Brush On A Smile

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Aug 1, 2017
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Brush On A Bright Smile

A brush for morning

A brush for night

My secret way

To keep teeth white

This might be one of the few rhymes that I do recall. I do not believe it’s from Shakespeare.

The first bristle toothbrush resembling the modern one was found in China. Used during the Tang Dynasty (619–907), it consisted of hog bristles. A toothbrush was well cared for at one time, now there are hundreds of kinds laying around in every household.

What kind of a relationship do you have with your toothbrush? What do you mean,”see each other occasionally?” When you open the medicine cabinet, do you recognize your own brush immediately? If it was pitch dark could you recognize your brush by the bristles? These questions might all be asked by the tooth fairy detective, if you have been having too many visits and have piles of quarters under your pillow.

My first dentist: When I first started going to the dentist he didn’t even have electricity, no running water either, there were also no rubber gloves. I do recall his fingers had a distinctive taste but not really something I care try to describe. He did have a wash basin, a bar of Grandma’s Lye Soap and a pail of water setting on a oak commode near the back door. The outhouse was right outside the back door, I don’t recall if it was a two or three hole.

Cavities were fixed with a manually operated drill, similar to an antique foot operated sewing machine.That did not produce many RPM’s, not enough to make the smoke fly, like modern drills. He was able to drill a hole and fill the cavity with some type of filling, possibly lead or mercury, they were discontinued in later years. There was no Novocain to inject, a rather primitive way to fill cavities. Most dental work at that time was extractions. A great incentive to use a toothbrush.

I am now 76 years old, contemplating extensive dental work. How much is too much at my age? I know one thing for sure, I’m not investing in 20 year treasury bonds not even 10 year bonds, considering my age. If I had money to invest, the dental work cost wouldn’t be so scary, thinking health wise helps. I have heard of dairy farmers having crowns put on the teeth of a good milk cow so it can continue to eat and produce milk longer. Fixing the teeth on a old geezer like me, who has traveled life’s highway full of detours, wash outs, dead ends and pot holes. It looks like I have already turned off onto life’s exit ramp, dental work doesn’t sound real practical. If I’m still blogging in ten years, my whole attitude will change, with a big smile.

A young dentist presented a plan for me, remove all of my top teeth and put in a plate. Remove some bottom ones and put in a denture. We started the dental infrastructure project last week, with only one bid. Not to smart maybe, they all seem to have the same rates, unless you go to Mexico. This young lad, pliers in hand, started pulling teeth last week, his arms got tired after pulling only four teeth. We will reconvene next Monday. Using the toothbrush on my teeth while in my hand is the only plus I have come up with.

The toothbrush has really always been my friend, brushing regularly, flossing occasionally and dental cleaning periodically. My teeth are almost worn off past the mid point from grinding. I have been a tooth grinder all of my life, something called bruxism. I believe my case is very rare and violent. On occasions it could be compared to the shifting of the earth’s plates, like at the San Andreas Earthquake Fault. Wearing a dental apparatus at night helps the excessive wear and noise some.

Bruxism (BRUK-siz-um) is a condition in which you grind, gnash or clench your teeth. If you have bruxism, you may unconsciously clench your teeth when you’re awake (awake bruxism) or clench or grind them during sleep (sleep bruxism).

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