Unmoored Mentally

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May 21, 2017

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Unmoored Mentally

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. The wind blew across the lake all night long, waves were five or six feet high, they smashed into our Shoreline most of the night. The water was going way up into the middle of the yard, some waves were even reaching the front of the house. I walked down to the dock the next morning, to my surprise, there was no boat there. It wasn’t stolen but ripped off by the wind. I cursed myself for not joining the Navy, I could have at least learned to tie a knot to protect my boat from unmooring itself.

I quickly decided, hindsight was not going to bring back my boat. It was nowhere to be seen. Under closer examination, I learned a big portion of the dock was also missing, so it wasn’t my knot that came untied. Any boat becomes easy prey during a windstorm. When I found the boat it was all smashed to pieces, four miles across the lake on a Rocky Point. The wind switched directions during the night, probably to examine all the damage it caused, and they call the Wind Mariah. Must be for a reason? So much for my old fishing boat, I decided to fix up the dock and do my fishing from there.

If you live anywhere in the Northern Great Plains of the United States, you develop a very close relationship with that wind Maria. After many years It gets to the point for some people they actually become mentally unmoored, their minds become lacking in proper emotional connections. They start to drift away from reality, leaving the person in a very sad condition.

Everyone gets to share on this strong wind and all that goes with it, as the wind starts up in Northern Saskatchewan in Canada and it comes roaring down south to The Dakotas and into Nebraska. In the summertime, there might be temperatures of 100 degrees and a wind of 60 miles an hour, which adds up to standing in front of a blast furnace. In a true old-time winter, the wind chill might be -100 degrees Fahrenheit. A 50 mile an hour wind at 30 degrees below zero Fahrenheit, will freeze steam instantly. Throw a cup of boiling water into the air It just disappears. There are times when you just can’t stay cool and then there are times when you just cannot stay warm, this all test everyone’s mental moorings.

I’m talking about the regular wind, without tornadoes, if we have tornadoes, a whole town might be lost within minutes. With regular winds, city folks and country people all end up with losses from the wind blowing strong all the time, in town you might lose some trees or the shingles off your house roof.

In the country, a farmer may have a field of wheat that’s ready to harvest, the grain is heavy, looks like a great crop. During the night a hard Wind and heavy Rain flattens most of the field, almost down to the ground, where it makes harvesting the crop very difficult, if not impossible.

The same farmer may have a crop of corn standing 7 feet tall, with a prospect they have a bin-busting Harvest coming. Then a hail storm and wind will come through, the whole field could be shredded and flat in an hour.

Years ago people raised a lot of flax, that was a very popular cash crop in this area. Some people cut and windrowed flax a day ahead of time to let it dry, to be ready to combine. The next morning only to wake up and see the flax blew away, GONE the wind blowing all night made the light grain with little straw disappear.

Anyone who farms in the upper Great Plains of the United States must be built out of very strong stuff. Farming is the biggest gamble in the world when you consider the constant, fluctuating price, weather conditions are always a Gamble. Loss of crop investment and many other different emotional letdowns probably leaves many of them feeling mentally unmoored. It all goes with the territory I suppose, losing emotional connections must be part of the harvest.


Microwave Peanut Brittle



Microwave Peanut Brittle

1 c. raw peanuts                          1 tsp. vanilla

1 c. white sugar                           1 Tbls. margarine

1/2 c. white corn syrup               1 tsp. soda

1/8 tsp salt

Put first 4 ingredients in a 1 and 1/2 qt. dish. Stir to mix. Cook in microwave on high for 5 minutes. Stir mixture and cook three more minutes. Add margarine and vanilla; cook for an additional 1 to 2 minutes. Add soda and stir until light and fluffy. Pour onto a buttered cookie sheet. Cool. Break into serving pieces

A Real Life Precipice

prec2 - Copy

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A Real Life Precipice

Have you ever been on the precipice of a midlife crisis? If you’re into climbing sheer Mountain cliffs and jumping off with a pair of wings attached to your body, you may not have any problem with that type of a precipice. You either fall, crashing at the bottom of the cliff, as a pile of broken bones and flesh, or you soar on to a graceful landing in a peaceful valley far below. The adrenaline rush alone should be plenty to keep you from ever having an old fashioned midlife crisis.

You may never question yourself about the changes happening in your mind and body, at least while soaring like an eagle. You have shown complete control to any doubtful body or mental questions that may come up. As our bodies age we sometimes loose that assured, can do all ego. It can be a devastating, destructive part of aging, or the halftime of life in the locker room searching for a new game plan.

“As we approach mid-life, many times we pause and look back to see what kind of impact we have made. Many of us feel like we’re in a “mid-life crisis”; frustrated to see we worked our entire life to achieve success to find it still left us feeling empty and unfulfilled. But how does someone do this? How does someone navigate this unique season of life through the rough waters of a mid-life crisis as they look back at their first half of life and chart the course for their second half?” Seeking help is a good first step.


My Norwegian Heritage

hedm - Copy

Hedmark Norway


hoel1918_large[1] - Copy

Great-Great-Grandfather Ole’s birthplace 1816



This week, share a photo that channels a living tradition, whether it’s your own or someone else’s.

Hedmark Norwegian Heritage

Formerly called “Hedemarken Amt”, Hedmark fylke (county) is located in eastern Norway, along the border with Sweden. (The border between Hedmark and Sweden is 352 kilometers – 219 miles – long). To the north of Hedmark is Sør Trøndelag fylke, to the west is Oppland fylke, and to the south is Akershus fylke. Norway’s longest river, Glomma, which is 601 kilometers long – 373 miles – flows through Hedmark from north to south. A second water feature in this fylke is Lake Mjøsa, which lies between Hedmark fylke and Oppland fylke. This is Norway’s largest lake – 365 square kilometers in area (140 square miles) and 449 meters (1,473 feet) deep.

My great-great-grandfather was born in Hedmark Norway in 1816. My great-grandfather was born near there at Troms Norway in 1844. My grandfather was also born at Troms Norway in 1886. They were all very proud of their heritage. They were farmers, fishermen, and copper miners. My great-grandfather came to America and then later moved to Canada in 1908. My grandfather came to America at the same time and after working in the copper mines in Michigan and iron mines in Minnesota,, he settled in South Dakota to become a farmer. My father was born in 1913, he farmed and later worked in the gold mine at Lead/Deadwood South Dakota.  I am also very proud of our Norwegian heritage, hard workers, fishermen, farmers, miners and Outdoors people.


Ole Hoel Alberta Canada - Copy.jpg

Great-Grandfather Ole at Crimson Lake Alberta 1913



In Head Collaboration

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In Head Collaboration

I have been working in collaboration with a keen mind, someone fairly close to me, as I attempt my writing endeavors. I have been attempting to use this new collaboration process for a couple years now. There is one small glitch to it, the one I am working with seems to go off on some weird tangents at times, seems to be lost in his own little Wilderness a lot of the time. This makes it hard to complete a writing assignment for a daily post word prompt, or for any post that I decide to write on my own, without prompting from WordPress. There are times when I feel I might be collaborating with the enemy. In this case that should not be a treasonable offense or one that might carry the death penalty, which is comforting to know.

This collaboration that I’m referring to, with my often distracted friend is my first attempt at knowledge management. It is a very effective method of transferring ‘know how’ among individuals, therefore creating and sustaining a competitive advantage. Collaboration is a key tenet of knowledge management. The successful merging of similar ideas strengthens the overall message that comes from any collaboration, it can be a very powerful tool to use in attaining the finished product, or in my case the story as I would like it to be published.

The one I work in collaboration with is my subconscious mind, we have worked together for years, with some confusion, one often seeking more credit than the other. What I have to do is developed a more effective way of communicating with my subconscious thoughts and ideas. I will have to possibly work on my dream decoding and recording device because a lot of these ideas are formed while in the state of REM sleep or rapid eye movement sleep. There is low muscle tone throughout the body, and the propensity of the sleeper to dream vividly. When there is a gap or short circuit getting that information to the conscious mind and to the computer keyboard the problem develops quite rapidly. Mishmash, gibberish, and mumbo jumbo are hard to decipher.

I cannot really blame my subconscious assistant, as I know he means well or at least tries to do his best. We just have to develop a better means of communication with one another. The one thing we must do is continue to collaborate one with the other on a more equal basis.


Life’s Walk The Amazing Maze




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Life The Amazing Maze

Life’s path, or walk, is like a trip through a very challenging maze, that offers bewilderment, confusion and perplexity but also amazement, rich rewards, and peace at the successful end. There are many choices or paths and directions to follow. This could be a very short trip, in case, of a tragedy or it could be a very long and rewarding trip. Time spent in the maze depends upon the choices and the paths that we follow. In this story, I picture life as being lived out in that maze, you exit the maze at your death, hopefully with peace and fulfillment.

When a new life is born it is not particular where it takes place, it could be on an airplane, taxicab, at home, maybe on a walking path in the middle of a rice paddy, or possibly even in a hospital delivery room. That baby may stay on the mother’s back while she works in the rice paddies or could come home from the delivery room to a silver spoon in its food, maybe sleeping in an heirloom baby cradle, or if the parents were poor, the first bed might be in a dresser drawer. That new life requires instant, constant care, feeding and nurturing to get it started off on the right path that it will soon start to follow.

When a child first learns to walk everyone in the family is happy to see the healthy little child walking all by itself. They watch the little one on wobbly legs quickly sit down on its rear, with encouragement then crawl back to a standing up place to walk some more. This little life is getting ready to start walking that maze of life, to choose which path to follow. Already knowing, when you fall down, you get right back up!

A child’s first days in the school maze should be exciting and full of enthusiasm and anticipation as they start learning what education is all about. Hopefully, they had a good start at home with mothers and fathers reading to them, telling them stories and learning the basics of what education will be as the child grows into adolescence and then adulthood. Those first educational paths are possibly the most important paths in a person’s life.

During the time of adolescence, the maze can quickly turn into a labyrinth, with several paths leading to one place, destruction. The young people today, are constantly tempted from many directions, far too many wrong things to take part in. Special care needs to be taken on which paths to take. Hopefully, they will listen to warnings from parents, teachers and caring friends. There are many times when just one wrong path harms the person for the rest of his life. This might be called the school of hard knocks. The problem is, one mistake can be very costly and do irreversible damage to the mind and the body.

After formal education is done, a decision has to be made on which path to take into the working world. Usually, there are several choices on the path to follow according to what educational experience you received. There are many jobs in the working world where you learn as you go, learning on the job is experience or education that you never forget.

Which path to follow as far as finding a marriage partner. This should not be a haphazard, trial and error adventure. Sometimes it can be awful hard just waiting for Cupid to show up with his little bow and quiver overflowing with arrows. It might be best to follow where your heart leads you, instead of your head. The path many follow must be full of potholes, many sharp turns and very complicated when we consider so many unmarried couples and such a high divorce rate in this world.

Life’s path or maze can appear to be very scary, and difficult at best when there are so many different paths to take. We know there will be wrong paths taken, hopefully, we learn from that path and don’t take it again. I am nearing the end of my maze, my body and my sneakers both show it! Hopefully our last days will be at a ripe old age with smiles on our faces, knowing that we did our best. Then we can rest in peace.

Infrastructure Should Not Be Temporary

ingf 4

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Infrastructure Should Not Be Temporary
Temporary means something that’s not meant to last, something to be used for just a short time. Temporary office workers are hired on a temporary basis, that is a good thing, the business knows how many workers they need, they utilize temporary workers. That is possibly the only good place temporary is used.

A drug can give you temporary relief from pain.The settlers built temporary shelters. Yea right, my grandparents lived in their same sod house for 50 years, they just added a wood frame around the outside of the sod. I believe Grandpa had a leaky spot on the roof, he fixed it temporarily, that lasted about 50 years too.

inf 1

When people get a leak in their house roof, I cannot understand why they always give it a temporary fix, I suppose that is to stop the rain from leaking at the present time, but the temporary job usually stays and ends up to be a permanent job. Who worries about a leaky roof when it is not raining, right? That brings me to the point of the infrastructure of the United States of America.

inf 3

This segment aired on February 22, 2017.
Recently, parts of two spillways at California’s massive Oroville Dam — the nation’s tallest — crumbled in heavy rains, sparking an evacuation of nearly 200,000 people.


The nation’s infrastructure has been getting temporary repairs and Band-Aid treatment for decades. Bridges have been falling down, highways curling up, sinkholes appearing everywhere, poor safety at airports, electrical grid failures, drinking water problems, sewage problems, polluted water everywhere. There doesn’t seem to be any federal money available for infrastructure.

All of Washington seems to only have a couple items on their mind, doing away with Affordable Health Care. Huge tax cuts for the wealthy and creating a new income tax system. There was some talk about infrastructure but they still can’t get their heads together on how to go about that either. Just give huge tax cuts to the rich, let us all hope they will invest some of that money right here in America, on infrastructure, instead of putting it all in overseas stock markets. Investors should be able to make some very good returns on their investments while strengthening this country, everyone knows it is long overdue, spend some money at home. No more temporary repair jobs!

The United States has possibly spent more on the infrastructure of Iraq and Afghanistan in the past 17 years than it did on all of the USA infrastructures for the past 50 years.

inf 2


Bitter Lake South Dakota

bitter l - Copy


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Bitter Lake

Bitter is one word that is not allowed into my vocabulary. You might say I don’t have a bitter bone in my body. You may have known me for 75 years. You could count on one hand the few times I was ever bitter. Bitter is a good buddy with a bad attitude, they travel well together. Their goal is to take the joy out of life. They probably never go fishing.

One thing I have learned for sure, if you go fishing, it’s awful hard to become bitter about anything. Unless it is watching your wife put a minnow on her hook, then throw the new minnow dipper in the lake. That’s really nothing to get bitter about, that’s just the excitement of catching another fish in a hurry. I do believe fishing is one of the best things a family can ever do together. Take those kids fishing when they’re young and they will have a great recreation for the rest of their lives, that they can enjoy and pass on to their children.

I have enclosed links to one of our great fishing spots the state of South Dakota USA.
Bitter Lake Lodge
14307 446th Ave
PO Box 264
Waubay, SD 57273

Bitter Lake is the hottest walleye and perch fishing lake in South Dakota.
Bitter Lake Lodge has a scenic view of the lake along with our bait shop.
to get all of your fishing supplies. Our campground facility has all of your
camping needs as well as a bathhouse. The landing has a private and
secure location in Bronsons Bay right off Pearsons Point for protection
from the elements of the weather.
(1 Mile South of Waubay
on County Road 1
GPS Cordination:
45.311279 97.288533)

Big Perch