Extreme Therapy

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Extreme Therapy

Child, what on Earth are we going to do with that foot of yours? How long ago did you cut it on that old rusty wire in the hog yard? Has it been over 3 weeks? It keeps getting worse, ooze is all over it, and seems to be spreading! I can’t see how you can walk on it. That is a very large wound. I told you, you have to keep it clean. We will try soaking it again in some Epsom salt water, just a few more times.

If your foot is not better within a week your daddy will have to go into town and talk to the doctor about getting some maggots. We can find maggots around here but they have to be specially cleaned maggots to put on your foot. I know you sure don’t want to wear any maggot patch on your foot with school starting and all. We can wrap it up so nobody can see the little critters. Mom, that sounds just awful!

I think this is the last resort, we have to do it if we want to or not. We can’t be having you losing a foot, not at your age. The maggots will live on the ooze as it comes out and hopefully, your foot will heal back to normal. Keep it up mom and I will puke.

Maggot therapy is a type of biotherapy involving the introduction of live disinfected maggots fly larvae into the non-healing skin and soft tissue wound(s) of a human or animal for the purpose of cleaning out the necrotic dead tissue within a wound debridement and disinfection.


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