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“When you ruminate you chew something over, either literally or figuratively. Literal rumination may seem a little gross to humans, but to cows, chewing your cud (that’s partially digested food brought up from the stomach for another chew) is just a natural part of life. Figurative ruminating is much more palatable to humans; that kind of deep, meditative thought is often deemed quite a worthy activity. The verb “ruminate” has described metaphorical chewing over since the 1500s and actual chewing since the early 1600s. Our English word derives from and shares the meanings of the Latin ruminari, which in turn derives from “rumen,” the Latin name for the first stomach compartment of ruminant animals (that is, creatures like cows that chew their cud).”ruminate

Here it is Tuesday, March 7, 2017. I thoroughly read, then re-read the Sunday paper. Even spent some time gleaning the good stuff from the comic section, hoping to lighten up my life a little, mostly my disposition.

There was a large amount of fodder to ruminate over in the Sunday Edition. Some of it just wouldn’t digest right, my ruminations tried to bubble up on me from time to time. Sanctimonious, political, hyperbole; a vile green bile doth create, can turn a smile into a grimace or wince.

In my pondering, I arrived at my own conclusion, the newspaper was trying to pull the old moth ball laden wool over my eyes, they slyly switched the text material between the comic section and the business and political sections. That was a very odd thing for them to do.” I thought in my ruminations” that could cause confusion. Who am I to question their prerogative on how to present the happenings of the past week? I took it with a grain of salt and a few antacids.

I listen to public radio broadcasting about seven days a week. I’ve refrained from watching television news anymore. They got to the point where the news has to be a sensational story about teenage shootings, or senior citizen shootings or everyone in between shooting and stabbing one another. They do, on occasion have a lighter story to put on at the end of the broadcast, in hopes of maintaining some level of popularity with the viewers. A few news groups got a reputation for untrue news, leaks, unknown sources. It will be hard to turn around after being turned into a game of cat and mouse.

Television was once labeled “A Great Learning Tool.” Maybe I just imagined that! When politics was good, the news had to be made up, add some pizazz to it. With bad politics the news isn’t believed. Dumb and dumber! Truth must actually be stranger than fiction!? Or is it ?

We spent the last couple days ruminating over the news coming from the White House. It now appears President Obama did some wiretapping at Trump Towers, that “bombshell” made popular subject of the week at our house. When the press got wind of that, “You would have thought a skunk got into the chicken coop.” A wily old fox keeps skunks around for that purpose. Any time you toss a skunk in the chicken coop they get so riled up you can do or say almost anything you want, while the chickens are all riled up.

Top news is still; to do away with the nation’s worst enemy, “Obama Care,” or the correct term ‘Affordable Health Care’. They, “The Quiet Masses” the powers that be, want this done PDQ, if not sooner. They only had six years to think of a plan, still working on one though.

The President wants to rebuild the infrastructure of the United States to the tune of about $1 trillion dollars. His friends in the Republican Party are saying they will not increase taxes for infrastructure rebuilding.

The only two thing they seem to be near the same page on, is to send all federal programs back to the state and local levels. Number two do away with all Federal regulations.

The president has made the decision not to refill any government job vacancies as they become available, he does not deem them necessary. I can see his point there, if you do away with a program, you surely don’t need someone sitting in an empty office.

The more I ponder, mull over, ruminate over the news stories. The more I think, I will just regurgitate.

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