Old Apostolic Lutheran Church


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Old Apostolic Lutheran Church  c. 1900


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Old Apostolic  Lutheran Church 2017

Old Apostolic Lutheran Church
It would seem that almost every year a new study comes out trying to figure out what church attendance numbers actually are in the United States. It has to be a fairly tough subject for any pollster to tackle. People might say they attend church regularly when regularly to them might be once a month or just on holidays. Most of the studies would have us believe going to church attendance numbers have been falling off in numbers and going down for decades.

I do not believe this holds true for the whole country, as there are different sections of the country where Church attendance would seem to remain relatively High. I had the privilege of attending a live church last Sunday. A church that definitely is growing on a constant basis and has been for over a hundred years. People are not staying away from the doors of that church, they are coming in great numbers and most of them are young families seeking a church home.

“In the United States today, we have more than our share of nattering nabobs of negativism” they should visit this place for a study on faith and hope.

Old Apostolic Lutheran church
of Lake Norden, SD
Weekly Sunday Services at 11 am.
Everyone is Welcome.
Sunday school starts after the Service except on Communion which falls on the first Sunday of every month.

Location Address

44768 SD Hwy 28
Lake Norden SD 57248

Mailing Address

Old Apostolic Lutheran Church
of Lake Norden
18747 US Hwy 81
Hayti, SD 57241

Contact Person:
Email: lake_norden@oalc.us

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