Climatology Crime

Baby bears to mama bear, “Are we home yet”? ” How much further do we have to swim?” Mama bear, “Stop complaining and asking questions, we will all get home as soon as we can.”

Baby bears to mama bear, ” I don’t think we can swim much farther, we are both hungry, tired out and wish we were home right now.” Mama bear, ” You can do it, you are my rough and tumble, tough little bears, we will all get home, one way or the other.

Mama bear says “I’m swimming as slow as I can swim, you will have to keep up with me. Baby bears, “We don’t think we can go on much further, we are exhausted.” Mama bear, “You can ride on my back but you keep falling off, try it again, I will go very slow.”

Mama bear finally finds a small piece of floating ice, she drags her  body up onto it. Then looks all around but does not see her babies anymore, they have both drowned. She swims on for days but cannot find her home anymore, it has vanished. She rests on small chunks of floating ice, slowly starving to death.

One thought on “Climatology Crime

  1. So sadly true! I was in Churchill, MB 4 years ago, and it was clear then that the bears were in trouble. It isn’t getting any better. The sea ice is not forming as usual, and it’s melting much earlier. I was in Antarctica 10 years ago, and the photos now are strikingly different than what I saw then as well..


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