Infrastructure Should Not Be Temporary

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Infrastructure Should Not Be Temporary
Temporary means something that’s not meant to last, something to be used for just a short time. Temporary office workers are hired on a temporary basis, that is a good thing, the business knows how many workers they need, they utilize temporary workers. That is possibly the only good place temporary is used.

A drug can give you temporary relief from pain.The settlers built temporary shelters. Yea right, my grandparents lived in their same sod house for 50 years, they just added a wood frame around the outside of the sod. I believe Grandpa had a leaky spot on the roof, he fixed it temporarily, that lasted about 50 years too.

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When people get a leak in their house roof, I cannot understand why they always give it a temporary fix, I suppose that is to stop the rain from leaking at the present time, but the temporary job usually stays and ends up to be a permanent job. Who worries about a leaky roof when it is not raining, right? That brings me to the point of the infrastructure of the United States of America.

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This segment aired on February 22, 2017.
Recently, parts of two spillways at California’s massive Oroville Dam — the nation’s tallest — crumbled in heavy rains, sparking an evacuation of nearly 200,000 people.


The nation’s infrastructure has been getting temporary repairs and Band-Aid treatment for decades. Bridges have been falling down, highways curling up, sinkholes appearing everywhere, poor safety at airports, electrical grid failures, drinking water problems, sewage problems, polluted water everywhere. There doesn’t seem to be any federal money available for infrastructure.

All of Washington seems to only have a couple items on their mind, doing away with Affordable Health Care. Huge tax cuts for the wealthy and creating a new income tax system. There was some talk about infrastructure but they still can’t get their heads together on how to go about that either. Just give huge tax cuts to the rich, let us all hope they will invest some of that money right here in America, on infrastructure, instead of putting it all in overseas stock markets. Investors should be able to make some very good returns on their investments while strengthening this country, everyone knows it is long overdue, spend some money at home. No more temporary repair jobs!

The United States has possibly spent more on the infrastructure of Iraq and Afghanistan in the past 17 years than it did on all of the USA infrastructures for the past 50 years.

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