Bitter Lake South Dakota

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Bitter Lake

Bitter is one word that is not allowed into my vocabulary. You might say I don’t have a bitter bone in my body. You may have known me for 75 years. You could count on one hand the few times I was ever bitter. Bitter is a good buddy with a bad attitude, they travel well together. Their goal is to take the joy out of life. They probably never go fishing.

One thing I have learned for sure, if you go fishing, it’s awful hard to become bitter about anything. Unless it is watching your wife put a minnow on her hook, then throw the new minnow dipper in the lake. That’s really nothing to get bitter about, that’s just the excitement of catching another fish in a hurry. I do believe fishing is one of the best things a family can ever do together. Take those kids fishing when they’re young and they will have a great recreation for the rest of their lives, that they can enjoy and pass on to their children.

I have enclosed links to one of our great fishing spots the state of South Dakota USA.
Bitter Lake Lodge
14307 446th Ave
PO Box 264
Waubay, SD 57273

Bitter Lake is the hottest walleye and perch fishing lake in South Dakota.
Bitter Lake Lodge has a scenic view of the lake along with our bait shop.
to get all of your fishing supplies. Our campground facility has all of your
camping needs as well as a bathhouse. The landing has a private and
secure location in Bronsons Bay right off Pearsons Point for protection
from the elements of the weather.
(1 Mile South of Waubay
on County Road 1
GPS Cordination:
45.311279 97.288533)

Big Perch

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