest flying due to wingtip vortices, etc…when he “smiles”, he is pulling some serious positive/ negative “g” forces.

WOW! What a ride! Notice the rest of the formation in the Pilot’s reflective goggles!

Sound up, open video link and click ‘Play’ arrow:

Blue Angels – Insane Footage Takes You Inside the Cockpit …

Try watching this video on, or enable JavaScript if it is disabled in your browser.

*****I want to dedicate this following video to my buddies who served in the United States Air Force, Don, Bob, Wayne, Dan who is watching from a different cyberspace than ours, and others who served in the Air Force. This is a long video, 46 minutes, but it gives credit to the Ground Crews, something I believe most of us were involved in. I hope you enjoy it, thanks for watching.  Thunderbirds



Air 101




45th patch.jpg

Service to Country


Men and women from the small community of Estelline, South Dakota U.S.A. who served in the military during World War II.

My mother belonged to the American Legion Woman’s Auxiliary at Estelline, South Dakota during the Second World War. She had seven brothers six served in the military. She also had two female cousins who served, one was in the Women’s Marine Corps at Quantico Virginia. The other one was a radio operator in the Army Air Corps in England.

The state of South Dakota in the U.S.A. only has a population of 865,000 people. The town I was born in Estelline, has a population today of 655 people, it was much less in 1940. The eastern part of the state is made up of farms and small towns. The towns are situated about 10 miles apart.

Almost every one of these towns has or has had a service club for veterans, either a Veterans of Foreign Wars or an American Legion Club. These service clubs and organizations started after the First World War. They continued to grow rapidly after the Second World War and through the Korean War. Today these Veterans groups and organizations are dying, for the simple reason all of the veterans have died or are dying. Most of the Second World War veterans have now passed away. The Korean War and the Vietnam Era Veterans are next to go.

Every one of these clubs had a mission, teaching about good citizenship, service to country and patriotism. Teaching the truth that freedom is not free, some people have to fight to preserve the freedom that we all enjoy and some will give the Supreme Sacrifice. Countless brave men and women have lost their lives in the line of duty, serving their country on every continent in the world. Many American Legion and V.F.W. Clubs have closed. We cannot become complacent and watch service to country and patriotism disappear. This Vital Mission will have to be carried on by private citizens and by the many Gulf War Veterans who have served their country so well.


A Legacy of Service Not Self is Born. A group of 20 officers who served in the American Expeditionary Forces in World War I were asked to suggest ideas on how to improve troop morale. One officer, Lt. Col. Theodore Roosevelt Jr., proposed an organization of veterans, which we know today as The American Legion.


Kenneth Wayrynen served in the Philippine Islands, Japan and Korea.

BETTY G 1944.jpg

Betty Grape

Marvin .jpg

Marvin Wayrynen served all over Europe.


Edmond Wayrynen on left Belgium 1944

Marvin Germany 1945.jpg

Marvin Wayrynen in Germany 1945.

ART 44.jpg

Arthur Wayrynen served in Alaska and Aleutian Islands.

WAYNO car.jpg

Wayno Wayrynen was in the Battle of the Bulge.



The Northern Pacific Railroad

train 1
The Northern Pacific Freight Train near Helena, Montana 1944.

The Northern Pacific Railroad freight cars carried goods for a growing Nation, also many people looking for a ride during hard times. It had to be awful cold heading for the West Coast in the fall and winter in an empty box car. About the coldest place on the Earth. Many people rode in empty boxcars when the doors were left open. I think they were left open for that reason during the days of the Great Depression. For many, it was the only way to look for greener pastures, to seek work during hard times. There is a good book describing some of those years it is titled “Brother-can-you-spare-a-dime You Spare A Dime.” book

n p 2

Northern Pacific Railway
Headquarters Saint Paul, Minnesota
The Northern Pacific Railway (reporting mark NP) was a transcontinental railroad that operated across the northern tier of the western United States, from Minnesota to the Pacific Northwest. It was approved by Congress in 1864 and given nearly forty million acres (62,000 sq mi; 160,000 km2) of land grants, which it used to raise money in Europe for construction. Northern


Mom’s Pancakes

p cakesMom’s Pancakes

2 c. flour                                                    1 1/2 tsp. baking powder

1/2 c. sugar                                                2 tablespoons cooking oil

1 tsp. salt                                                   2 eggs

1 1/2 tsp. soda                                           2 c. milk

Mix all of the above ingredients and cook on a hot griddle.

2 c. flour 1 1/2 tsp. baking powder

1/2 c. sugar 2 tablespoons cooking oil u

1 tsp. salt 2 eggs

1 1/2 tsp. soda                                 2 c. milk

Mix all of the above ingredients and cook on a hot griddle.