Edible Equals Survival

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Edible Equals Survival

I want you young folks to start digging, as fast as you can into this hillside, we’re going to make our selves a little tunnel that will have a room at the end of it. We want to get as far back in as we can, that’s why I had you carry all the tree branches we could find. They will help hold the sides and the ceiling up so we don’t have it cave-in on top of us later.

Slide the dirt out to the front of the hole on that tarp and dump it down the hillside. Some of it will slide down by itself that will help make a little wind break after a while, also it will be clean dirt to sit on.

Great uncle Simon lived this way when he first came from Norway it 1888, He and his family dug a hole into this same Hillside, that’s where they spent their first winter, even brought the Ox in during a bad blizzard. Later he built this stone house.

We’re going to use the two standing walls of the stone house to help protect our cave that we’re going to have dug below it. One reason Simon picked this location, there is a spring that comes out of the hillside and it flows down into the edge of that slough down below. Hopefully, a clean water supply.

We have carried just about all the dried food, canned goods, and bottled water that we could get our hands on, we’re going to have to ration all of these items very carefully, to make them last as long as possible. I’m afraid we’re not going to find any food out in the wild that is going to be safe to eat for a long time. Frogs from the slough might be our first fresh food. We will have to hope that heavy rains come that are not full of radiation that will help give us a fairly clean start.

This project could easily have been done several years ago, or even last year but who would have ever thought the world leaders would have been crazy enough to start firing nuclear missiles at one another.

It looks like living through this nightmare, is going to all depend on limiting the amount of time we come out of our little cave, trying to catch water from the spring before it gets out on to the contaminated ground, and most of all making our edible items last as long as possible.

It appears we will have drinking water to survive on. The edible food will be the major problem to overcome, if we can get through this first year, the lake is close by, we will have to figure out a way to catch our life-saving fish, that is if the frogs don’t come back. We will literally have to pool all of our talents and live off the land. Many things will become edible!


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