Bird Murmuration

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Bird  Murmuration

What is a murmuration? I had to visit to find out. In my lifetime of seventy-six years, I have seen numerous murmurations, as the different birds and waterfowl migrate through our area. I’ve seen murmurations done by clouds of blackbirds, starlings and mallard ducks.

The most unforgettable murmuration of all is when you see hundreds of thousands of geese, all in that very close formation. How can they possibly do it? That question is no doubt, one of the unanswerable questions we humans will have to live with. We can not know all, in spite of what we think?!

I believe birds in a murmuration are all flying as one, they are on the same exact flight plan, sent to each one. Better than the fastest computer input. If I were a starling, blackbird, duck or goose I would follow the leader, real close. It is good to arrive at the destination together.

Humans can be outright bad, bothersome and thankless at times. The creator might like to just kick back, relax and watch his handy work with birds at times, similar to a living mentally controlled drone. You feel his presence at a large murmuration. His eye is even on the sparrow.

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The word prompt for today on was murmuration. I started looking online for the meaning, as I had no idea what the meaning was. I also discovered someone else considers murmuration to be, “ceaseless, inarticulate murmurations of prayer.” I seem to be more interested in finding the answer to that murmuration definition. Maybe there is a connection to the bird murmuration mystery?

Most nights when I try to sleep, neuropathic pain in different parts of my body from spinal cord injury, disrupts my sleep. After many years of this, I have come to murmurate during the night to rest. I seem to overcome the pain with a murmuration diversion, it starts out consciously. It later becomes inarticulate murmurations according to my wife. I plug into the creator’s pain control power source somehow and unconsciously make it through the night.

“A. E. Richardson ceaseless, inarticulate murmuration of prayer …ceaseless, inarticulate murmuration of prayer — Frederic Prokosch”

Regardless of the size of the murmuration, all the birds seem to be connected to the same network. This phenomenon puzzles scientists, because it goes beyond what we know from biology about how animals behave. The mystery of the murmuration is a fascinating example of a natural phenomenon that hides secrets about the world that scientists have still yet to uncover!


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