Healing Maggot Patch



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Maggots Heal

Healing of the human body is almost a magical process in all respects. Millions of people count on their faith for healing. Most continue to depend on doctors and modern medicine, The body comes prepared and well loaded for most healing that is needed. Many, ninety, year old people have used mostly home remedies. They may have a bottle of aspirin in the medicine cabinet that has dust on it.

If we can heal rapidly and successfully we should consider ourselves to be very fortunate. Little children start to learn about the healing process at a very early age. They come to their mothers to find a colorful band-aid for the cut fingers or skinned knees, then observe the healing process. Some people have a problem healing due to the type of injury or possibly something in the genes of their bodies.


I had an ulcerated sore on my back at one time, it took about seven months to be completely healed and closed up. Thankfully without maggot assistance, at least I could not have seen them on my back. Pressure sores and ulcerated skin are a very common occurrence with senior citizens, the spinal cord injured and other paralyzed people who have to spend most of their time in a wheelchair or bed. Not being able to move the body and reposition yourself to prevent these awful sores can become a very critical, life-threatening health problem.

Healing of wounds is a very difficult problem with these people, that made me think of maggot therapy.

  therapy is a type of biotherapy involving the introduction of living, disinfected maggots (fly larvae) into the non-healing skin and soft tissue wounds of a human or animal for the purpose of cleaning out the necrotic (dead) tissue within a wound debridement and disinfection.”
“Written records have documented that maggots have been used since antiquity as a wound treatment.There are reports of the use of maggots for wound healing by Maya Native Americans and Aboriginal tribes in Australia.


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