Organize Chaos ?



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Organize Chaos ?
You cannot organize chaos!

No matter how hard you try,
it is like spit in the other eye.

The utensils all put in a designated place,
a week later it is the usual hunt and chase.

The shears are placed in the sewing kit,
the next time needed, one more fit.

Cereal left open on the counter top,
no more Snap Crackle or Pop.

The milk set out all day,
we could make cottage cheese that way.

The bread bag again was left open,
no more bread pudding, I’m hope’in.

The bathroom light burned like an eternal flame,
a new motion sensor ended that game.

It’s very hard to organize the refrigerator real well,
when things in lower compartments have such a bad smell.

The dishes in the sink will all need to soak,
getting them all into the bathtub is no joke.

We know it is time to clear off the kitchen table,
things are falling off only three sides, your still able.

It is hard to sweep the kitchen floor,
rug isn’t in front of the sink no more.

You could take the garbage out,
all day long, without a doubt.

Frying pans always burning,
has our ceiling paint turning.

Chaos is just too easy for me,
so I will just let it be.

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