My Norwegian Heritage

hedm - Copy

Hedmark Norway


hoel1918_large[1] - Copy

Great-Great-Grandfather Ole’s birthplace 1816



This week, share a photo that channels a living tradition, whether it’s your own or someone else’s.

Hedmark Norwegian Heritage

Formerly called “Hedemarken Amt”, Hedmark fylke (county) is located in eastern Norway, along the border with Sweden. (The border between Hedmark and Sweden is 352 kilometers – 219 miles – long). To the north of Hedmark is Sør Trøndelag fylke, to the west is Oppland fylke, and to the south is Akershus fylke. Norway’s longest river, Glomma, which is 601 kilometers long – 373 miles – flows through Hedmark from north to south. A second water feature in this fylke is Lake Mjøsa, which lies between Hedmark fylke and Oppland fylke. This is Norway’s largest lake – 365 square kilometers in area (140 square miles) and 449 meters (1,473 feet) deep.

My great-great-grandfather was born in Hedmark Norway in 1816. My great-grandfather was born near there at Troms Norway in 1844. My grandfather was also born at Troms Norway in 1886. They were all very proud of their heritage. They were farmers, fishermen, and copper miners. My great-grandfather came to America and then later moved to Canada in 1908. My grandfather came to America at the same time and after working in the copper mines in Michigan and iron mines in Minnesota,, he settled in South Dakota to become a farmer. My father was born in 1913, he farmed and later worked in the gold mine at Lead/Deadwood South Dakota.  I am also very proud of our Norwegian heritage, hard workers, fishermen, farmers, miners and Outdoors people.


Ole Hoel Alberta Canada - Copy.jpg

Great-Grandfather Ole at Crimson Lake Alberta 1913

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