Life Pattern Dream


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Life Pattern Dream

Ego, feelings of self importance would prefer our lives reflect a perfect pattern, such as that on a marble floor in an ancient cathedral.

It would be solid, shiny marble with a perfect pattern end to end and side to side, unblemished, perfect in every respect. That perfect floor pattern would be protected and surrounded by huge marble walls. Safe from any natural disaster, or bombs of war. Under even more amazing protection from liturgical patterns, with extra layers of sanctity, grace and peace.

The view from the that patterned floor reveals all the marble statuary and religious murals along the walls. Only from that patterned floor do you get the breathtaking view of the murals high up in the dome.

A multitude of stained glass windows, shower rainbow rays with no set pattern, from every angle of the sun, unto the marble floor. A sanctuary scene, set to delight all who genuflect before crossing to the Holy Altar.

The tolling pattern emitted from the bell tower rolls sound off the walls and washes across the floor, as ocean waves, calling all to worship. On occasion a single tolling bell will mark the death of a person or a funeral service in progress.

If we start to feel superior, thinking our life pattern has any resemblance to that marble floor, that is the first indication that we have found bats in our belfry.

Life Pattern Fact

We live in a “Monkey See, Monkey Do.” world. Life all depends on how you look at it, you create the pattern, hopefully with care.

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