A Time Management Plan

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Our Time

No matter what your endeavor is, do it in a timely manner. Procrastination will not become your friend if you manage your life by doing things in a timely manner. Paint or imagine a digital mental picture of your plan. Study it from every angle, weigh all the pros and cons, until you are sure you’ve come to the right conclusion. With your mental plan transferred to paper, you will finish it in a timely manner.

If a farmer thinks about planting his crops for too long, the weather will change and it might be impossible for him to plant his crops in time to produce a harvest. If you take out a loan or borrow money always repay it in a timely fashion or you will be robbed by extra interest payments or get your kneecaps busted if you went to the wrong loan agency.

We seem to be living in a lackadaisical world, Timely has become an old-fashioned idea. Very few people have any time for Timely. It always shows up in their lifestyle. Unhappiness and other problems they run into are usually blamed on others. If they thought through their goals and acted in a timely manner they could have been very pleased with the results.

If you have a leaky roof, fixing it in the rain goes beyond timely. You would certainly have it repaired be before the rainy season starts

No matter what your appointment is, leave early enough so you are at your destination for a timely appointment. Time clocks, time outs, time on your hands, old times, new times, time is all we got, must use it wisely.

A true, timely tuned life pays unlimited dividends, to all involved.


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