On the Cusp of Final Care

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On the Cusp of Final Care

My wife and I continue to wait for God. Today, or as I think more about it lately, that’s what we’ve been doing all of our lives to one degree or another. The final stages of waiting, we all know are coming, but they still come right up and kick us in the butt to get our undivided attention.

Toward the end of the waiting for God, the anticipation seems to increase while the expectations decrease. There is some anger, call it a mixed, menagerie of feelings, like a cage full of mismatched animals. That is under the best of circumstances. If we add some dementia to the duo’s daily routine all of the smooth edges get ruffled regularly, the tongue becomes tattered from biting a response in two, before it crosses the lips and ends up being interpreted as a verbal attack.

We are now on the cusp of a Assisted Living decision, another milestone nearer the end. Daily, different stages of decision making are starting to seem routine. Three years ago we sold our life collection of stuff. It was time to move into a two bedroom apartment. Now we must consider leaving that not so royal surroundings, for a single room at a assisted living center.



This is in England We are in the USA


All of our possessions will go into a few drawers and two closets. There is an upside to everything, no longer have to waste time deciding what to wear. Another plus is, some type of nursing care, ‘usually short of help tho’ around the clock. I am contemplating hiring a full-time nurse and spending our final days on a cruise ship. We could alternate between the ship and a fine hotel in Monte Carlo.

There seems to be something wrong with this picture. I better repaint some parts of it and redo it at a future date. Many of the people who decide the health care in this great nation, literally believe the Constitution is patterned after biblical scripture. I do recall reading somewhere in the Bible that we enter this world with nothing and we also will leave this world with nothing. That must mean the politicians are really looking out for her best interests. I guess we will be leaving in the condition that we are supposed to leave in.

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3 thoughts on “On the Cusp of Final Care

  1. Research your options very carefully — you will be dependent upon the facility you choose for your health, but also for your future care, your future financial situation, your future emotional health and so forth. It’s a BIG decision, not to be taken lightly!


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