Enamored Senses


The Daily Post
Aug 30, 2017
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Enamored Senses

Let your senses become enamored with that beautiful sea of blue. The delicate, tiny little blossoms, dance in the wind, held up by a strong and hardy straw. Separate the tow from that straw. Spin the fiber into a strong thread. Now you are ready to make a tablecloth fit for a King.

You might make fine stationery that you could use to write love sonnets to your sweetheart. Fancy cigarette paper is made from flax straw, you can roll your favorite smoking product, sit back and watch the flax grow every year.

There was a time when for mile after mile, all you saw was beautiful blue flax blossoms in this part of the world. That has all changed, hunger and progress made way for corn and soybeans. It was a quieter time, a quieter people who watched over the wonder crop we know as flax. Health food stores sell flax in many forms.

Drying flax in preparation for harvest was a fairly risky business if you bundled it in grain shocks you were much safer. Dry flax that is getting close to harvest, is very light. Many a farmer had the flax crop ready to harvest only to find it was gone after a windy night. The wind blew it away. That would be one reason to switch to corn and soybeans.


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