Cranky Crotchety Cantankerous

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Cranky Crotchety Cantankerous

Cranky Crotchety Cantankerous

I wouldn’t call my wife cranky, she is more grossly cross-tempered, touchy and irritable most of the time. I learned many years ago not to ask whether or not she woke up on the wrong side of the bed. That makes for a very bad start, to a long day of caring and sharing with fractured terms of endearment.

Most people have some mood swings, in everyday life. Someone once told me that I was very fortunate because my wife is even-tempered, she is mad all of the time. I didn’t find much comfort in that statement, even though it had a lot of truth to it.

I have spent the greater part of my life ruminating, mulling over the fact that opposites seem to always end up bonded together through marriage. I have contemplated the idea that it’s just electronic magnetism. Opposites poles attract each other. like poles will not become attached to each other, they repel each other.

I considered myself to be the positive pole because of my easygoing demeanor and laid-back attitude about life. My wife, on the other hand, would be the negative pole as she seems to find the negative, immediately, if not sooner in most circumstances. This makes for a very highly charged, yet interesting life together. I just try to be humble and accept all of my happy positive ways and do my best to coexist. Oh, it is hard to be humble!

I have even toyed with the idea, opposites get together through some type of satanic force pushing them together for the sole enjoyment of Satan himself. He would find glee, to the highest degree, as he watches individual human beings. One trying to bring out the best in the other as one tries to bring out the worst, causing little storm clouds with flashing static all around. Sometimes they are so statically charged deadly light flashes from eyeball to eyeball.

I have also considered it the work of a loving God. After he got everything else created he created man and woman. Why wouldn’t he just as well create them as opposites? He could spend many happy days watching them, hoping for a loving miracle and coexistence between them. Most people are set in their own way though, keeping that personal character with him to their grave, unless a miracle takes place to change them.

Cranky also could be a pressure relief valve, similar to one on a steam engine to release built up pressure. Cranky lifestyles always cause the thought and emotion pressure to rise, the mouth emits colorful blasts of adjectives, like steam, like a whistle, releases some pressure and warns of its presence. This may well be nature’s way to keep people from blowing a head gasket.

2 thoughts on “Cranky Crotchety Cantankerous

  1. I think you’re right that cranky releases some steam pressure. But also, it’s important to remember that dementia can play a part in cranky — patients become frustrated and angry about the effects of their inabilities.


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