Glaring Headlights

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Glaring Headlights

I have become overly disgusted with glaring at exceedingly bright oncoming headlights. It is as if a total stranger is trying to detach my retinas. I have almost stopped driving at night, there is absolutely no reason for these space craft, super bright, blue arcing headlights. If a vehicle with these lights is tailgating you, it is like you are sitting in a x-ray room.

These lights continue to increase in production though, as people want a sporty car, or SUV, with lights bright enough to cross the Serengeti in Africa, in the dead of night.They could spot and blind every Lion on the plain.

I have concluded that the Taliban or ISIS are the people manufacturing the headlights for this country, because it certainly looks like  terrorist activity to me. These horrific headlights are turning quiet Sunday drivers into crazy people filled with road rage. This should not be happening.

These new glaring, bright headlights need to have some type of standards put on them. Lawmakers may not do this for the simple reason they drive people crazy, they should at least consider the safety issues as people are being killed from head-on collisions when they’re blinded at night.

This country has transportation problems galore, the whole country is not made up of multi-lane freeway systems. There are many more miles of two lane Highway, millions of people have to travel them every night, and every night some are dying in head on collisions.

It is really a sad thing to think about, we may not see any action on these headlights until some lawmakers family is wiped out in a head-on crash.

Glare definition- Wikipedia

“A glare is a facial expression showing disapproval, ( that’s me driving at night) fierceness and/or hostility. (that increases the longer I drive) Glaring, in some cultures is considered offensive.(better to glare, than get my hammer and smash their headlights out)” A glare may be induced by anger or frustration. (oh yes, that is for sure )

“Visually, a glaring person tends to have their eyes fixed and heavily focused on a subject (you have no choice, while under Blue Ray hypnosis) This can sometimes be considered synonymous to staring but, in most of the cases, staring is caused due to curiosity and lasts only for a short duration, whereas glaring is caused due to contempt and lasts for a relatively longer duration.”( yes, until the SOB goes past at least, sometimes longer)

“Never mind banning SUV’s. How about banning the ridiculous LED headlights that are proliferating like mini arc welders? OK, maybe that’s not a good analogy, but you get the   point.”
( “My sentiments exactly!) A arc welder coming straight at you. You are not only glaring you are mesmerized, unable to look off to the side of the road”

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