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Edison Cylinder Records

I see today the word prompt is Record. When I first looked at it, I thought to myself, self, there is absolutely nothing you can do with the word record. So I mulled it over, ruminated it for awhile with a cookie and coffee. Sort of a mental munching and reminiscing session of the old days during the record playing years.

That’s when it dawned on me, a bright light lit up my memory section. After 46 year of marriage we had quite a collection of records. My wife being slightly older had a large collection of 78 RPMs when we were first married. Kids are awful hard on the old vinyl 78 RPMs when they play frisbee with them. I had a fairly large collection of 45’s as a teenager, Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly, Patsy Kline, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison and many more. Those were the greatest years for country and rock ‘n roll music. Three years ago we had an auction sale to dispose of our personal stuff collection. I was surprised to learn we had about 200 LP records 33 1/3 RPM. None of them were worth much.

After thinking about the newer records it dawned on me. When we bought our acreage about 40 years ago, the house was pretty well falling down. Our plan was to make it livable, chase out the raccoons and skunks from the basement, stuff like that. We did that, made the old house into a home. There was an old fallen down garage behind the house, a lot of junk had been left behind the garage for many years.

One day as I was cleaning up the mess. I found an old wooden box full of Edison Cylinder Records, couldn’t believe my eyes. We had very little money at the time, none for buying an Edison Record Player. Those old records were in remarkably good shape, considering the wooden box they were in was rotted away, all the cardboard covers on each record were rotten, the old cylinder records were still intact.

Not being able to afford a player to listen to those old records was driving me crazy. I took an old cheap 45 RPM record player, change the frame around to where it was running sideways. I made a tube to fit tightly inside a Edison cylinder, similar to an oversized toilet paper tube, only solid. Mounting that firmly onto the player was tricky, then I had to re-figure a way for the arm and the needle to come down on the record and run smooth. Getting the proper speed was a real big headache, changed the drive wheel sizes a few times. I finally got the speed right but I could not get the needle to follow smoothly enough over the record, it would jump on occasion.

I was like a little kid in a candy store when I got the first sounds off one of those old cylinders. We have long cold winter days in this north country,  it’s not fit to be outdoors, some of that time was spent playing those old Edison records. One of my favorite songs was Don’t Bring LuLu.

I am extremely thankful for today’s modern technology. The blogging is great! I just googled “Don’t Bring LuLu,” by Billy Jones and Ernest Hare. Sure enough I found a cyber location and listened to, Don’t Bring LuLu again, after about 30 years. So I have a treat for everyone who wants to take the time to click on the following link and listen to a old record. I hope you enjoy it. 6byOrmE


3 thoughts on “Edison Records

  1. Thanks for bringing back Don’t Bring Lulu to my mind it’ll stick with me for the day. I grew up on an orchard my Dad bought an old loud speaker system at a clearing sale, mounted a 78 record player beside it and we used to blast out old music across the orchard.


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