New Age TV Humor


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Chuckle-less Television

Chuckle and the modern day television comedy show cannot be used correctly in the same statement. They simply do not go together.

I was recently trapped in front of the television set in a hospital room. The remote control was out of my reach, the nurse call light was under the bed again and I was unarmed. If I would have had a gun available. I may have shot a hole through the center of that big, extra sharp, flat, digital display screen.

That high-quality digital screen was unusually clear and It just kept on and on, it seemed to be doing its best to antagonize me. It takes quite a bit to ruffle my old feathers, or send electric shock waves through my central nervous system.

I have no idea where these writers could have been conjured up from.You would not think this comedy or so called, humor would have originated in Hollywood. It may have been recycled Vaudeville material, or an elementary school in Siberia was turned into a television Production Studio.

These new-age comedy shows seem to be in great demand, according to whoever does the ratings on television viewing. I watched a few of these programs and to my amazement, my utter amazement, I could not conjure up a chuckle or chortle not even a tiny giggle or teehee.

Chuckle also means to laugh quietly to one’s self, the closest I came, was almost a smile, more like a grimace or slight wince, as I got madder by the minute.

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