Foggy Bottom D. C.

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Foggy Bottom

When I first saw the daily one-word prompt “foggy”, the thing that came to my mind right away was the San Francisco Bay Area and the majestic Golden Gate Bridge, it usually disappears into that dense fog, that always hangs over the Bay. San Francisco’s fog and cool average temperatures make it one of the few places in the world where the U.S. Air Force can wear their Class A Uniforms the year around.

Then the California fog in my thoughts cleared and my mind instantly swept me across the country to Foggy Bottom, in Washington D.C.. “Foggy Bottom includes some of D.C.’s most iconic attractions, the top being the White House, the home of every U.S. president but George Washington.”

“Foggy Bottom is one of the oldest late 18th and 19th-century neighborhoods in Washington, D.C. Foggy Bottom is west of the White House and downtown Washington, in the Northwest quadrant, lie on or around Virginia Avenue. To the east lies the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, home to the Executive Office of the President of the United States and the Office of the Vice President of the United States. On the other side of the office is the White House, outside of the neighborhood.

Foggy Bottom lies in close proximity to all federal government activities and operations.That makes me think it has been a huge influence on all activities in Washington D.C. for many years. That nearly perpetual, penetrating, foggy condition, has permeated, the deepest inner depths of all government buildings, even crept under the door into the Oval Office.

Foggy conditions must have blurred, or obscured the minds of many politicians. I say that from viewing the activities in the Nations Capitol. They have been degenerating, for many decades now, finally to a do nothing mindset, except raise there own pay and benefits. These are some of the definitions of foggy. You can decide for yourself.

Foggy: “the weather was foggy,” Unable to think clearly; confused, foggy with sleep”:muddled, fuddled, befuddled, confused, at sea, bewildered, dazed, stupefied, numb, groggy, fuzzy, bleary; “indistinctly expressed or perceived”; obscure. “exactly what they hope to achieve is still foggy”

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